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All Items

Weekly Donation Buff

+100HP, +5% Drop Rate Bonus, +2% Luck Bonus +10% Experience, +5% Damage, +10% Boss Points, +10% Raids Points - expires after 7 days.

Connors Special Key

Opens Connor's Special Chest

10 Dollar Store Credit Token

Can be used to easily trade ingame. The redeemer will be given the spent amount.

Seasonal Donation Key

Opens the seasonal donation machine

Aggression Totem

Unlimited usage - 10 minutes per use - Makes monsters around you aggressive

Recolour Single Item

Requires you to trade the original item to Connor

Recolour Armour Set

Requires you to trade the original items to Connor

Mini Me Pet

Contact Connor to discuss your pet creation. Comes with 2 perks.

Custom Title

Read Discord #donation-info

Go Big or Go Home Box

You could get lucky and win $60-200 items!

Lucky Relic

When active it gives 5% luck bonus

Salvaged Relic

When active you have a 5% chance to gain extra salvage

Owner Cape

30k stats Can be upgraded to 70k stats

200 minutes of Double Drop Scrolls

Doubles all drops for 20 minutes per scroll NOT world bosses

P2W Ring

20k stats and 10 percent drop rate

Blow your head off gun u

Best in slot range weapon


5k Attack bonuses and 4800 Strength

Auto Clue Solver

Automatically solves your clue scroll

Custom Armour

pm Connor to design your own set

Mythical Gauntlet

BIS magic wep l Best AOE l Hits twice

Infinite Prayer Scroll Extension Perk

Extends the duration to 30 minutes or to 40 minutes for (e) version

Raider Perk

Entry to raids are free and 5% more likely to find rare loot!

Double Xp Perk

All experience gained is doubled

Psycho Perk

Random chance to hit 10k/100k

Overloaded Perk

Overloaded provides 10 additional stats

Boss King Perk

Boss points are doubled

Cosmetic Override Kit

Use this consumable item on another item to use it as an override

King Slayer Perk

50% extra slayer points per task. Stacks with other boosts

Fat Boy T7 Upgrader

Upgrades Fat Boy T7 to Elite the BIS weapon ingame

5 Percent Droprate Bonus

Permanent droprate bonus

Dragonbone Cape

15K melee and Magic 20k Ranged 15K Strength

Firework Potion

Level 245 stat boost for 5 minutes, 1 hour cooldown

Potion of Love

Level 205 stat boost for 30 mins for you and 1 other, 2 hour cooldown

Poison Ivy Amulet

Extra 10% AOE damage & +3k stats.

Autumn Scarf

+5000 stats & 1% drop rate bonus

Vial of Blood

+15k strength | 1% chance to damage target for 10% of total HP | Can be attached to FB (elite)

Quarantine Ring

+100 Hitpoints | +9000 stats | Can be upgraded

Lucky Perk

Permanent 10% luck boost which stacks with everything

Skiller Madness Aura

Doubles your XP, Skilling Task Rewards and Daily Challenge Rewards. All stacks with perks.

Mythical Shard

Fuses with 3 Supreme Combat Auras & an Inactive Aura, this will also give +60% damage whilst using the Supreme Tribrid Aura.

Inactive Aura

Used to create better Auras

P2W Amulet

+5% Luck & Drop Rate / +25% XP / +250 HP / +17K stats - Can be upgraded to +25K stats

Battle Pass Premium

Unlocks the premium tier of rewards

Artefact Expert

Increases Artefact value by 25%