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    Update #115

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    Connor    78

    Update #115
    New Years Loot Crate:

    The newest limited edition store box is here! Check it out on the store now!

    Possible Loot;

    Fireworks - Very strong ranged weapon with a special attack that grants +1 AOE radius for 10 minutes.
    Fierce Tiger Aura - Chance to deliver a powerful attack combo damaging your target for up to 400% of your hit.
    Omicron Title - Whilst in use your character will deal extra damage during combat.
    Firework Potion - 10 minutes of mega OP stats. 1 hour cooldown.
    Ice Amulet - Extra damage, considered BIS amulet.
    Wings of Experience - +90% XP whilst worn.
    Mythical Cannon Ball - Increases damage by 400% (stacks with other perk). Also significantly boosts the accuracy.
    Infected Hands - Whilst worn your character will sacrifice 50% of it's HP and damage your target with it, providing it is above 500.

    5 X Store Mystery Box,
    500 x
    Limited Edition Key Tokens,
    1,000 x
    Limited Edition Key Tokens.



    • All players have been granted 20% extra drop rate until the update!
    • Home Area is no longer covered in snow. The snow piles will melt away soon, so make use of them!
    • POS History is now logged on a discord channel to help players see what items sell for.
    • Xmas Loot Boxes have been removed.
    • Seasonal Donation Key loot has been updated.
    • You can now teleport to Psycho Boss with a pet.
    • Supreme Maniacal Aura now works correctly.
    • EMB rare drops are now 20% more likely to drop.
    • Naughty Aura now activates after 75 hits.
    • Reinforced armour drop rate has been lowered to 5% per item.
    • Dwarf Cannons can now be used in Instances.
    • Completionist boss instance totem can no longer be used without requirements.
    • Armadyl Totem is no longer tradeable due to scam attempts. If you had this in your POS, it has been removed.
    • Login pin will dialogue will no longer be removed by the Daily Rewards interface.
    • Naughty Aura now works correctly in the Aura Pouch.
    • Some Item Suggested Values have been updated in line with the latest player Price Guide.

    Please reload your client.

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