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    Update #30

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    Connor    44

    Update #30


    The Island:

    This minigame has completely reworked a previous minigame that was dead content.

    You must enter the minigame without any items/pets, whilst inside you will encounter 8 different mob varities which have their owner attacks. These mobs will drop food & 1 random armour/weapon, so you must pray to the RNG gods to drop you some good items to get started, else you have no chance in making it to wave 50.

    The items dropped by mobs do not extend to custom items & only original RS items will be dropped, but the mobs also have much lower hitpoints.

    You will obtain tokens per kills, the amounts with vary mob to mob. These can be used to purchase items from the guardian store.


    • Lit Void (Provides stats between 1000-6000 & also a +20% accuracy/damage boost whilst using a full set (including a void helmet),
    • Primal rapier,
    • Primal longsword,
    • Primal maul,
    • Store Mystery Boxes,
    • $5 Bonds,
    • Dragonkin lamp.




    • Dwarf cannons can no longer be setup in the home area.
    • Additional logs have been setup to allow Jake to handle enquires & issues for players without the need to ask me.
    • Fixed a bug allowing users to claim free votes.
    • Baton (u) has been buffed.
    • Clue scrolls will now stack.
    • Added some additional coin stacks to donator zone 3.
    • Nex respawn timer has been decreased.
    • Ancient spider respawn timer has been decreased.
    • Fixed an issue causing random lagg spikes.


    Please reload your client.

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