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    Update #38

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    Connor    44

    Update #38


    Seasonal Donation Machine:

    Credit goes to One for this suggestion.

    All previous monthly box loot would usually be discontinued and this made it difficult for people to upgrade certain items.

    The seasonal donation machine will only contain previous monthly box loot, however... You cannot purchase these keys.

    The keys will be granted as part of donation promos & kept rare to maintain the value of these items.

    Note: Any item that is obtainable else where, will not be added. I.e Irish coin.






    June Boxes:

    As we move into June a new monthly box arrives!

    This one is massively based on player ideas.


    1H Magic staff with AOE ability.
    1H Ranged crossbow with AOE ability.
    Aussie Cape (20k attack stats + 100% d/r bonus).
    Collectors ring (5k stats + collector ability).
    Megazord helmet (BIS Ranged/Magic helmet + 80% d/r bonus).
    Megazord body (BIS Ranged/Magic body + 80% d/r bonus).
    Megazord legs (BIS Ranged/Magic legs + 80% d/r bonus).

    5 x Store boxes.
    20 x OP keys.




    • Fat boy T7 is now a 1 handed weapon.
    • Removed a hotkey causing npcs to vanish & not respawn.
    • Corrected Insanely op key typos.
    • World npc spawn limit has now been doubled & resources increased.
    • You can now obtain ice barrage runes in the Island minigame.
    • Ancient spider is no longer aggressive.
    • Ancient spider is no longer a multi zone.
    • Added more Ancient spider spawns.
    • Darklord's will now respawn every 10 seconds.
    • Op keys are now more common from the afk tree.
    • You can now obtain bonds from the afk tree.
    • You can now obtain supreme mystery boxes from the afk tree.
    • You can now obtain store mystery boxes from the afk tree.

    Please reload your client.

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