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    Update #117

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    Connor    78

    Update #117
    Valentines Donator Box:

    For limited time only, fall in love with this new box, at least this one won't cheat on you!

    Possible Loot:

    Offhand Rainbow Giving Flowers - (Tribrid stats, Provides random loot whilst in PvM & when redeeming bonds you will gain 10% extra value),
    4ever alone title - (Whilst active cupid will insta kill your target when their HP is below 10% - stacks to 20% with reaper pet),
    Magical Roses - (Very strong AOE magic weapon - 8% drop rate bonus),
    Deaths Kiss perk - (You have a 50% chance to be revived upon death),
    Cupid's Quiver - (Unlimited & Strongest ammo ingame. Also provides + 15/150 HP),
    Double Lover perk - (Double Drop scrolls last 50% longer)
    Box of Chocolates (10% additional drop rate for 30 minutes - reusable),
    Maxed Melee Perk - (Increases your melee max hit by 10%),
    Maxed Ranged Perk - (Increases your ranged max hit by 10%),
    Maxed Magic Perk - (Increases your magic max hit by 10%),
    Cupid's Bow (3% d/r & very fast damaging bow. Also has a special attack that boosts Ranged to 150),
    5 x Store Mystery Box,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens,


    A Man in Love (event boss):

    He's back! He's still pretty depressed and killing anyone in his path

    Possible Rare Loot:

    Winter Fishing Rod (Generates random loot whilst in PvM. Very strong ranged stats),
    Cupid's Damaged Wings (1 hour of unlimited prayer, 12 hour cooldown),
    Lover's Tiff Aura (5% extra magic damage when in melee distance),
    Little Love Aura (+25/250 HP),
    Spread the Love Scroll (+20% experience when in your inventory),
    Valentines Rose (Combine 2,000 for a Love Bond).


    Starter Tasks:

    A new simple, straightforward system has been added with 19 tasks. This will take players to the most important early game parts and encourage them onto a progression path beyond that. Each task rewards 1 token and can be spent in the shop below.




    • Money Boi can no longer be damaged with melee.
    • Custom weapons will now display in chat if they require Hand Cannon Shots, rather than arrows.
    • Mythical Guide has been renamed to Mythical Starter Tasks.
    • ::home has returned to it's pre last update locations.
    • The old starter task system has been removed.
    • New players no longer roll Daily Challenges twice on creation.
    • New players no longer try to join the help clan chat twice.
    • A flashing hint arrow will now display over the starter task NPC for new players.
    • Dark Wizards have been added to the Platinum Zone.
    • Platinum Zone now has a second level. Mobs are in cages on this level, you can access this via the barrier at the mob building.
    • Players with the Smuggler Perk will no longer get less than 2 boxes per day.
    • Cupid's bow has been given a special attack that boosts your Ranged level to 150.
    • Added an interface to seasonal loot boxes.
    • Money Boi is no longer aggressive.
    • Clue Scrolls are now 25% more likely to drop.
    • Drop KC announcements will now filter down the amount to K & M.
    • You can now use ::pos at the Platinum Zone.
    • The client should no longer direct players to the website when closing out.
    • Monies Amulet (i) stats have been increased to 12K.
    • Fixed a bug causing some Platinum players to constantly revert back to Sponsor.
    • Fixed some issues with opening caskets in the Platinum Zone.
    • Collection log now displays the correct KC for Reborn King.
    • Ancient Spider can no longer 1 shot players.
    • Opening Raids chests will now reward players with Dungeoneering experience.
    • Alt accounts can now contribute to the Item Smuggler, but will gain no crate rewards.

    Please reload your client.

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