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    Update #131

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    Connor    78

    Update #131
    New Player Experience:

    The starter area has been completely revamped to ensure new players have an obvious progression path.

    Newb Sword & Shield are in starter packs and can be upgraded to T4 which gives damage buffs to some monsters & also +100 hitpoints.
    Starter area mobs have been nerfed and drop tables updated to offer more bones/bags.
    A mythical guide will now speak to players throughout the Island to offer them tips.





    Global Boss Spawn Changes:

    The way global bosses (Bork & General) spawn has changed.

    Bork will now spawn at 15 minutes past the hour, every hour.
    General will now spawn at 30 minutes past the hour, every hour.
    Discord announcements will now be given 5 minute prior to it spawning.
    WAB is no longer announced on Discord.


    Donation Store:

    The store has had an overhaul based on feedback.

    Some prices have been reduced.
    Some prices have been increased.
    Some items have been removed.
    Item categories have been modified.
    A few items have been added & removed from the SDK machines.


    • Fishing Rod perk can now be created at the Perk Lectern.
    • DPS Dummy will now have a 5 second period between sessions.
    • Prayer Scroll (e) can now be correctly used within the Pocket Pouch.
    • Fixed Dice Bag not working.
    • Referral system now gives different rewards.
    • AOE has been disabled at ::train.
    • ::train2 can be used to access the final area of train, which has Ice Warriors and Small Stacks.
    • Fatboy weapons have been removed from the ::st store.
    • Starter Island map has been updated.
    • Fat boy (T5) no longer has AOE.
    • Fixed a bug that caused PVP to stop working.
    • Added additional Crex spawns.
    • Added additional Darkblue Wizard spawns.
    • Gameplay settings code has been cleaned, so your settings may have reset to default.
    • Timestamps have been added to Gameplay settings.
    • You can no longer close the Scratch Card game whilst it's in progress.
    • Santa's sharing experience buff has been fixed.
    • Supreme Berserker Aura now calculates correctly.
    • +10% Melee Damage Aura now calculates correctly.
    • $200 donation perk now calculates correctly.
    • Max Hit Gemstone now calculates correctly.
    • All magic damage boosting equipment will now calculate damage correctly.
    • Supreme Maniacal Aura now gives +50% damage.
    • Platinum daily chest cap is now 1,000.
    • Added a portal to ::chest at the end of raids 1-3.
    • Donation store have been updated.
    • OCP now spawns closer to the spawner.
    • Fixed an issue with resize/fullscreen misclicking.
    • Added some more filtered chat.
    • Client has been updated so it can still launch when the website is down.



    If your client does not say Update #131 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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