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    Update #25

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    Connor    78

    Update #25


    New Home Area:

    After taking feedback & having a vote. I have completely revamped the home area. The area is much bigger now and you can check it out ingame!

    I've added a Home Guide near the spawn points to help anyone wondering where to go.


    Completionist Guild:

    Those worthy enough can access this beautiful guild, filled with content & perks.

    Inside you will find a completely unique & custom map, accompanied by a quarry for speed mining, with ease of access to a furnace/anvil with a 1 tile bank booth. You will also find a bunch of high level trees, Blood altar & a new AOE zone. You can also fight the mighty guild champion, Itsyaboi. (Itsyaboi was the first user to achieve completionist status on the server). Of course you will also find the usual stuff from the home area.

    You can access the guild via your completionist cape.

    You can set the completionist guild as your home area, by speaking to the street cleaner, Jake.


    Deluxe donators+ will experience a few benefits whilst inside the zone;

    Experience is increased by 50%,
    Drop rate bonus of 25%,
    Resources are collected in note form.


    Achievement completionist status.

    Guild Champion Boss:

    By far the hardest boss yet & intended to be so. This boss will punish its challengers with the ability to instantly kill you, if you aren't paying attention. This boss was highly requested to give some users a challenge, this is not a boss you have to fight, so if you aren't up for a challenge, don't fight this boss. If you like a challenge with great rewards, then this is your next target.

    I'm not going to explain the boss mechanics like i usually do, go find out for yourself 🙂


    Hitpoints: 40M,
    Weakness: None,
    Max Hit: 10,000 (Special), 650 (Regular)


    Up to 5 people in the fight can obtain loot.

    You will obtain a Champion chest for every kill. Inside you can find basic supplies, to higher resources & the new champions armour.

    Champion Tribrid gear (Best in slot) - Upgradeable to have drop rate.







    • Fixed store mystery box giving too many darth maul wings.
    • Corrected the slayer achievements text.
    • $5 bond from Sea troll is now uncommon.
    • Experience lock/unlock will now work by clicking the exp lock in quest tab.
    • Fixed chins showing through full helmets.
    • Fixed a bug with claiming bank boosters.
    • Fixed the starter vote task.
    • Bandos avatar now drops magic logs in noted form.
    • Auto clue scroll perk will now tick off the starter clue scroll task.


    Please reload your client.

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