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    2. Connor

      Update #139

      Update #139 Superior Chest A very popular idea suggested by Ahnahdah makes it's way into the world! Dropped by certain monsters, this chest has a 100% chance to reward a rare drop from any of the bosses that can drop it. The rates will not be disclosed, but the rates are set based on monsters difficult and how many per hour can be killed, so for example although you may find Vader is a hard boss, it can be mass killed quite easily, so it's rate would be rarer than Mythical Beast. You will need a Vote Key to open it, but it has a 50% chance to snap the key, so be careful! Bosses that can drop the chest; Crex, Abbadon, Elderly Heartwrencher, Dark Purplefire Wyrm, Ancient Spider, Infernal Beast, Hellfire Dragon, Succubus, Darth Vader, Mental Case, Mythical Beast, Elite Pokemon, Reborn King, Evil Baby, Mutant Invasion. Loot Chest Interface We have added a new command ::boxloots which allows you to view the loot of keys, boxes, pouches & crates. Canage Potion default length has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. General Cape has been buffed significantly to represent it's position in the game. Kingdom of Hearts key's inventory model has been updated. SWAT Key's inventory model has been updated. Global boss shield no longer applies to Solak, Seatroll or Goku. Darklord max hit has been reduced to 200. Ancient herb skilling tasks can no longer be assigned. Giant Ent will now drain players prayer slowly. Giant Ent AOE attacks will now cause your player to auto retaliate. Players will now correctly auto retaliate to the attacks from the Senior Warlock. Dwarf Cannon can no longer be used at the Giant Ent boss. You can no longer gain loot from Vader if you don't have the KC required. Hungry Hare pet XP calculation is now capped, like lamps. You can no longer use Buy 5, 10 or X in the Store Credit Exchange. Reinforced armour now announces as a drop when obtained. Fixed Shaman pet's ID. Goku's rare drops will now go into your inventory if you have the collectors ability. Using the Collector's necklace on items will now both block & unblock items. Viewing drops at Necrolords has been fixed. Completed custom armour sets. Sardines, Mackerel & Herring can now be cooked. If your client does not say Update #139 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    3. Connor

      Update #138

      Update #138 $10 Store Tokens The tokens are now automatic. You can redeem them by clicking them and selecting through the shop as to what item you want. To purchase perks, right click the token. The values are indeed rounded UP, so it may not be beneficial to buy items that aren't in values of 10 with the tokens, but that is your choice. Items such as Go Big or Go Home boxes will round up the amount to match your purchase, for example you would get 3 boxes, not just 1 for your token. Spent/Donated amounts are also updated using these tokens. Global Buff Book Dropped by Bork, WAB or General. This book can cast a spell that grants either double vote points, drops, +25% damage or +25% drop rate bonus for 60 minutes. You cannot choose which buff is given and only 1 buff can be active at a time. The following items have been moved from SDK to Go Big or Go Home box; Duck Gang, Energy Drink, Upgrader Totem, July Partyhat, Poisonous Stew, Elite Slayer Ring, Spider Web Perk, Flaming Sword, Megazord Helm, Megazord Body, Megazord Legs, P2W Ring has been removed from Go Big or Go Home boxes. Fixed a bug meaning most new players didn't have the referral screen pop up. Some Cultist armour requirements have been reduced. T4 Newb Sword attack speed has been slightly increased. Donation Raffle announcements will now be in the donation discord channel. Non-multi areas now give a +10% drop rate bonus. Raffle announcements will no longer display the wrong item. Weird ASF Bosses prayer drain has been reduced. A bunch of items inventory icons have been updated. Soulsplit must be active for Dig Deep to function. The only exception is Stronghold raid were it will work without. BMT Pocket Pouch has been added to ::pp Carnage potion timer will now remove correctly once finished. 2,000 Mythical Ore achievement now displays completion correctly. Corrected Mario's slayer teleport location. Empowered Stone is now consumed even if the Carnage potion fails its creation. Supreme Mystery Boxes are no longer announced as a rare drop. Tax Bag Boxes are no longer announced as a rare drop. Java development kit has been updated which should eradicate some issues certain players have. If your client does not say Update #138 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    4. Connor

