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    Update #130

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    Connor    78

    Update #130
    The Ousted Completionist Player:

    You can now take on this boss at ::ocp. Based in a prison at the completionist guild, although all players can access it. It will cost 8,000 bags to spawn.



    HP: 40M
    Weakness: Melee or Ranged
    Max Hit: 600

    Possible Rare Loot:

    $10 Store Credit Token (only Completionist status players can obtain this),
    Bonds ($5-25),
    Cosmetic Override Kit,
    Seasonal Donation Key (part 3),
    Aura Pouch Upgrader (Increases the slots to 3 if upgrade is successful - third slot can only be used as a non damage increasing aura).

    Of course it comes with generous commons, including a 2.5k tax bag drop & the skateboard!



    DPS Dummy:

    It's been a long time coming, but it's here! 

    A DPS Dummy can be found West of home, or use ::dps/::dummy for fast access.

    How does it work?

    Soon as you attack the dummy, a 60 second timer will begin, deal as much damage as you can during that time. Your damage per second (DPS) will then be calculated.

    Feel free to flex because it has a leader board! Simply right click the dummy to view the leader board.


    • Platinum ranks can now purchase a dice bag from the Bond Points Store.
    • You can no longer sell items to the Bonds Store.
    • The Big Red Key is now stackable.
    • Some lower level monsters have had their max hits reduced.
    • Defilers are now multi & have more spawns.
    • Raids will now drop Red Keys in sets of 5, instead of 2.
    • Collection log has been added for the OCP.
    • You can now attack a new target as soon as your current one enters the death animation in single zones.
    • Item Compare tool has been cleaned up.
    • Gameplay settings interface has been added. Access this by right clicking the game button at the bottom of your screen, this can also be accessed in the normal settings menu.



    If your client does not say Update #130 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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