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    Update #22

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    Connor    44

    Update #22


    S.W.A.T Raid:

    You can start the raid at the raids portal at home.

    The raid is based around an apartment building full of thugs, crackheads & gun smugglers. You will raid the building with your team and hopefully be rewarded with some new goods!

    The raid will allow 5 keys to be dropped per kill. 

    The raid contains 4 bosses, all with different difficulty & special attacks, enjoy 🙂

    Requirements to enter:

    A ranged Gun or Riot Batten.
    25 Tax bags.


    Riot Helmet,
    Riot Body,
    Riot Legs,
    Riot Shield,
    Riot Baton,
    Pet S.W.A.T Recruit.




    Donator Store Expansion:

    New perks have been added to the donator store;

    Raider - Free entry to Raids.
    Double Xp - Doubles all experience gained.
    Psycho - Chance to deal 10k/100k damage randomly during pvm.
    Overloaded - Overloaded provides +10 additional stat boost.
    Boss King - x2 Boss points.

    New items added to store;

    Custom armour set (Pm me if purchased to design it).
    Prayer scroll extension - Increases your prayer scroll timer to 30 minutes.
    Mythical Gauntlet - Best mage weapon in-game, has the largest AOE radius ingame.



    • Added a Raids portal to home area.
    • Some methods of obtaining bonds have been nerfed.
    • Corrected donatorzone2 showing as a super donator zone.
    • Removed a nulled item from clue scrolls.
    • Curses leech effect has now been capped at +10% additional.
    • Ranged & Magic turmoil will now scale up correctly.
    • Only Legendary donators can use Dwarf cannons now.
    • Added some additional Blood warrior spawns.
    • Crystal keys now recycle for 5 coins.
    • Hellfire dragon has been moved to Hard bosses.
    • Added ::raid2 command.
    • Fixed Vet'ion slayer task teleport.


    Please reload your client.

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    DrShemp    1

    Only legendary donators can use dwarf cannon's now, How are we suppose to get comp cape if we can't finish achievement fire 5k cannon balls?


    Other than that great updates

    Edited by DrShemp

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