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    Update #21

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    Connor    75

    Update #21


    Boss Point Rework:

    The boss point store prices have been completely re-balanced to be fair & grind worthy.

    New items have also been added to the store & some have been removed.




    • Any npc with more than 10,000 hitpoints will now grant you boss points.
    • Trickster stats have been increased.
    • Battle-mage stats have been increased.
    • Gold Virtus stats have been increased.
    • Doom blade stats have been increased.
    • You can now purchase a scroll for Mage/Range turmoil.
    • The max points you can gain per kill is now capped at 50. (Excluding bonuses)



    • Store mystery boxes have been buffed. (Some junk items removed, with some new ones added).
    • Acid Justiciar armour is now 25% d/r bonus per item.
    • Staff of Infernal now has a built in spell.
    • Increased Dragonlava Battlestaff stats.
    • Decreased Staff of Infernal stats.
    • Removed mystery box rare message.
    • You can no longer recycle dragon hatchet.
    • Water newb now gives boss points.
    • Corrected a typo in the Goku JR teleport text.
    • Blackstone cape has been buffed.
    • Added more Bandos avatar spawns.
    • Added more Phoenix spawns.
    • Increased Bandos avatar respawn time.
    • Bandos avatar is no longer aggressive.
    • Elite slayer achievement will now work correctly with the new slayer system.
    • Necrolord slayer teleport has been fixed.
    • Tree spirits slayer teleport has been fixed.
    • Defiler npc task will now count up correctly.
    • Vet'ion npc task will now count up correctly.


    Please reload your client.

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