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    Update #23

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    Connor    78

    Update #23


    Drop Rate Island:

    This island is home to 3 different warrior variants. Skirmish, Long-shot & Shaman. 

    Each warrior drops a different style or armour & weapon. These armours have drop rate bonuses on them to help kick start your adventure!

    You can access the island from the easy boss teleports.


    Hitpoints: 120K,
    Weakness based on combat triangle,
    Max hit: 100-250.




    This boss was once extremely popular and unfortunately i had to make some changes to it for the integrity of the server. This in turn killed the bosses appeal, so I've made some changes to make it worth killing again.

    • Spawn cost has been reduced from 6K Bags to 3K.
    • Skateboard chance to upgrade to bond has been increased from 2% to 10%.
    • Skateboard has been moved back to common loot.



    • Once 600 global votes have been achieved. Everyone online will gain 15 minutes of BEAST mode. This puts your combat stats up extremely high.
    • Well of Goodwil has been reworked to provide global drop rate bonus for 10k tax bags.
    • Updated Well of Goodwill achievements.
    • Added Well of Goodwill to home area.
    • Removed legendary donator requirement from dwarf cannon.
    • Fixed extreme donators being able to use ::bank (This was always a legendary perk).
    • Fixed Overload perk not working with infinite overload potion.
    • Fixed Magic boost with overload perk.
    • S.W.A.T Raid keys are now stackable.
    • Corrected Discord achievements for S.W.A.T raid.
    • Pet S.W.A.T Recruit will now display name correctly when looted.
    • Fixed a safespot in S.W.A.T Raid.
    • Fixed dragon dagger model.
    • Cupid's bow & Animal bow can now use Dragon arrows.
    • Cupid's bow now offers 60% d/r whilst worn.
    • Owner cape (u) & custom Max capes now have ava effect.
    • Staff can now view previous clan chat messages to counter toxic behaviour. 
    • You can no longer proceed to the next floor in S.W.A.T raid without the previous key.
    • Mythical gauntlet speed has been increased.
    • Mythical gauntlet magic attack stat has been decreased.
    • Some world bosses now display the amount of damage each user has done after kills.
    • Removed some tasks from Hard selection based on feedback from players.
    • Changed Lucid warriors to Blood warriors slayer task.
    • Corporeal beast now almost instantly respawns.
    • Added some more coin stacks to donatorzone3.
    • You now have a very small chance to obtain an OP key whilst killing bosses.
    • Collector necklace will no longer collect Ashes.
    • Collector necklace will no longer state it has banked an item when it hasn't.
    • Kill 10 defender starter task has been changed to kill 10 Skirmish.
    • Corrected some text when being rewarded from starter task guide.
    • Added shortcuts for donator zones. ::dz, ::dz2, ::dz3, ::dz4 & ::vz


    Please reload your client.

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