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    Update #20

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    Connor    78

    Update #20


    Slayer Rework:

    As per demand, i have completely redesigned the slayer skill to be more engaging and worth your time.

    The Slayer Hub will now appear when speaking to the slayer master at home. This has everything you need in one interface for smooth & simple gameplay.

    You no longer need to use multiple slayer masters as the interface will just allow you to choose a difficulty yourself. You will still gain more points for harder tasks.

    The slayer store also has some new additions and also prices balanced.

    Whilst on task you will now randomly obtain Bravek's caskets which can provide amazing loot or junk.

    Slayer helms can now be upgraded from regular(12.5% damage) to Dragon(20% damage) & finally Infernal(30% damage). 

    Slayer Temple is also a new addition to the map. This can only be accessed from the teleport to task option. You will find the following npcs inside;

    • Crex,
    • Demon Hounds,
    • Darklords,
    • Ice Warriors,
    • Ice Demons,
    • Water Newb,
    • Skeletal Horror.




    • Your slayer streak, task & master will be reset.
    • Resetting task now costs 25 tax bags, instead of points.
    • Various slayer targets have had their respawn timers made quicker.
    • Various slayer targets have had their spawn amounts increased.
    • Some hard task xp rates have been balanced.
    • Slayer store prices have been rebalanced.
    • Slayer store has some new items & removed useless rewards.


    Febuary Box:

    Following the popular January boxes, we have now introduced the Febuary boxes!

    You can obtain some of the following loot when opened;

    • Valentines Hat (50% d/r),
    • Heart Orb (50% d/r),
    • Cupids Bow,
    • Ring Of Love (25% chance to double your soulsplit heal) -> combinable with p2w ring (U) to make p2w ring (UI),
    • Portable Item Recycler,
    • Infinite Overload Stability (perk - makes it stay boosted for the full duration),
    • 20 OP keys,
    • 5 Store boxes,
    • 2 x $50 bonds.

    Boxes can be found on the donator store.


    • Removed Succubus freeze ability.
    • Cost to spawn Shuk has been increased to 6,000 bags.
    • Hellfire dragon should no longer continue to attack you after you've died.
    • Fixed Elite Succubus drop rate bonus.
    • Slash bash is no longer aggressive.
    • Goku JR teleport has been fixed.
    • Rainbow skateboard will now upgrade to $10 bond, not $50.
    • Rainbow skateboard upgrade is now a 2% chance.
    • Increased some upgrading fees.
    • Ven spider drop table has been nerfed.
    • Bonds no longer claim to provide donator points.
    • Donator shop has been removed from home as its useless.
    • You can no longer obtain the Beaver pet from afk tree.
    • Added a message to the chat when drinking Infinite overload.
    • Soulsplit is no longer a blocked word.
    • ::priceguide link has been corrected.
    • Staff can now apply flags on users that might be using a macro. This will then detect & log the users activity.


    Please reload your client.

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