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    Update #37

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    Connor    44

    Update #37


    Fat Boy:

    Fat boy is the newest boss to our collection, but he isn't a hard boss, but that doesn't mean his rewards are bad!

    You can actually obtain the best melee weapon ingame via this mob, but its not that simple.

    Killing Fat boy can reward you with a Tier 1 melee weapon, this weapon is basically junk, but...

    You can upgrade this weapon all the way to Tier 7, by visiting the research table. There are many requirements to get to Tier 7, but it sure is worth it!


    Information & Media:

    Tier 1:


    Tier 2:


    Tier 3:

    Speed is increased at this point.


    Tier 4:


    Tier 5:

    Has AOE effect


    Tier 6:

    Has AOE effect

    Speed is increased at this point.


    Tier 7:

    Has AOE effect



    Blood warriors:

    Blood warriors have had a slight change to accommodate the player demand.

    The current area is now multi and requires a payment of 10,000 tax bags to enter. I understand that this fee is quite high, but the amount of blood warriors that can be killed in multi is substantially more.

    Single zone is now instanced. The single zone blood warriors are aggressive, so they are more afk than the multi zone.




    • Added a multizone for blood warriors (::bwm).
    • Added a message when opening clue scroll caskets, to clear up where the loot is.
    • Fixed the ::alert command for staff.
    • Fixed a bug causing dwarf remains to be a reward from scratch card.
    • Blow your head off (u) ranged bonus has been increased by 15,000.
    • 1000s of inactive player owned shops have been removed.
    • Added Events Manager rank.


    Please reload your client.

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