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    Update #108

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    Connor    78

    Update #108
    Escaped Mutated Beast:

    A beast has escaped the Mutated Dungeon Raid and now needs slaying! It has killed Shukarhazh and now remains in it's own lair.

    The boss can be spawned at ::emb by typing ::donateemb and contributing 4,000 Tax Bags.

    New Rewards/Changes;

    Store Mystery Box,
    Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+1 slot),
    Infinity Totem,
    Looting Bag (28 slots),
    Free Raid Entry Ticket,
    $10 Bond,

    Ancient staff has been removed from the drop table.
    100% drop has changed from 100M coins to 1 Tax Bag.


    All Shukarhazh achievements, killcount, drops & collection logs have been transferred to the new boss.


    Spooky Box:

    Check out the newest seasonal box on store now!

    Possible Rewards;

    Vial of Blood (Chance to drain 10% of your targets HP) - Can be upgraded at the research table.
    Baby Dracula Pet - Leeches your targets HP & randomly applies that leech to your health.
    Mini Reaper Pet - Instantly executes your target when their HP is below 15%.
    H'ween Scythe - Special Attack: Increases melee stats to 150 (no usage cap).
    Unlimited Cosmetic Override Kit - Can be used unlimited times to override cosmetic items.
    Spooky Perk - Increases attacking pets damage by 20%.
    Spider Web Perk - Causes your targets defence to sometimes lower during PVM.
    150% Drop Rate Aura.
    4 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,




    The machines at the Casino have now opened.

    These machines are massively in favour of the server, so play at your own risk!

    70 x 2 & 90 x 3 are able to be played.

    The bets are set at 500 chips, or 2000 chips (VIP+ only), this cannot be changed. Chips can be purchased from the vendor. The amount you can purchase per day is (20,000 x Daily Challenges Completed). Alts, etc will not be allowed access.

    You can also sell any chips you have to the vendor, however the house takes a 10% house fee. 

    The machines do limit you to a maximum of 50 bets per day.

    Player VS Player gambling isn't here just yet, but it is coming, so maybe take advantage and stock up your daily chips.


    • Teleport for The Casino has been added to Minigame teleports.
    • Beast Mode world announcement will now only send once.
    • Scarves can now be used with cosmetic overrides.
    • Doom Blade can now be used with cosmetic overrides.
    • Bork has been moved south of the room.
    • Added a Heroic title.
    • Seasonal Donation Key store price has been reduced.
    • Players donating for custom armour sets will now have their donation value updated correctly.
    • T7 Guardian cloaks now count as a Mythical cloak at the Mythical Beast.
    • Guardian Cloak (T7) (t) recipe has been altered to make more sense.
    • Items obtained whilst inside the Mutated Dungeon Raid will now be removed at the end.
    • Raider sword is now the only melee weapon that can damage all 3 of the trio bosses in Mutated Dungeon Raid.

    Please reload your client.

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