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    Update #33

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    Connor    44

    Update #33


    Vader gear expansion:

    Following feedback from the vader gear & the champion boss, we have introduce Champion Vader gear.

    Champion vader gear can be researched at the research table & is the most powerful gear ingame. The droprate bonus is 115% per item.

    Although the gear requires gear obtained from the completionist boss to create, the gear can be worn by anyone.




    World Event Boss:

    Following high amounts of request for a new world boss, i am bringing back the Goku boss. This boss was our first world boss, but was a limited time event.

    This boss can only be spawned by Administrators, but it will be spawned at least once a week with plenty of warning!

    The boss can drop up to 50 loots per kill!


    Common (junk),
    Tax Bags,
    OP Keys,
    Store Mystery Boxes,
    Scratch Cards,
    Pet Mystery Boxes,
    Collector Necklace.
    Ring of Devotion,
    Paper Sack Head,
    Double Drop Scroll,
    Zaros Sword,
    Infinite Prayer Scroll Extension.


    May Boxes:

    Check out the latest donation box on store now!


    5 x Store boxes,
    20 x OP keys,
    2 x $50 bonds,
    1 x Double drop ring,
    1 x Jester hat (75% d/r),
    1 x Jester scarf (75% d/r),
    1 x Dwarf cannon damage increase (400% damage output),
    1 x Book'o May (BIS off-hand magic + 25% d/r),
    1 x Dragonfire ward (BIS off-hand range + 25% d/r),
    1 x Avernic defender (BIS off-hand melee + 25% d/r).



    • Beast mode will now activate after 150 votes, instead of 300.
    • Psycho perk chance of hitting has been increased.


    Please reload your client.

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