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      Regular virtus set is obtained by killing either 'Tree spirits' or killing the boss 'Nex' Better off just doing tree spirits. Battle-mage set: You can get the set by killing Lexicus Runewright's in the 'Easy bosses' tab. Now we start to crank things up with our 'Dark blue mage outfit' which you can get by killing Dark wizards in the medium boss teleport tab. Purplefire magic set. Obtained by killing the hard boss Dark Purplefire Wyrm. Infernal Virtus set is obtained from killing the 'Event boss' which is in training - mass bosses. Or by doing ::Weirdasfboss Last but not least, our Hellfire Dragon robe set. You can score this as a drop from our mass boss 'Hellfire dragon'. Slay the beast to potentially get the robe top and bottom! OP chest - magic armour. Frozen set. Please do let me know if I've missed any magic armours out. Regards, Jake