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    Melee Weapon Tiers (OUT-DATED)

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    Jake    7

    Before I post this guide, I'd like to say that I'm aware there are a lot more weapons out there. But I'd like to just keep this guide simple and clean. This is actually the route I took for melee weapons when I started off as well.

      Melee Weapons Guide by @Jake & @Thor

    So starting off this guide you'll want to head to the Mario's which are located in the training teleport's and then under Monsters tab. Or you can simply do ::train 😄 and you'll be killing marios for the Ghostly swords.


    Next up is the ghostly claws which you can obtain from Mystery boxes. These boxes are dropped from Mystery box npc at ::train or you can find them in other npc drop tables such as Goku Jr's and Demon Hounds.



    After you've acquired the ghostly claws do not fear the stats, you'll be using these claws for faster attack rate but you'll also want to get your strength bonus up so go check out my melee armour guide here: However, that guide will need adjusting as new items / changes have been made but for now it'll be of use!

     So once you've got some strength bonus under you, head over to the Shaman defenders and score yourself a Defender sword. This is a bit of an upgrade in terms of stats but the ghostly claws will still be faster in terms of speed attacks. You can find these Shaman's in Bosses teleport and then look in medium bosses. 😄 Or the easier way would be to use ::defenders


    The LIT SWORD For a f2p player this will be your best in slot melee weapon. Unless you get lucky and accumulate a lot of tax bags and find a better upgrade then this is the sword for you! There are currently 3 ways of obtaining this sword. The f2p way is by killing the General Khazard, which is a mass boss so you won't always be alone when taking him down... 😛 However, if you like to get a bit of a lucky head start you buy store boxes and get one or by opening op keys at the op chest and pray you get one from there also?🤞


    First screenshot is the store box rewards and the second screenshot is the op chest rewards which you can find south of ::home



    Next up we have the hellfire blade, this blade is only obtained from the store box (can see the above screenshot) so if you'd like to get one you may have to either buy the box yourself or spend the value of the blade in tax bags. Just in case you need to know what the current official prices are then check here 🙂 



    And lastly everyone's favourite melee weapon. The Hellfire Shadow Sword! This item is currently dropped by Angry unicorns which you'll need to find someone who has access to ::vipzone to farm it for you or if someone else who's managed to purchase one from a vip player to sell you it. 😄 





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    Jake    7
    18 hours ago, DrShemp said:

    Thanks I now have the hellfire shadow sword 😄 Nice guide

    Thank you for the response and good job on getting the Hellfire Shadow Sword!

    - Jake

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