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    Update #132

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    Connor    78

    Update #132
    Daily Money Makers:

    You can now complete various tasks that are repeatable daily to get your hands on some juicy rewards!

    Money Makers Loot Crate:

    This reward is given by completing Hard tasks.  The chest is unaffected by any rare boosting items, however it can still be saved by the Egg of Loots. The rare loot from the crate is 1/100.

    Possible Rare Loot;

    100K Tax Bags,
    $25 Bond,
    Lucky Clue Scroll Casket (Always rewards a rare reward),
    Task Master Shield (parts 1-3) - Can be combined together to make a cool shield, but can be further upgraded at the Research Table to make new best in slot shields.


    Fat Boy - Kill Fat Boy 25 times
    Barrows - Complete 3 Barrows runs
    Mr Task - Complete 2 Skilling tasks
    Voter - Vote for the server on at least 5 sites


    Raider - Open 10 Raid loot chests
    Slayer - Complete 5 Slayer tasks
    Trivia - Answer 10 Trivia questions
    Thief - Steal 100 Scimitars


    World Boss - Kill 5 World Bosses (Bork/General/WAB)
    Prestige - Prestige your character
    Recycler - Recycle items worth more than 2,000 Recycle Coins, 10 times
    Dungeoneer - Complete 10 Dungeoneering runs







    POS Changes:

    You will now be charged a 5% tax on your earnings from POS. 3% will be completely wiped from the economy. 2% will be set aside in a money pool which will be used to fund events by staff & also used to purchase items on POS that need removing from the economy to increase item stability.

    POS sales no longer notify the owner of the player that paid for the item, however Discord will still provide that information.
    POS will now display in chat the cheapest item and which shop it is in based on your search.
    Suggested values have been removed from POS.
    You can no longer search a players name in POS, items only.


    Champion Gear:

    Champion Gear in it's first stage is now (Broken), this applied to all existing and newly dropped first stage pieces.

    To fix it you can click on it which will require the following;

    100,000 Tax Bags,
    Champion Component,
    Acid Justiciar Component,
    Blood Justiciar Component.

    There is only a 25% chance for this to succeed, however only the bags & champion component will be lost if the fixing fails. The Justiciar parts are safe.


    • Players dying will no longer despawn pets.
    • Supreme Berserker Aura has been fixed.
    • Extra Hit Chance Aura has been fixed.
    • Disabled <img=> code in ::yell.
    • Timestamps no longer appear for clan chat messages.
    • Newb Sword/Shield will now auto upgrade once the rate has been met.
    • DPS Dummy will no longer despawn forever.
    • Champion armour has been added to the Item Smuggler.
    • Fat Boy now respawns much faster.
    • Fat Boy's max hit has been reduced.
    • Filtered Chat is now on by default for new players.
    • Monies Amulet (i) has been buffed to have +20K stats.
    • Money Boy's super rare loot has been changed from 1/3k to 1/2k.
    • Money Boy now drops the x2 Event Boss Damage perk.
    • Sunday's now allow all players to access raids without requirements.
    • Mental Case's Zapper drop has been changed from 1/10k to 1/5k.
    • OCP damage radius has been reduced.
    • Updated Ironman description to clear up drops around world bosses.
    • Raging Ranger now drops Red Keys.
    • Raging Ranger now drops more Tax Bags.
    • Raging Ranger now drops $10 Bonds.
    • Raging Ranger no longer drops Coins.
    • Raging Ranger no longer drops Crystal Keys.
    • Raging Ranger no longer drops Effigies.
    • Replaced some Medium Stack's at DZ3 with Large Stack's.
    • Replaced Tokash at VIPZONE with Large Stack's.
    • Platinum Zone mob spawner is now instanced, but fees may apply.
    • Drop Rate Island monsters max hit has been reduced.
    • Drop Rate Island monsters HP have been reduced to 75k.
    • You can now obtain Clue Scrolls in an instance.
    • You can now obtain Scratch Cards in an instance.
    • Nerfed the rate at which Clue Scrolls are obtained from Stacks of Coins.
    • Clue Scrolls have been added to the Vote Rewards Store.
    • Bankers have been added to ::train.
    • Auto Retaliate has been fixed at the Hellfire Dragon.
    • WAB/Bork & General common drops now include Barrows items.
    • Kill Log has been removed as it was rarely used.
    • Instance Totems now require a daily instance fee of 500,000, this will last until daily reset. This does not apply to Crex totem.
    • Clue Scrolls have been added to the Raid Point Store.
    • ::barrows CMD has been added.
    • ::dps has been moved to the newly opened Mythical Inn pub.



    If your client does not say Update #131 at the top, please REBOOT it.

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