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    Item Upgrading Guide

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    Connor    44

    Item Upgrading is a massive part of the game & without using it, you could be at a disadvantage, so allow me to explain to basics to you.


    Step 1:

    Head ::home and to your west you will find an npc called Item Upgrader. Speak to him.


    Step 2:

    An interface will prompt:


    Step 3:

    Upgrading the item will require the item on the left side that you clicked on and also x amount of tax bags. In this image, it will require 1x Hellfire necklace & 5,000 Tax bags.

    Step 4:

    Before proceeding, you must understand that not everything will upgrade successfully. For example, this necklace has a 20% chance to succeed, that means 80% chance to fail and you lose the Hellfire necklace & 5,000 tax bags.

    Step 5:

    If you have the requirements & happy to proceed with risk, then click upgrade, goodluck!

    Step 6:

    You can also research new items, this is effectively the high level upgrading. Click the research table next to the guy you just spoke to.


    Step 7:

    An interface will prompt.


    Step 8:

    As you can see, these items have a hefty requirement. The item on the left is what you will be rewarded with, if you have all the required items. Researching items will NEVER fail, it's always 100% chance.

    Step 9:

    Should you have the required items, it's a no brainier, research it!

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