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    Update #126

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    Connor    78

    Update #126
    Increased Rates Event!

    For the next 2 weeks the following buffs are active in-game

    Raids rare loot is 25% more likely to be obtained,
    Rogue Penguin rare loot is 10% more likely to be obtained,
    Experience rates are doubled,
    Smuggler will give an additional crate everyday,
    All players have +10% drop rate bonus.


    Perk Interface Information:

    You can now click the perks on the interface and they will display how the perk is obtained & what the perk does.


    • VIP Bag of Loots will now be announced as a rare drop.
    • New players will now spawn with a Pikachu pet in their inventory.
    • Fanatic Cloak drops will no longer broadcast.
    • Mythical Cloak t5 is no longer an item that Item Smuggler will request.
    • Leprechauns pet will no longer broadcast as "none".
    • Fixed an issue causing some lag during combat.
    • Some issues with a couple mini-me pets & the disturbed mummy causing visual issues has been fixed.
    • Prayer will now restore correctly at the mythical egg.
    • Fixed Item Smuggler displaying the wrong amount of crates rewarded.
    • Fixed Tome of the Empire (u) attack speed.
    • Rogue Penguin location has been moved.
    • Reduced Rogue Penguin tile size to 1.

    Please reload your client.

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