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    Update #113

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    Connor    78

    Update #113
    Instance Totems

    You can now obtain Instance Totems from some bosses as very rare drops. These will allow you to instance that boss.


    ItsYaBoi - 1/10k drop
    Mythical Beast - 1/10k drop
    Crex - 1/10k drop
    Reborn King - 1/10k drop (Minions are removed in the instance)
    Darth Vader - 1/20k drop

    All these totems have been added to the respective collection logs.

    Drop Rate Rework:

    Ever since the start of the server we have seen players achieve 1000's of drop rate %, which ultimately has had little benefit at that level. It's also been very unclear to players how the drop rate works, so it's been completely rewritten to make it simple. This has been done after continuous requests from players.

    100% drop rate bonus will now make the drops 50% more common. Going above 100% has no benefit.

    This of course means all items, perks etc will need to be rebalanced. So allow me to say, your items/perks etc have NOT been nerfed, although the % has dropped with the new formula it's actually better!

    If you see any dialogue/interfaces saying the wrong %'s, please let me know. I also can agree there is likely to be some items that need rates buffed slightly, so of course let me know!

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to Discord me.

    Crazy Snowman:

    As Xmas approaches, the snowman weakens due to the attacks of players. His minions have retreated and will no longer protect him, finish him whilst he is weak!


    • A bug causing some players to not roll their daily Item Smuggler crate has been fixed.
    • Mini-Me pets completed.
    • Weed Icon has been removed from the Drugs Lab collection log.
    • Fixed a bug causing some instances to cross paths with another players.
    • Santa's Sharing Present cooldown no longer resets on login.
    • Fixed a bug causing the Champions Chest being classed as a Token.
    • Clue Scrolls showing you need 32/62 inventory slots has been fixed.
    • 100% Droprate Scroll now works in the Pocket Pouch.
    • 200% Droprate Scroll now works in the Pocket Pouch.
    • Apple Sauce now works in the Pocket Pouch.
    • Decanter has been added to ::shops.
    • Hellfire Dragon loot will now reward up to 4 players.
    • Portable Item Recycle "inspect" option has been removed.
    • Mutated Wand's maximum damage cap has been increased by 25%.
    • Escaped Mutated Beast hit points have been increased.
    • Reborn Coffin now gives un-noted Frost Dragon Bones.
    • The amount of reputation consumed per Smuggler Crate has been reduced.

    Please reload your client.

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