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    Update #125

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    Connor    78

    Update #125
    Rogue Penguin

    He's back! Oh it's been a while!

    Take him down for a chance at some juicy loot!

    You can also claim a 100% rare loot chance after 4000 kills, if you didn't do it last year.

    Rare Drops

    Rare Boss Spawner (spawns solak/seatroll or goku once - rarest drop),
    Summer Fishing Rod (passively gain loot whilst in PVM),
    Ice Cream Hat (9% drop rate bonus),
    Hot Tits (title),
    $50 Bonds,
    & much more!



    Rewind Box

    This is quite literally a once in a year opportunity!

    Some epic loots that aren't trading in the eco can be obtained via these boxes for a very limited time! This will only happen once a year and the list it created by staff/players to ensure only the right items are chosen!

    There is also a maximum limit of boxes that can be purchased over the course of it's promotion, once that's hit, the box will be discontinued.

    Possible Rewards

    Vial of Blood (chance to damage target for 10% HP, can be attached to FBE),
    Supreme Berserker Aura (+50% melee damage),
    Quarantine Ring (passive damage, can also be attached to P2W ring),
    Light Aggression Totem (makes mobs around you aggressive),
    Double or Nothing Aura (drop will either be doubled, or deleted),
    Double Coin Stack Aura (20% chance for coin stack loot to double),
    2x Raid Points Aura (doubles the points you get from raids),
    Connors Fantasy Hat (5% extra chance to gain rare loot from chests),
    Lovers Health Perk (+350 HP),
    Fierce Tiger Aura (up to 400% extra damage chance),
    Virus Codex (passive damage),
    Omicron Title (extra damage whilst in use),
    Sharpshooter Perk (ranged has a chance to fire extra hits),
    Overkill Stability Perk (stops your overkill draining stats),
    Cupid's Quiver (unlimited ammo & +150 HP),
    Turmoil Damage Upgrade (increases the damage % of turmoil),
    Weapon Splitter,
    5 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    500 x Limited Edition Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Edition Key Tokens.


    • Blow Your Head off (u) & (virus) now have new models.
    • Stronghold Raid now only gives 1.5M raid points.
    • All raids now give a set amount of points per chest opened, rather than a varied amount.
    • ::lamps has been fixed.
    • Fixed Coin Stacks teleport.
    • Easter Carrot can now be used with cosmetic override kits.
    • Healing on the server, including mythical egg will now take into account your armour/perk boosts.
    • Trivia raid question has been updated.
    • Frosty Party hat's texture has been improved.
    • Fixed a bug causing Chocolate Droppings effect to drain incredibly fast.
    • Fixed a bug causing Global World Boss shields timer to drain too fast.
    • The colour of Chocolate Droppings has been updated.
    • Disturbed Mummy pet can now be seen on the pets interface.
    • Pets can now be used at ::ancientspider.
    • Cultist can now be upgraded even if your Fat Boy if above T2.
    • Incorrect information should no longer appear when viewing research table items.
    • Tome of the Empire (u)'s vader element requirement is now displayed.
    • Rare loot announcement has been shortened.
    • Slim Boy's upgrade option has been removed as it has no purpose.
    • Fat Boy's upgrade option has been removed as it has no purpose.
    • Mystic Boy's upgrade option has been removed as it has no purpose.
    • Researching OP keys will no longer broadcast a message.
    • Fixed a bug with Item Smuggler preventing players rolling all high crates when having low reputation.
    • Removed a message received when obtaining certain uncommon drops.
    • General Cape is now 25% more likely to drop.
    • Warm Bonds have been fixed and can reward $5.
    • Title donations can now be claimed correctly.
    • 10% DR Increase Scroll can now be searched on POS correctly.
    • Using Make-Over Mage will no longer trigger the referral dialogue.
    • Collectors Perk now displays the 3M bags required correctly.
    • 2% d/r ring no longer triggers a broadcast.
    • Hidden drops such as Instance Totems & Blood Justiciar will now display the KC the drop was obtained at.

    Please reload your client.

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