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    Update #101

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    Connor    78

    Update #101

    Autumn Box:

    Check out our latest limited edition box on store!


    Duck Gang (boots) - (+75% D/R + stats)
    Overkill Stability - (Keeps the infinite overkill boosted for the entire duration)
    Double Raid Points Aura

    Poison Ivy Amulet - (10% extra AOE damage + stats)
    Item Recolour Ticket - (Can be used to recolour any item ingame for cosmetic appearance)
    Apple Sauce - (Keep in your inventory for a +100 hitpoints & +50% droprate boost)
    Skiller Madness Aura - (Doubles XP, Skilling Village Rewards & Daily Challenge Rewards)
    Autumn Scarf - (30% d/r + BIS stats)
    5 x Store Mystery Box,
    500 - 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens.


    Rare Gold:

    Seems like a casino thief has left some gold bars around the home area!

    Attempt to collect these bars and you will be able to exchange them for the rewards below;

    Bulging Tax Bag - 1 Bars
    Warm Bond ($1-5) - 800 Bars
    300 Dwarf Cannon Capactity (perk) - 5,000 Bars
    Mythical Old Mans Head - 10,000 Bars
    3% chance extra drop table roll (perk) - 10,000 Bars


    A bit of noob love:

    A new Bulging Tax Bag mob has been added to the starter zone.


    Starter Guide tasks have been changed and new ones added to guide new players further into the game.
    Starter Whip stats has been increased to +250.



    • The Mythical Chain can now be created at the research table.
    • Rare Sunflower's have been replaced with Rare Gold.
    • Bork now has 25M hitpoints.
    • Added 2.5k Tax Bags reward to the Raid Points Store.
    • Added Quarantine chest items to the Seasonal Donation Machine.
    • Additional penguin spawns have been added.
    • The green colour in POS has been darkened for better viewing.
    • All Hefty Tax Bag drops have been changed to Bulging Tax Bags.
    • Psycho Title can now be sold to the Tax Bag store.
    • Steal 5000 Scimitars achievement has been reduced to 2500.

    Please reload your client.

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