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    Update #36

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    Connor    44

    Update #36


    Home Area:

    We have made some adjustments to the home area, based on feedback.

    A bunch of magic trees are now close to the bank in the north east for ease of high level woodcutting.

    A bunch of runite rocks in a power training line have been added.

    A scimitar thieving stall has been added next to the bank in the north east.

    Added a furnace & anvil area for quick & easy power training.

    Added a rocktail barrel for fishing.

    Added an unlimited fire outside the north east bank.




    VIP Boss:

    Angry unicorns have now been removed & replaced with a single angry unicorn boss.

    This boss will not actually be as hard as the unicorns were before, because they were simply too op, but the health has been increased.


    Hitpoints: 5M
    Max Hit: 650


    VIP Bag of Loots is a 1/1k drop and contains the following;

    Hellfire sword,
    VIP Helmet,
    VIP Body,
    VIP Legs,
    Irish Coin,
    Store Mystery Boxes,



    Arena Boss:

    We have reworked the drop table of this boss to make it worth going to. The following changes have been made;

    Added tax bag boxes,
    Added Lime rex helmet,
    Added Lime rex body,
    Added Lime rex legs,




    • Gigantic tax bag will now reward players correctly.
    • Added dust devil spawns.
    • Changed dust devil respawn to 1 second.
    • Changed colour of voting announcement to blue.
    • A bank booth has been added the ::shuk.
    • Removed useless banker spawns at vip zone.
    • Voting & Donating has now been fixed.
    • Fixed website not loading.


    Please reload your client.

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