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    Update #104

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    Connor    78

    Update #104

    Given it's difficulty and length, the new raid will be in the next update, we hope for this to be in just 1 week! So get prepared!

    Adventurers Crate:


    A limited edition box has hit the store, however this one has some changes! Firstly, it's cheaper! It also has 14 possible rewards, much more than previous boxes!

    Offhand Umbrella - (Randomly rain Tax Bags during PVM - Unlike Fishing Rods, this DOES work at stacks),
    Energy Drink - (2x Attack Speed for 20 minutes - 2 hour cooldown),
    10% Max Hit Increase (Mage) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%),
    10% Max Hit Increase (Range) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%),
    10% Max Hit Increase (Melee) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%),
    Gauntlet Splitter perk - (Makes Gauntlet types 1H),
    Flaming Phat - (15/150HP + 100% drop rate - Also has a cool particle effect),
    Rocket Launcher - (BIS AOE damage/radius),
    Aura Pouch - (Allows you to benefit from 2 Auras at once),
    Extension Aura - (Overkill & Overload potion timers last twice as long),
    Double or Nothing Aura - (Your drop will either double, or be deleted),
    Raiders Sword - (Double damage inside raids),
    4 x Store Mystery Box,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens.




    Armour/Weapon balancing

    So after a lot of player feedback, it is clear that armour stats needed balancing, as for example getting Ice Dragon armour which is easily available, completely skips most of the in-game content, so the changes are below;

    Ice Dragon stats have been nerfed
    Succubus has been buffed
    Champion has been buffed
    Champion (u) has been buffed
    Reborn has been buffed
    Vader has been buffed
    T6 Fatboy has been buffed.
    Blow your head off (u) & (virus) now both have a special attack that will instantly remove 25% of your targets HP, by far the strongest spec in-game.




    • A whole bunch of items sale value to the tax bag shop has been increased.
    • Fixed a bug meaning players still had to have 5M tax bags for the T7 Guardian Cape.
    • Brown Caskets no longer drop as often.
    • Royal Sigil's collector effect now works correctly.
    • Opening the boss teleport will now cancel any existing skilling action.
    • ::vaders fee will now check for ironman and perk reductions.
    • Dice Hosts can now request bank checks to prevent players being cleaned.
    • Tax Bag shops have been added to the ::home buildings to make selling items easier and faster.
    • Smilies will no longer be a default active option on the client.
    • 10x hits are now the default option on the client.

    Please reload your client.

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