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    Update #106

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    Connor    78

    Update #106
    Headless Horseman:

    H'ween is approaching and the horseman is back!

    HP: 66M
    Weakness: None
    Max Hit: 500


    Horseman Boots,
    Horseman Gloves,
    Headless Horsebaby Pet (150% d/r),
    SplitSoul Perk,
    Jack Lantern Mask,
    Grim Reaper Hood,
    Pumpkin Bulwark,
    Spooky Bond ($1-10),
    Death Shard (Used to make the BIS gloves),
    Store Mystery Box,
    Mutated H'ween Mask (+10/100 HP),
    Green H'ween Mask,
    Blue H'ween Mask,
    Red H'ween Mask.




    Pumpkin Activity:

    A whole bunch of pumpkins have popped up in the home area, start picking them for rewards!


    Blood Skeleton Outfit (200 per item),
    Coloured Scythes (750),
    Skulled (750),
    Spooky Bond ($1-10) (1,000),




    • All or Nothing aura has been balanced and should now be a significantly useful aura.
    • Brown casket loot will no longer be noted in your bank.
    • Fixed the clipping in the Mutated Dungeon raid. Mobs will no longer glitch through walls.
    • When clicking the raid portal, it will now include your Mutated Dungeon raid KC.
    • A bug meaning a raid set wouldn't be removed upon teleport to the Mutated Dungeon raid has been fixed.
    • You can now enter the Mutated Dungeon raid without tax bags, should you have the raider perk.
    • Raid points in the Mutated Dungeon now reward all players the same, given its difficulty. 
    • Mutated Bloodvelds now drop the Glowing Teleport Orb.
    • Providing you're within 5 tiles of your party, you will all teleport from a single Orb in the Mutated Dungeon raid.
    • When any of your party die during the Trio fight in the Mutated Dungeon raid, the bosses will despawn and you have to start again.
    • The amount of points you can gain in the Island minigame has been buffed.
    • Fixed a typo in the text given when the Umbrella rewards a player.

    Please reload your client.

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