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    Update #109

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    Connor    78

    Update #109
    Mutant Invasion:

    The Mutated are really starting to take hold of this world and it's up to you to stop it!

    3 Senior mutant warriors have taken over fenkenstrain's castle and setup camp.

    It won't be so simple to enter to defeat them though.

    Requirements (main boss);

    1,000 Reborn Kills,
    1,000 Succubus Kills,
    Anti-Mutation (consumed per kill),


    Berserker Transmutation Orb (Used to make Elite Reborn into a Melee power set),
    Projectile Transmutation Orb (Used to make Elite Reborn into a Range power set),
    Supernatural Transmutation Orb (Used to make Elite Reborn into a Magic power set),
    Transmutation Boots (Best In Slot - 1/10k drop).

    New power sets;

    Whilst a full set is worn, all AOE damage will be increased by a further 5%.




    Before entering you will need Anti-Mutation, this can be obtained from the Reputation Store at the spawn point.

    Reputation is earned at a ratio of 0-3 per Mutated Guard kill. You need 1,000 Succubus kills to access the store.


    Anti-Mutation (15 reputation),
    Anti-Mutation Armour (Mid/High tier - +20% damage against all mutated mobs when the set is worn & +3/30 HP per item worn),
    the Mutated Codex (Unlocks the Mutated Perk which grants +5% damage against all mutated mobs),
    Agile Codex (Unlocks the Agile Perk which grants 2x Agility Tickets when earned).



    Seasonal Donation Machine:

    It's getting a bit cramped in that tiny machine!

    Items moved to main Donator Store;

    Black Dragon Set,
    Dragonbone Cape,
    Firework Potion,
    Pot of Love.

    Items moved to Store Mystery Boxes;

    Valentines Hat,
    Ruckus Flowers,
    Spring Necklace,
    Warm Necklace.

    Items moved to Crazy Fucking OP Key;

    Spooky Sickle,
    Leprechaun's Beer,
    Leprechaun's Hat.

    Items discontinued (for now);

    Enchanted Easter Carrot,
    Item Recolour Ticket.


    • 300 Dwarf Cannon Capacity perk has been added to the Recycle Centre Store.
    • 3% chance extra drop table roll perk has been added to the Recycle Centre Store.
    • Baby Dracula pet effect has been changed to x2 Boss Points & 50% drop rate bonus.
    • Headless Horseman has been removed.
    • H'ween Scythe model has been enlarged.
    • Anti-Vax shield now has 500 daily charges.
    • Guardian Cloak T7 (t) now requires a regular Comp Cape (t), not an (op) one.
    • Tax Bag Box is no longer in the Boss Point Store.
    • EMB loot is now more likely to drop rare type loot.
    • EMB spawn cost is now 6,000.
    • Guardian Cloak T7 no longer asks for 5M tax bags when researched.
    • H'ween Scythe special attack no longer stops you from attacking.
    • Corrected a typo in the ::Crex message.
    • General Khazard drops now add to the collection log correctly.
    • Clue Scroll title rewards are now redeemable.
    • A message has been added when viewing C Vader in the research table about it becoming untradeable.
    • You can no longer store Looting Bags inside of each other.
    • The looting bag can no longer store more than 28 items in total.
    • Reaper pet no longer works at the completionist zone boss.
    • A message will now be displayed on the Research Table interface when an item will become untradeable.
    • A message will now be displayed on the Research Table interface when an item has a chance to fail.
    • Infernal Beast drops will now update the Collections Log correctly.
    • Some items RC values have been balanced.
    • Vaccine Needle can now be used with overrides.
    • Reborn Chain has now been added to it's collection log.

    Please reload your client.

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