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    Recycle Centre Guide

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    Connor    78

    The recycle centre is something that every player will want to use, not only for its rewards, but sometimes just to clear out some junk.

    Step 1:

    Teleport ::home & head west till you find a moving machine, this is the item recycler.


    Step 2:

    Recycling an item is simple, you use it on the machine and get some Recycled Coins, these can be used in the shop which is accessed by clicking the machine.



    Step 3:

    In order to find an items value, simple examine it. If no recycle value is shown, then this item cannot be recycled, else you will see something like this.


    Step 4:

    If you're happy with the value of the item, then simply use it on the machine. Once it's recycled, it's gone, so be careful!



    Entry level prices:

    Crystal Chest Loot: 25 Coins each.

    Mystery box loot: 50 Coins each.

    Supreme Mystery Box loot: 200 Coins each.

    Insanely OP Key loot: 500 Coins each.

    There are alot more items that can be recycled, but you will need to find the values yourself.


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