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    Update #105

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    Connor    78

    Update #105

    Mutated Dungeon Raids:

    What is considered the hardest fight in-game, this raid is only for the most elite!

    Requirements & Information:

    250 Total Raids KC,
    200 Tax Bags (Per Entry),
    1 Full Sorab, Riot, or Molten King set + 10 of each Raid key (One time fee).

    Up to 6 people can gain rewards together in this raid.

    You must enter with an empty inventory, however you can take what you can wear, so utilise it well!


    Room 1:

    Mutated Zygomite
    HP: 50K

    Zygomite's main drop is the Crevice Pass which grants you access through the first door. They also drop prayer potions.

    You can also use the fishing spot to the West in this room to fish for food. Stealing from the small crates will give you Overloads.


    Room 2 (Boss):

    Trio of Brothers
    HP: 25M x 3
    Max Hit: 1,500 (Avoidable)
    Disturbing the portal will awaken the 3 brothers, each with their own style. They can only be damaged by their weakness in the combat triangle, so doing this solo is almost impossible!


    Room 3 (Boss):

    Mutated Beast
    HP: 30M
    Max Hit: 2,000 (Avoidable)

    Disturbing the hibernating beast will cause significant rage, good luck!


    Room 4 (Final Boss):

    Haul Protector
    HP: 35M
    Max Hit: 1,500 (Avoidable)

    This boss will do everything to protect the treasure in the chest!



    Once defeated, you will be able to loot the mutated haul. The following rewards can be obtained;


    1,000 Tax Bags,
    100 x Recycled Coins,
    10 x Box of Lamps,
    5 x Mini Beast Potion (BIS potion, but its single use),
    5 x Tax Bag Boxes,
    5 x $1 Scratch Card,
    5 x Kingly Impling Jars,
    1 x Super Tax Bag Box,
    1 x Double Drop Scroll,
    1 x $5 Bond,
    1 x Infernal Wings,
    1 x Icy Tuned Bow

    Mutated Protector Wand - (Highest damage spell + AOE) - (1/300),
    Mutated Protector Orb (Extra hit whilst worn equal to 10% of your damage) - (1/300),
    Amulet of Mutation (part 1) - (Created Amulet boosts AOE damage by 10% + 75% drop rate bonus) - (1/100),
    Amulet of Mutation (part 2) - (1/100),
    Amulet of Mutation (part 3) - (1/100),
    Merchant Perk (All items sell to the tax bag store for an extra 10%) - (1/100),
    Pocket Pouch (store items such as the unlimited prayer scroll for easier activation & space saving, upgrades to expand storage will come next update) - (1/100).



    Ultimate Ironman accounts can enter the raid with an inventory, but they will be unable to use most of the items.


    • Mutated Dungeon Raid collection log has been added.
    • Special Regain Potions now only restore 10%.
    • You can no longer redeem the Gauntlet Splitter perk once you've unlocked it.
    • Recycle item daily task now calculates correctly.
    • 1-10 Slayer Point scroll will no longer give 11 points.
    • Fixed a type glitch on the armour stat viewer.
    • Referral box now gives Silver Torva Legs instead of Gloves.
    • Removed the random Stack at BW in ::dz4.
    • Guardian Cloak T7 now has the ava's effect.
    • A bunch of Youtuber accounts have been removed from the hiscores.

    Please reload your client.

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