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    Update #123

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    Connor    78

    Update #123
    Mystery Donation Easter Egg!

    For limited time only you can purchase Mystery Easter Donation Egg on the store!


    Possible Rewards:

    Aura Pouch,
    Ivy's Gift Perk - (Automatically banks the loot from Fishing Rods & increases the chances of obtaining a bond) - Must have collectors perk for the auto bank,
    Scavenger Perk - (10% more likely to find Clue Scrolls & Scratch Cards),
    Egg of Loots - (2% chance that your chest will be saved when opened - works on all F2P chests),
    Hungry Hare Pet (token) - (Feed your effigies to it for XP, Tax Bags & Recycled Coins),
    Chocolate Droppings - (Used on the Mythical Egg to grant the entire server +500HP for 30 minutes - 4 hour cooldown),
    Smuggled Egg - (20% chance to be rewarded with an additional Medium or High smuggler crate),
    Raiders Sword - (2x damage inside raids & can damage the trio's in Mutated Dungeon),
    5 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens.


    Seasonal Donation Keys (changes):

    As it passed the poll, the SDK's have been split into 3 different colours, Black, Red & Gold. This gives you access to the corresponding chests.

    The loot has been evenly spread out to avoid having one chest better than another.

    When obtaining an SDK, whether it's from store or in-game, you will still get the normal version, however it will now act as a token and you will click it to choose the type you wish to use. The new key types are untradeable, it can only be tradeable before you choose the type.










    Tome of the Empire:

    A new magic offhand has arrived! This weapon shares the Ice Dragon Defender effect, however it can be applied to all magic weapons without restrictions!

    It can be created at the Research Table.




    • The clients tray icon will now display the logo, rather than being blank.
    • Barrows trivia answer has been corrected.
    • Smuggler Perk will no longer reward just 1 crate.
    • Summoning pouches can now be created all at once.
    • Mini-Me pets first option is no longer "pick-up".
    • Armadyl Machine no longer appears as a stackable item in the bank.
    • The cooking pot & bones have been removed from the instance map.
    • Crafting store now contains unnoted gems.
    • Timer between POS shops has been reduced.
    • A bonfire has been added to the Skilling Village.
    • The menu bar has been removed from the client.
    • ::guides has been added.
    • ::lamps teleport has been added.
    • When a host rolls the dice, it will now inform those inside the game area of the roll in their chat.
    • POS History will now display the full value, instead of formatting to K, M or B.
    • Cleaned up ::commands.
    • You can now type ::pp to see what Pocket Pouch upgrades you have unlocked.
    • A message has been added reminding new players to claim their Pokemon pets.
    • Opening your bank will now stop your skilling activity.
    • Examining fishing spots will now display what you can catch.
    • Strange Token achievement award has been changed to Recycled Coins.
    • You now need 500 Succubus kills to access Vaders when not on a slayer task.
    • Infernal Bones are now stackable.
    • PvP information has been removed from the quest tab.
    • Apple Sauce can now be added to the Pocket Pouch.
    • All custom set/mini-me orders completed.

    Please reload your client.

    Thank you for everyone's QOL suggestions. Obviously time is limited, so not everything got added. I'll be sure to host another Discord channel soon for more!

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