      Update #137

      Update #137 Donation Raffle Each Sunday at 1900 a raffle will be drawn with the winner gaining whatever the reward was for that week. You can gain tickets by donating $10, you will get 1 ticket per $10. This won't physically be added to your account, but added to a server log so your entry counts. Typically Owner Cape isn't drawn as a raffle reward, but for it's launch it will be, so good luck! Giant Ent Once a floruishing tree of true magnetude, is now an angry and evil tree searching for a way to restore it's leafs. Unfortunately that has meant that many innocent people have been killed by the Ent as it thrashes terror through the world. Stats: HP: 50M Weakness: Ranged (Extremely high defence against melee/magic) Rare Drops: Empowered Stone (Used to create the new Carnage Potion), Off-hand Summer Fishing Rod, 10 x Clue Scroll Stack, $50 Bond. Carnage potion has been added to Research Table. BMT will no longer send multiple announcement lines when it opens. Crex is no longer a multi zone. All Crex related requirements have been reduced by 75% to reflect them no longer being multi. Fixed a typo in an achievement completion text. Donator ranks no longer override Ironman icons in clan chat. Fixed a bug causing players with aggression totem to keep teleporting back to DPS Dummy. Group Ironman accounts will no longer be mule blocked. Gigantic Tax Bag drops should no longer prevent you picking them up. Barrows can now be sold to the tax bag store in noted form. Money Boi now attacks/heals faster. Reborn King will now enter a state of enrage until all minions are killed. Hellfire dragon will now always drop bones or logs. Hellfire dragon now drops 5 Tax Bags instead of 1M coins. Updated command list to correctly reflect ::changepassword. BMT shop can now be accessed at all times, but it still remains you cannot sell items to him outside trading hours. Ring of Health is no longer stackable. Armour stat viewer has been updated to reflect Champion gear changes. BYHO (U) & (Virus) have had a stat buff. If your client does not say Update #137 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    5. Connor

      Update #136

      Update #136 Group Ironman Get ready to team up with up to 4 other GIM accounts! You will be under the same restrictions as an Ironman, but you can have 4 other Iron's in your group which you can trade between, including items that are usually not tradeable! The account that creates the group will be the leader, this is the only account that can invite players into the group, however this decision is final, you cannot leave once you're in! Although this is permanent, should you find a member of your team is griefing, then they can be removed by admins, but this is assessed on a case by case basis. GIM's will have Heroic XP rates by default, so they also benefit from the boosts of having that rate. Go Big or Go Home Box Grab yourself a cheap box for just $3 from the store, or hunt down Money Boi who has a chance to drop them for Platinum players! Whats Inside? Common: Insanely OP Key, 5 Red Keys, 5 Mini Beast Potions, Double Drop Scroll, Clue Scroll, 50 Mystery Boxes, 10,000 Tax Bags, Store Mystery Box, Energy Stone, Cosmetic Override Kit, 5 Slayer Task Reset Tokens, $10 Scratch Card, $5 Bond, 50 Cent Bling, Collectors Necklace, Super Taxbag Box, Prayer Badge. Rare: P2W Ring Crazy Fucking OP Key Quarantine Ring Vial of Blood Autumn Scarf Poison Ivy Amulet Potion of Love Firework Potion Dragonbone Cape Infinite Prayer Scroll Extension Perk Fixed drop table interface saying npc didn't have any drops. Fixed a bug causing the % text to be overwritten when search for npc drops. Black Market Trade now caps some items at a maximum request of 3. Black Market Trade now asks for Rex armour, instead of Lime Rex. Fixed Lucky Rabbit Foot. The Fatboy buff has been reduced as it was buffed too much. Fixed a bug causing players to auto teleport back to ::pub Guardian Cloak T6/T7 are now tradeable, but only between those who have Completionist status. Guardian Cloak T6/T7 can now be disassembled. Recycle Centre daily money maker task has been fixed. Fixed a bug causing players unable to pick up loot from Gigantic Taxbag. Removed a bunch of lower level drops from world announcements. Ironman icons will now display in chat correctly. Hits will now display correctly. If your client does not say GIM is now released at the top, please REBOOT it.
    6. Connor

