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    Hc Universes Starter Guide (VIDEO!)

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    Jake    8

    So one of our fellow veterans of the server, has created this wonderful starter guide video. This video is aimed at new players joining the server. With that being said, I have personally reviewed this video and I think for a video it is amazing work and will definitely help new players get started if they don't like reading texted based guides. 

    Regards, Jake

    Credits to: @hc universe Thank you very much Sir, I appreciate it a lot!


    Definitely recommend watching the video, but in the event that you prefer text:

    Type ::refer, then type in the the voting site or youtuber that you found the server at when it asks who referred you. Do the tasks that the training NPC is asking you to finish at ::train.



    All keys can be used at an area called ::chest including Crystal Keys.


    In the same chest area, you can "recycle" various weapons and items to get other off-hands or auras. You can find the recycle guide here: https://mythicalps.com/index.php?/topic/32-recycle-centre-guide/

    Train your prayer killing Otherworldly Beings at donator zone (::dz) until you can use Soul Split. You can checkout donator benefits by typing ::benefits in-game


    To get a free pet, go to your Quest Tab -> Pets -> Scroll Down -> Click Pikachu,charmeleon,mewtwo and squirtle Pokemon pets -> Claim. Pokemons can be upgraded left click on them in inventory to check the requirement for their upgrade, also don't forget to use the useful tools in quest tab like item compare,armour stat viewer and others


    Starter gear can be obtained at Drop Rate Island (Easy boss teleport). The bosses have 12k/120k hp and the rare drops for armour are 1/400, for pet and weapon it’s 1/1000
    Starter weapons can be obtained at Fatboy boss (Easy boss teles), “Fatboy” for meele and “Slimboy” for range Fatboy has low hp 500/5k, the weapon drops are only 1/400 and you get a guaranteed fatboy at 500kc for npc task completion
    For skilling you can press on any skill in your skill tab and it will take you to an area for that skill
    Don’t forget to check out the shops area, to get there just use the cmd ::shops , here you can spend your boss points,loyalty points,vote points etc. Buy food,potions and other goodies that you might need
    For more questions ask the staff team or other players in-game, we're always glad to help!
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