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    Update #124

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    Connor    78

    Update #124
    The Stronghold Raid

    Delve deep into the rifts beneath the world to uncover undisturbed beasts. Be careful though because your prayers are not effective within this area.



    Team Size: 1-2 (Only 2 can fight at a boss at any given time)
    Max Hit: Instant Death 
    Raid Points (per run): 3M
    Requirements: 100 Mutated Dungeon Raid Kills + Sacrifice 10 x Vader Element (one time)

    The raid itself has a damage cap of 50,000 per hit, therefore the BIS weapons will be ranged that have 4x hits per attack, such as miniguns & BYHO.

    Noxious Spider:

    Hitpoints: 5M
    Max Hit: 300 (1,000 special)
    Weakness: None
    Special Attack: Can deal up to 1,000 poison damage

    Disturbed Mummy:

    Hitpoints: 10M
    Max Hit: 250 x 2 (2,000 special)
    Weakness: None
    Special Attack: Sand will be disturbed and can fall on you for up to 2,000 damage

    Blood Scorpion:

    Hitpoints: 20M
    Max Hit: 300
    Weakness: None
    Special Attack: Heals 5M hitpoints if siphon isn't avoided

    Stronghold Champion:

    Hitpoints: 25M
    Max Hit: 400
    Weakness: None
    Special Attack: Has 4 different phases & minions


    You will roll 3 loots per raid, however only 1 can draw from the rare table.

    Rare reward table is 1/100 chance to loot.


    Ring of Absorption - (Reduced incoming damage by 20%),
    Stronghold Gauntlets - (Drops in 3 parts - best in slot, with speed boost, +50 HP & +5% drop rate bonus),
    Health Orb - (Gives Superior sets +100 HP via perk lectern),
    Disturbed Mummy Pet - (Attacking pet - BIS),
    Noxious Shard - (Used to upgrade Mutated Protector Orb & Offhand Smuggler Staff with the Tome of Empire),




    • Mistletoe Aura has been tweaked and should now be more evident in it's buff.
    • Egg of Loots now works with the Reborn Coffins.
    • Fixed a typo in Smugglers smuggled egg message.
    • Fixed the Blood Warrior teleport at ::pz.
    • Updated the daily rewards interface.
    • Chocolate Droppings will now continue, even after death.
    • Event damage perk now works on the Easter Bunny.
    • You can now use the Tokhaar-kal with cosmetic overrides.
    • EMB slayer task will now display correctly.
    • Blood Warrior slayer task will now display correctly.
    • Elite Reborn drop rate bonus has been increased to 7%.
    • Superior Reborn drop rate bonus has been increased to 8%.
    • Items with recycled coin value, but no tax bag value, will still display recycle value upon examine.
    • Added some commands to ::commands.
    • Added ::highscores/::hiscores.
    • Fixed an error causing Research Table to stop functioning.
    • Fixed a typo with Gold SDK world message.
    • Guardian Cloak T6 now requires 20 Solak/Sea Troll KC, rather than 50.
    • Home area statues have been updated with a unique model.
    • Smuggler offhands HP buff has been fixed.
    • Dodgy Brownie now only heals 400 HP.
    • A collection log has been added for the Stronghold Raid.
    • Buffed Ivy's Gift Perk bond rate.
    • Collector's Perk now requires 3M tax bags again to create.

    Please reload your client.

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