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    Starter Guide

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    Connor    43

    Step 1:

    Choose a game mode


    Step 2:

    Referral. Always try input a referral as some give rewards!

    Step 3:

    You will spawn at the Starter Island (::train). Speak to Mythical Guide for a bunch of tasks to get some starter gear & boxes.


    Step 4:

    Once you've completed all the tasks, you should have some decent gear. Head over to Wolf teleport. (Accessed via spell book & then click the T icon).


    Step 6:

    Kill these for a while & buy Frost dragon bones from the store (Sabeil - South). Use these at home to the West on the altar until you unlock Soulsplit.


    Step 7:

    Navigate to "Easy Boss" on the teleport interface & find "Soulless"


    Step 8:

    Kill these until you get the SoulSplit necklace. This will increase your effect from 10% heal to 25%. You will also obtain many Mystery boxes along the way which contain better gear & weapons.


    Step 9:

    Continue to "Ice Giant".


    Step 10:

    Kill these until you have 10,000 Ecto-tokens & then buy yourself a Shark tooth sword.

    If you have 8b, then buy yourself a dwarf multi cannon from ::Shops.


    Step 11:

    Now head to the M logo & locate Shaman Defender's.


    Step 12:

    Kill these until you have obtained the Defenders sword. You may also want to obtain the full armour set


    Step 12:

    From this point onward, your journey begins! Most people tend to head to Crex Minions & gain 600 killcount, before proceeding to Crex which drops 2nd bis armour ingame. You can then attempt to upgrade it to BIS gear.

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