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    Update #112

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    Connor    78

    Update #112
    Mini-Me Pets:

    You can now purchase Mini-Me pets from the store.

    These pets will wear armour that you choose and attack with a style that you choose.

    They can also have 2 perks which can be discussed. These will tend to reflect perks that already exist with other pets.

    Quality of Life Changes:

    You can now view weapon stats in-game via the in-game viewer. Some "junk" items that are never used have not been included.



    • Xmas Wand Upgrader drop rate has been buffed from 1/2k to 1/400.
    • Raid loot is now 25% more common on Fridays.
    • Snowman Spawners now have unlimited usage.
    • When opening Clue Scroll Caskets, the correct amount of slots required will now be displayed.
    • Mutant Boots have been buffed to reflect the best in slot position.
    • Mrs Perfume examine has been corrected.
    • Item Smuggler information interface has been updated.
    • Item Smuggler will now take as many items as you can contribute in 1 click.
    • You can now only contribute up to 5 items per day to the Item Smuggler.
    • The value for contributing items to the Item Smuggler has been increased to 25x.
    • Providing you have above 25,000 Reputation, you will now always get a crate from the Item Smuggler.
    • Pool Cue has been removed from the Item Smuggler.
    • Connor's Bling has been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Fat Boy (T1) has been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Slim Boy (T1) has been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Succubus Helmet, Body & Legs have been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Monster Gloves & Boots have been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Seasonal Donation Machine now contains the Spooky Boxes content.
    • P2W Ring (Quarantine) has had it's stats increased.
    • Baby Dracula first option is longer pick-up.
    • Mini Reaper first option is longer pick-up.
    • Summer Nacklace has been given a sell for tax bags value.
    • Spring Necklace has been given a sell for tax bags value.
    • Leprechaun Hat has been given a sell for tax bags value.
    • Skilling Tasks now reward tax bags.
    • Shaman Defender stats have been nerfed given it's a low/mid tier boss.
    • Ultimate Ironman accounts can now access their banks, but only to withdraw items the game has deposited in them, i.e daily rewards.
    • Mythical Ore now only requires 90 Mining to use.
    • Hellfire Trees now only require 90 Woodcutting to use.
    • Stoner Box price has been reduced to 10,000 weed bags.
    • Connor's Bling has been given Recycled Coins value.
    • Rare Gold is no longer given as a daily login reward.
    • Mutated Invasion collection log now works correctly.
    • Senior Mutated Trio drops will now be announced.
    • The Pink Dildo can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides.
    • Lime Rex from General Khazard will now update the collection log correctly.
    • Upgraded Champion Gear no longer requires completionist to be worn.
    • EMB teleport from the interface has been updated to the correct location.
    • EMB can now be spawned via the EMB Spawner in a single click, rather than typing.
    • Crevice Pass is now a 1/40 drop, rather than 1/150.
    • A close interface button has been added to the Perk Interface.
    • A bank booth has been added to the EMB area.
    • ::smuggler has been added for a quick teleport to the Item Smuggler.
    • $5 & $10 bonds can now be combined to make $50 bonds. This comes with a 5,000 Tax Bag fee.
    • CTRL + H can now be used for home teleporting.

    There were a lot of suggestions, so if yours wasn't added, it's possibly been noted for a future update.

    Please reload your client.

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