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    Update #116

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    Connor    78

    Update #116
    Platinum Rank

    It's been a long time coming, but it's here! The $10,000 rank! This of course can be obtained also by using F2P bonds in-game.


    All previous rank benefits plus..

    Unique looking crown.
    5 x Experience boost.
    Access to the Platinum Zone (::pz).
    Ore Rocks & Trees do not deplete inside the Platinum Zone.
    Ancient Herb farming in the Platinum Zone is 2x faster.
    New AFK Tree with faster gathering.
    8% additional drop rate bonus & 2.5 x XP inside the zone.
    Ability to auto open caskets inside the zone (capped at 500 per day) - This does not work with event boss chests.
    Access to the new Money Boi boss's platinum drop table (explained below).


    Money Boi (boss):

    This boss is based in a locked off area of the Platinum Zone, however ALL players can fight him.


    Hitpoints: 70,000,000
    Weakness: Ranged (mage still works)
    Max Hit: 2,500 (Can be reduced to 1,250)


    Rare Rewards (Platinum Rank Only):

    Increased drop rate cap perk (increases the effectiveness to 120%, currently 100% for others),
    Cent Boi pet (Obtains Tax Bags whilst in PVM).

    Rare Rewards (All Players):

    Monies Amulet (shard 1),
    Collectors Plus (perk) - Once unlocked, providing you have the Collectors Perk, this will auto pick-up Scratch Cards.

    Expensive Hand Cannon Shot - Although not a rare drop, this is the new BIS ranged ammo and it is SIGNIFICANTLY better.






    Snow piles:

    As this event comes closer to it's end. The price of Cold Bonds have been reduced to 1,000 Snowballs!



    • The chances of obtaining High Tier Smuggler Crates has doubled.
    • Above head icons have been removed from Sponsors.
    • Sponsors rank icon has been updated.
    • 20% extra drop rate bonus celebration has ended.
    • Monies Amulet can now be created at the research table by combining all shards + a Royal Sigil.
    • Monies Amulet (i) can now be created at the research table by combining all shards + a Mythical Chain. 
    • Monies Amulet (shard 2) has been added as a drop to Raging Ranger,
    • Monies Amulet (shard 3) has been added to the Vote Store.
    • Monies amulets are best in slot and also automatically activate special attacks.
    • AOE & various perks no longer work in PVP.
    • AOE will not attack other monster types in the Platinum Zone.
    • WeirdASF Boss will now announce both in game & on Discord shortly before it spawns.
    • Seasonal Donation Key items now sell to the Tax Bag store for 1.7M.
    • Drop Rate Bonus will no longer display higher than your cap.
    • The attack speed cap has been increased by 1 tick allowing you to benefit more from boosts.
    • Completionist interface no longer shows achievements as green when they aren't all completed.
    • P2W Ring (quarantine) now gives 14% drop rate bonus.
    • Corrected the name of the 10% drop rate scroll.
    • Corrected the name of the Ring of Wealth (i).
    • Mini-Guy now drops 5 Dragon Bones at a 1 in 2 chance, instead of 1 in 15.
    • Fat Boy & Slim Boy weapons can no longer fail to be upgraded.
    • ::home will now teleport players to the centre of the map near the Mythical Egg.
    • A Skilling Tasks counter has been added to the quest tab.
    • Superior Reborn now has 1% more drop rate bonus than Elite Reborn per item.
    • 3 additional Skeletal Horror spawns have been added.
    • Sorab armour has been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Riot armour has been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Molten armour has been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Scroll of Praise now correctly displays it's drop boost.
    • Omicron title not saving has been fixed. Anyone with the title must PM Connor on Discord to have to reconfirmed on your account.

    Please reload your client.

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