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    Update #18

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    Connor    44

    Update #18


    Aura Expansion:

    Following the introduction of the Aura slot, you can now grab some new juicy auras from the Item Recycler!

    • 75% Bonus Xp Aura,
    • +10% SoulSplit Heal Aura,
    • Poison Attack Aura,
    • 140% Drop rate Aura,
    • +10% Melee Damage Aura,
    • +10% Ranged Damage Aura,
    • +10% Magic Damage Aura.



    Sea Troll Event Boss:

    The Sea Troll Queen can only be spawned by staff.

    Although owner capes are allowed, the Sea Troll isn't a fan of them! She has a chance to deal a bleed attack that totals up to 2,000 damage very quickly to those wearing one.

    Up to 50 people will be given loot!

    Pets are not permitted and cannot be used in the area 🙂


    Hitpoints: 50M
    Max Hit: 400 (500)
    Weakness: Ranged

    Important Drops:

    175% Drop rate aura,
    Sea Troll Hat (60% d/r),
    OP Key,
    Scratch Cards,
    Tax Bag Boxes.



    • You can now purchase 50 additional bank slots on the donation store.
    • Rare drop announcements should now fit in chat better.
    • Starter vote task has been fixed.
    • Frozen staff is now a 1h weapon.
    • $10 bond removed from recycle centre.
    • Removed old starter book guide from starter packs.
    • Removed poison notification from Goku JR.
    • Npc task rewards will now deposit to the users bank, not the inventory.
    • You can now reactivate your infinite prayer scroll 1 minute before it runs out.
    • Added ::Raid1 for fast access to Lava Raids.
    • Increased Zaros sword strength bonus to 6,500.
    • Fixed Harlakk drop table.
    • Added a couple more demon hound spawns.
    • Increased the amount of bags coin stacks drop.


    Please reload your client.

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