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    Update #99

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    Connor    78

    Update #99

    Perk Creation Lectern:

    You can now create your own perks ingame!

    Check out the lectern at ::chest for all the current unlockable perks.



    Collection Log Titles:

    Some new titles can now be obtained for completing certain collection logs;

    Raid Collector - Complete all 3 Raid collection logs,
    God of Loot - Completed the entire GWD collection log,
    Superman - Complete the Baby Heartwrencher collection log,
    Lucky - Complete the entire Drop Rate Island collection log,
    Fat - Complete the FatBoy collection log,
    General - Complete the General Khazard collection log,
    the Beast - Complete the Mythical Beast collection log,
    Jedi - Complete the Vader collection log.
    Weird - Complete the WEIRDASF boss collection log.


    • Fixed Mythical Beasts collection log.
    • Added Seasonal Key Part 3 to Shukarhazh collection log.
    • Shukarhazh adding the wrong items to the log has been fixed.
    • Fixed the Daily Rewards interface not darkening where it should.
    • Pets interface now displays correctly.
    • Fixed Candy Cane sale value.
    • Crowns & Wands can now be used with cosmetic override kits.
    • You can now use Quarantine ring (u) to upgrade your P2W ring.
    • Fixed a bug causing some users HP to become stuck as 0.
    • Fixed a bug causing some ::yell's to announce as a rare drop.
    • Mini Guys now drop Tax Bags very often.
    • ::train starter task rewards have been updated.
    • Moved the 3rd Mental Case at ::Spz to the cage.
    • Claiming the Max cape no longer requires the Maxed title.
    • Mahogany Armchair now gives more construction experience.
    • Reinforced armour has been added to the armour stat viewer.
    • Added Internal Cape to cosmetic overrides.
    • Added Teddy's to cosmetic overrides.
    • Fixed a typo with the Frost Dragon Bone skilling task.
    • Added an Ironman title.
    • The formula which calculates the chances of triggering a fishing rod loot has been recalculated to be more balanced.

    Please reload your client.

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