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    Update #17

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    Connor    44

    Update #17


    Aura Slot:

    This time has finally arrived! Auras can now be used in the Aura slot instead of the Cape slot.

    Simply wear your aura and it will place itself at the bottom of the equipment tab & you're ready to go!



    Donatorzone 4 Revamp:

    This has been due for a while now and with feedback, i have created the follow.

    This zone features a completely unique multi map which is meant to give off the feel of paint spilling across the map.


    Bank booths,
    Mythical Egg,
    Mining ores that have unlimited resource life,
    Magic tree that has unlimited resource life,
    Goku JR's,
    Medium Coin Stacks,
    Large Coin Stacks,
    Mystery Boxes,

    Also features:

    30% droprate bonus (area effect),
    30% xp bonus (area effect),


    • Goku JR now drops a Goku pet which can be upgraded from 30% d/r to 60%.
    • Removed Goku plushie drop rate (was a mistake).
    • Fixed Shaman starter task claiming.
    • Added a bank booth to gamble.
    • Removed SSJ Goku teleport.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to teleport into the middle of no where.
    • Mining teleport will now take you to the mining guild.
    • Edited Angry unicorn drops.
    • Added some Goku JR spawns to VIP zone.
    • Corrected Goku hands droprate.
    • Roseblood gloves reduced to 60% d/r.
    • Ringmaster boots reduced to 60% d/r.
    • Increased Vote store rewards capacity to 1,000.
    • 50% droprate aura bonus has been corrected.
    • You can no longer use a multicannon to skip Crex minion kc requirement.
    • Fixed Bravek slayer teleport.
    • Removed regular spirit shield recycle value.
    • Removed ring of wealth recycle value.
    • Hidden drops are now stated when viewing an npcs drop table.
    • Fixed a bug allowing ice barrage to attack with minigun effects.
    • Body rune model has been fixed.
    • Ring of Life will no longer announce as a rare drop.
    • Hellfire scythe has been buffed.
    • Hellfire scythe is no longer AOE.
    • Hellfire scythe will now hit 4x per swing.
    • Staff can now increase Shuk loot to 30 people during planned events.

    Please reload your client.

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