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    Update #121

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    Connor    78

    Update #121
    Mystic Boy:

    The final upgradeable weapon has arrived! This now means we have upgradeable weapons for each style!

    You can obtain a T1 from Fat Boy, or the ::st store!

    This can be upgraded all the way to T7 for free and then (elite) for those with the Mythical Gauntlet.




    Superior armours have had a model update thanks to Joel (J Beezy).




    • Fat Boy (elite) & BYHO (virus) now have 5% drop rate bonuses.
    • You can now lay box traps at ::pz
    • Fixed a bug with Connor's Fantasy Hat.
    • Magical Roses are now in the SDK machine.
    • Gemstones can now be stored inside the Pocket Pouch.
    • Drop rate boost has been fixed at ::pz.
    • Fixed a type with Supreme Projectile Aura examine.
    • Casket of Rage now works with the Spring Cleaner perk.
    • Mythical Cloak T2 now gives the correct drop rate bonus.
    • Lamp Zone teleport has been fixed.
    • Experience will no longer process after 2B.
    • Snowballs have been changed to Sunflowers for daily rewards.

    Please reload your client.

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