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    In-game & Discord Rules

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    Jake    7

    In-game Rules:

    1. Respect players & staff.

    Any form of textual harassment towards players or staff will not be tolerated. However, we will not allow the use of textual harassment in the clan chat or public chat. If you do not comply with this rule the result on your access to the game will be revoked.

    2. Racism.

    Any use of racism will not be tolerated. We ask players to be respectful of the words they choose to use in chat, as it could come across differently to another person causing unnecessary drama.

    3. Safespotting.

    Safespotting is not permitted in profitable areas. Areas of such include; bosses, mini bosses and any monster that has a profitable drop. Punishment can be a bank reset & ban if continued. 

    4. Cheating/Macro.

    We do not allow to use of auto clickers, auto-typers & anything that does the work for you. The result in being caught can range from an account reset to a full computer ban.

    5. Advertising.

    Do not mention any other "RSPS". This is not allowed in private messages, public chat, forums, discord etc. Any mention of an RSPS within the MythicalPS community can result in punishment.

    6. Bug abuse.

    Any form of bug abuse will not be tolerated. We respect our community and we expect the community to be honest with us if they find an unlikely bug in the system.

    7. Scamming.

    Scamming is not acceptable. Should the user provide proof of the scam, we will use the necessary tools to understand what happened. Note: Luring is not classed as scamming, trust at your own will.

    8. Alternate Accounts.

    You are prohibited from using 2 or more alternate accounts that meet in the same regional area such as Bosses & other Monsters, Minigames, Skilling & events such as masses. You are strictly only allowed to meet at home together.

    9. Discord Give Away's.

    You are allowed to enter a give away once. Entering with multiple accounts will result in the rewards being taken away & an additional punishment on your main account.

    10. In-game Give Away's

    Hosting an in-game giveaway's without consent from a staff member is without doubt forbidden and punishable. If a player wishes to host a giveaway or give out items (end-game & DR items) to other players for free will have to seek staff assistance before hosting & giving away items.

    11. Begging. 

    Users in both in-game or using our discord to beg for items in-game is strictly forbidden. We will not tolerate such behaviour anywhere and this includes private messages. This includes help for 'rebuilding', 'loans' or by repeatedly trading a player or member of staff. Punishments will be dished out if caught.

    12. Help CC

    The 'Help CC' is vital for all players especially new comers to ask questions and receive answers. We will not tolerate any of the following; hosting giveaways, using BLOCK CAPITALS excessively, we understand it can be fun to use it sometimes. Or discuss help from staff members private messages in there at all. All rules still apply in this CC such as offensive language, flaming & begging, these are all forbidden in the Help CC.

    13. Real World Trading (RWT)

    MythicalPS community players are not allowed to sell MythicalPS wealth such as currency, items & accounts for any other game currency / items or RSGP, Paypal, or any other form of real life currency. Accounts performing RWT will be banned without question.

    14. Item Lending

    If you are lending a user on MythicalPS an item or in-game currency make sure you get media proof of the lend and a lent agreement screenshot. In the events of not getting your lent item / items returned due to not having the necessary evidence of the lent trade. Staff will not get involved with this matter. (MAKE SURE YOU SCREENSHOT THE AGREEMENT AND THE ITEMS!)

      Discord Rules:

    1. Advertising.

    Do not mention any other "RSPS". This is not allowed in private messages, public chat, forums, discord etc. Any mention of an RSPS within the MythicalPS community can result in punishment.

    2. Sensibility & respect of each channel

    Please treat each channel with dignity and stick to the said channel with the correct content inside & do not post messages in the wrong channels.

    3. Spam

    If channels are being spammed, we'll automatically enable slow-mode for said channel. We won't tolerate spam in channels as it just causes a mess and we have to deal with it.

    4. Tagging '@' everyone 

    The @ everyone is used strictly by staff for announcements, if for some reason a loop hole has occurred where users without a staff role can use @ everyone and use it frequently you will be muted and depending how many times a user uses it will determine whether they get server muted or not.

    5.  discord_rank_request 

    Pretty simple, we will only allow screenshots of i.e Donation ranks in there, no form of conversations will be allowed in there what so ever.

    6. Respecting others

    Please accept our users for who they are and acknowledge / accept their personal boundaries . If for some reason a user wants to be treated a certain way you should honour them that wish and treat them with respect. This rule also includes no racism. We will not tolerate any form of racism, if you wish to do this take it to direct messages (pm) as it can come across differently to other users who may get offended. 
    Failure to abide by these rules will result in being muted.

    7. Sharing of personal details

    In the MythicalPS discord server, we do not want to see any form of personal details anywhere. Ranging from social media messages to profiles etc (unless you are the owner and give consent). Anything in the form of another users personal profile will be deleted and the user who posted it permanently banned from this discord server without hesitation.

    8. No harassment
    We do not tolerate users harassing other MythicalPS users, whether you know each other or not. Nobody should be harassed at all. Failing to comply with this rule and if proof is shown of a user harassing another user will result in a server ban.


    Jake, Connor & the Staff Team.

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