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    Update #127

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    Connor    78

    Update #127
    Boss Point Store:

    Abyssal armour has been added to the Boss Point Store.
    Regular Hand Cannon Quiver has been added to the Boss Point Store.

    Trickster has been removed from the Boss Point Store.
    Battle-mage has been removed from the Boss Points Store.
    Zamorakian Spear has been removed from the Boss Point Store.
    Saradomin Sword has been removed from the Boss Point Store.
    Staff of Light has been removed from the Boss Point Store.


    QOL & Fixes

    You can now use items on the bank booth to lock them in place. This means they won't be banked when you deposit all.
    Well of Goodwill now rewards 5% drop rate bonus, but now costs 150,000 to activate.
    You can now purchase a Vote Point scroll from the Voting Store, these are tradeable.
    Ring of Health can now be purchased from the boss point store for 100 points.
    Raid points will now only be rewarded once per run/redeem. So points cannot be constantly gained from keys when using Raid Aura, or stacking keys.
    Easter Box items have been added to the SDK machines.
    All "Sorab" content has been changed to "Sora".
    Cupid's Quiver model has been updated to match the design of the Regular Quiver.
    Bork, WAB & General Khazard now have damage caps to avoid stronger players killing them before other players arrive.  
    Platinum yell colours have been updated.
    Succubus recycle value is now 5,000.
    Added ::pummeler command.
    Upgrading Scratch Cards will now automatically do the maximum amount possible.
    Dwarf Cannon Upgrade from Clue Scrolls is now tradeable.
    All Vader Items except the cape & element have been added to Item Smuggler.
    The "I buy stuff for tax bags" store has been added to the ::chest area.
    Mystic Boy is now included in the ST task.

    Reaper effect should no longer work on ITSYABOI as originally intended.
    You can no longer take an extra item in the Mutated Dungeon Raid.
    Red Keys now drop in an amount of 2, rather than 10 from the SWAT Raid.
    Players can no longer cause a broken message in clan chat.
    Blackstone Vesta no longer states that it degrades.
    Waterfiends are no longer aggressive.
    The last two buttons in the armour stat viewer will now clear correctly.
    Armour Stat Viewer has been updated to reflect Superior Reborn buff.
    Item Upgrader now faces the correct way.
    Staff can now removed the achievement block placed on some users if needed.
    Donation orders finished.
    Shortened some text in Trivia.
    Increased Rates Event has ended.


    The previous update caused an issue with the client auto updater, so if your client does not say "Update 127", please redownload it by clicking Play Now.

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