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    Update #110

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    Connor    78

    Update #110
    Xmas Limited Edition Loot Box:

    Grab the newest store box now! Limited time only!


    Mistletoe Aura - Whilst worn, You will gain 10% extra damage per player near you (capped at 100%). Magic is 5% extra and 50% cap.
    Grinch Sled - Whilst worn, Aggression totem will last 30 minutes longer when activated.
    Connor's Fantasy Santa Hat - Increases chest rare loot chance by 5% (stacks with other boosts).
    Santa's Sharing Present - On activation, players in the local area will be given Double XP & 10% more DPS for 1 hour)
    Nice List Perk - Captain Rovin gives you 25% more XP.
    Scrooge Perk - 3% chance when selling items that the item will not be consumed, but you will still be paid.
    Upgrader Totem - Whilst in your inventory, item upgrader items will be 50% more likely to succeed.
    Mrs Claus Perfume - +125 stats for a continuous hour.
    Naughty Aura - Every 1,000 hits you will deal double hits for the next 10.
    Bad Santa Cloak (150% drop rate bonus),
    Aura Pouch (Allows you to hold 2 active auras at once),
    Supreme Healer Aura (+100/1000 HP),

    5 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1000 x Limited Key Tokens.


    Crazy Snowman:

    The best time of year right? Maybe not for our savings!

    The Crazy Snowman returns again this year. Combat has remained the same, but the drops are buffed!

    Drop Table:

    RS3 Black Santa Hat (1/2000),
    Xmas Pudding Wand Upgrader (1/2000),

    Snowman Head (100% d/r),
    Frosty Staff,
    Xmas Pudding Wand,
    Ice Sword,
    Festive Aura (200% d/r during Xmas period),
    Icy Santa Hat (+15/150 HP),
    Santa outfit,
    Santa Hat,

    Of course there is also common loot.

    In order to spawn the Crazy Snowman, you must use spawners from the Snowball Exchange Store.

    Snow Piles:

    You will find piles of snow scattered around home. Start clearing these to obtain snowballs which can be exchanged for the loot shown below;


    • You can no longer deposit items into your bank beyond the 350 limit.
    • Shift Bank will no longer deposit beyond the capacity limit causing items to be deleted.
    • Shift Bank will now send items to their correct tabs if you have the item already.
    • You can no longer use Shift Bank in blocked zones.
    • Various methods that auto bank items will now deposit to the correct tabs if you have the item already.
    • Dragon Slayer Destroyer no longer hits 2x per attack.
    • Dracula Pet effects has been reactivated.
    • Mutated invasion mobs are no longer aggressive.
    • Superior Reborn drop rate bonus has been fixed.
    • Superior Reborn upgrade is now only a 25% chance. Failure results in only the Orb being lost.
    • Looting Bag can no longer be used inside Raids 1, 2 & 3.
    • Useless commands have been removed from ::commands.
    • Hellfire Battlestaff will now update the collection log when dropped.
    • Dark Purplefire Wyrm drops now update the collection log correctly.
    • Heroic accounts no longer display the Ironman badge in main chat.
    • Corrected the DR message for Ringmaster boots in Store Mystery Boxes.
    • Kalphite Queen respawn time has been increased.
    • Acid Justiciar model's are no longer invisible.
    • Chest loot buffs now work with the Reborn Coffin.
    • Copy & Paste client function has been disabled for players.
    • The maximum amount of accounts per IP has been changed to 3 per session.
    • Festive Aura has been activated for the Xmas period.
    • The home area has been decorated for Xmas.

    Please reload your client.

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