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    Staff Application Layout for Server Support - Open (11/9/2020)

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    Jake    8

    Staff Application Layout

    Hello Mythical users! We've now decided to open a staff application layout which is something new for us to try out. Before you apply we do have some basic requirements we seek from you.

    These are the requirements:

    1. You will have to know our current rules on both discord & In-game.
    2. You must not have any previous convictions like mutes and bans both in-game and discord.
    3. You have to be active both in-game and on the discord server.
    4. You must have knowledge of the server in-game and how to use our discord.
    5. You must have well written English and speaking in the event of a staff call meeting (when needed)
    6. In the event your application gets denied, you will have to wait a 30 day period from your application post to reapply for a staff position.
    7. You will be required to be active for 1-6 hours a day, however we understand there may be real-life occurrences that pop up so we give the exception when that happens.
    8. We insist you use our discord server including the staff chat to communicate with Connor, myself and other staff members as it's a private area. You must not leak anything that goes into that chat at all.
    9. You are required to have 100h+ in-game play time before applying for our server support staff role.

    Tells us about yourself?:



    In-game Username:

    In-game Play time:

    Do you use our discord server (Yes/No):


    Your average time you play daily (example 1-2h):

    Previous staff experiences if any?:

    Why you think you fit the staff position (basically a goal as to why)?:

    If you have any weaknesses that could prevent you from getting this staff position?:

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