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    Update #19

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    Connor    44

    Update #19


    the Succubus:

    The hardest boss has arrived! the Succubus is a demon that has the ability to drop anyone, that includes you owner cape users. Sousplit isn't your only friend here, the demon is not a fan of you being in its face, should you be too close & not move in time, it will end you.


    Hitpoints: 5M
    Max Hit: 990
    Weakness: Doesn't have one.
    Requirements: 2,500 Crex Kills.

    Unique Drops:

    Succubus Helm,
    Succubus Body,
    Succubus Legs,
    Succubus Gloves,
    Succubus Boots,

    This armour is melee BIS & can be combined with Blood Justiciar to create an elite version with 100% d/r bonus per piece.



    • Drop table section 1/1000 now has a + sign to indicate that not all the drops are dead on 1/1k.
    • Sea troll area is now multi.
    • Sea troll will now allow melee attacks.
    • Fix prayer scroll timer refresh.
    • Increased hand cannon shot amount in shops.
    • Bonfires now count towards the starter task.
    • Added a bank booth next to the Item Recycler.
    • $10 bond has been added to Reycle Centre store.
    • Blow your head off (u) speed has been increased.
    • Blow your head off (u) stats has been decreased.


    Please reload your client.

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