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    Update #111

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    Connor    78

    Update #111
    Item Smuggler:

    A new member has setup within our home area, the Item Smuggler!

    Each day he will ask you for a different item to contribute to his business, you can contribute 25 of these.

    You will gain reputation to the value (recycled value x 10). Keeping this topped up above 25,000 will allow you to gain daily smuggler crates. These can come in Low, Medium & High tier. The more you contribute, the more rewards & higher tier you will obtain. Maxing out your daily contributions increases the chance of obtaining crates.


    Must not be alt blocked.
    Must have at least 48 hours playtime.
    Obtained at least 1,000 Recycled Coins.
    Obtained at least 100,000 Recycled Coins (To gain High tier crates).

    Rare Rewards;

    Offhands can only be obtained from High tier crates at a rate of 1 in 20.

    Perk's can be obtained from Medium & High tier crates at a rate of 1 in 20 (high) and 1 in 50 (medium)

    Smuggler's Offhand Staff - Also provides +10/100 HP


    Smuggler's Offhand Bow - Also provides +10/100 HP


    Smuggler's Offhand Blade - Also provides +10/100 HP


    Smuggler's Perk - +1 smugglers crate daily.

    75% Droprate Booster Perk.

    Store Mystery Box.

    You can unlock the Smuggler title once you've obtained an overall total of 1M reputation.

    Snow Piles:

    A new Xmas Jumper has been added to the Snowball Exchange.
    A new pair of Xmas Socks have been added to the Snowball Exchange.



    • Naughty Aura now does double damage for the next 15 hits, every 100 hits.
    • Santa's Sharing Present cooldown has been reduced to 2 hours.
    • Added an exit button to the Pokemon zoo interface.
    • A bunch of items now have Recycle/Tax bag values.
    • A new completionist cape requirement has been added.
    • Festive Aura now works all year round.
    • Spooky Sickle has been given a Sell For Tax Bags store value.
    • Valentines Hat has been given a Sell For Tax Bags store value.
    • Leprechauns Beer has been given a Sell For Tax Bags store value.
    • Blood Warriors task name should now appear correctly.
    • Frosty Staff is now a one-handed weapon.
    • Item Smuggler collection log has been added.
    • Drugs Lab collection log has been added.
    • Black Friday sales have ended.

    Please reload your client.

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