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    Update #122

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    Connor    78

    Update #122
    Research Table Rework:

    Long overdue, the interface now has categories to help filter down those creations!




    Easter Boss:

    The Giant Easter Bunny has arrived at home. Take him down for some juicy rewards!


    x2 Event Boss Damage Perk,
    Easter Bunny Pet (attacks your target),
    Giant Bunny (title),
    Eggcellent (title),
    Eggsterminator (ranged weapon),
    Easter Egg (1/5000).

    The boss also drops a whole bunch of commons, including Easter Bonds!



    Demon Crusher:

    The Demon Crusher deals +50% damage against Succubus. It can be obtained from Crex.



    • Clue Scroll Rare's are now 1/250, instead of the 1/500 prior to the update.
    • Mystic Boy T6, T7 & Elite are now 2 handed weapons. (Gauntlet Splitter perk allows them to be 1H).
    • Mystic & Slim Boy research table kill count requirements now share those of Fat Boy's.
    • Mystic Boy T6 AOE effect has been fixed.
    • Ice Dragon Defender can no longer be used with Mystic T7+, but an upgrade to allow it will come soon.
    • T4 Mystic Boy inventory model has been fixed.
    • Gauntlet Splitter has been renamed to Weapon Splitter.
    • The shield over global bosses has been extended to give players more time to arrive.
    • Trivia answers will now allow you to answer the next set of questions, regardless of the previous result.
    • Added new questions to Trivia.
    • Collector's Perk creation has been moved to the Perk Lectern.
    • Superior Reborn (Ranged) has had it's stats slightly increased.
    • Reborn King minions now spawn much sooner into the fight.
    • you can now use Mystic Boy's with cosmetic override kits.

    Please reload your client.

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