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    Update #128

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    Connor    78

    Update #128
    Seasonal Boss:

    Let's get crazy! Psycho Box is back, but with a whole new loot table, this includes much more generous amounts of cash!

    Kill 2,000 of them and you will be guaranteed a drop! Players who got the previous 4K task can also complete this.

    Possible Rare Loot;

    Psycho Box Pet (token),
    Psycho (title),
    $50 Bond,
    Aura of the Gods,
    5 x Smuggler reroll tokens,
    5 x Increased raids rare chance tokens.


    Summer Donation Box

    For limited time only!

    Possible Rewards;

    July Party hat (7% d/r & amazing stats),
    Torando Fury perk (Chance to trigger another AOE attack, resulting in double damage),
    Refreshing Drink (Reduces all cooldowns by 20%),
    Sunblock (Arrow slot - reduces incoming damage by 20% & gives +300 HP),
    Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+2 slots),
    Dig Deep (Offhand spade that heals you and all players around you),
    Anti-Vax Shield (Increases chest loot chance by 20%),
    Double Chest Aura,
    Aura of Reputation (Double reputation from the Smuggler).

    5 x Store Mystery Boxes,
    500 x Limited Key Tokens,
    1,000 x Limited Key Tokens.


    Champions Finish Perk:

    You can now create a new perk at the Perk Lectern!


    • $10 Store Credit Tokens can now be purchased on store to make it easier to sell/buy donations.
    • A bug allowing Bunch of Roses to heal more than they should has been fixed.
    • New players (not ironman accounts) will now get 10 frost dragon bones to start.
    • Supreme Reckless Aura has been added to the Gold SDK chest.
    • Aura Pouch has been added to the Gold SDK chest.
    • Supreme Maniacal Aura has been added to the Red SDK chest.
    • All bank booths will now work with the prevent auto deposit method.
    • Ice Dragon armour can now be searched in POS correctly.
    • 2% DR ring can now be searched in POS correctly.
    • Buy X has been fixed on POS.
    • Fixed ::highscores cmd.
    • Unnoted Impling Jars can now be purchased from the Hunting store.
    • Mining Instructor has been added to ::shops.
    • Corrected the name of the 4% drop rate booster.
    • Voting at least 5 times per day will now give you a personal 10 minute Beast Mode & 30 minutes of 5% drop rate bonus.



    If your client does not say Update #128 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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