      Update #135

      Update #135 Black Market Dealer Ever wanted to get rid of a bunch of items that no one wants? Too much supply? *Cough* Vader Element... Look no further than the Black Market Trader, located in the local pub! (::chill) He can ask for a random item which he will always want from you, it won't ever change until you give it to him. You will be rewarded with Black Market Dollars which can be spent in his shop. He won't always be happy to trade though. He's part time, so he's only trading between the hours of 0200-0300, 1000-1100 & 2000-2100. Don't worry though, as this will be announced on Discord so you don't forget! Some of the new additions to the game are: Constitutional Blast (ability), Stolen Heart (+10/100 HP), Pocket Pouch Upgrade (BMT), Matrix Perk, Drop Table Roll Buff (single use), World Berserk (Global Buff), World Luck (Global Buff). Reinforced armour is now dropped by the Mythical Beast, but at a 1/1200 rate. Reinforced armour is no longer tradeable. Filtered chat is no longer on by default for new players. Barrows rates have been improved (this was hotfixed). Sandy Bonds now redeem correctly. Referral screen now appears again for new players. Newb Sword (T4) has been buffed. Sunday's no raid requirement has been removed. Added a new interface to Juicy Donator Boxes. Champion gear as broken will now appear correctly. Newb Sword/Shield T4 upgrade chance is now 1/100. Railings texture is now static. Raids 1-3 no longer require a fee to enter. Raider Perk still rewards free enter to Raids 3/4, but now also provides a +5% rare chance boost. Starter Bow has been added to the Ranged Store. You can now buy/drink beer at the Mythical pub. Fixed Evil Baby slayer teleport. Fixed Medium Coin Stacks slayer teleport. Free Instance perk no longer requires the bags in your inventory. Item Smuggler will now ask for Broken Champion gear, not the fixed version. Crex has been relocated to a larger area. Gigantic Stack now counts towards the Daily Money Maker task. Drug Dealer boost has been fixed. The experience gain from the Hungry Hare pet has been increased. Fat Boy (T7) & (elite) will now hit more per attack. If your client does not say Update #135 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    7. Connor

      Update #134

      Update #134 Heroic Ironman Ready for a new challenge? Grab yourself a fresh nub account and create an Ironman, then click the Heroic XP to start flexing your nolife. Benefits: 10% extra damage in PvM 10% extra drop rate bonus There will be a very limited time sale on store to help players wanting to setup their Heroic accounts. First to max will get themselves 2 x Seasonal Donation Keys! First to completionist will get themselves $100 store credit! First to maximum experience will get themselves an Owner Cape worth $350!! Donation Perk Tree Expansion: The tree has some new branches! Escaped Barrows Brothers: For those seeking a money maker that's not as intensive as the full minigame can now kill the brothers on top of the hills. They have the same drop table as the chest, except they're not as common given you don't need to click too much. AOE will not work in this area to ensure new players aren't struggling to compete in this money maker. Task Master Superior Shields: Providing you're using the same combat style as the shield they will now have the following passive buff: 10% chance to fire a double projectile which is a number between 1 and (Your HP x 10). You will take damage equal to 5% of this. Added ::killlog. Once new players get T4 Newb Weapons they will now be moved to ::Home and given further information. Task Master Superior shields now have a unique model look. Task Master Superior shields now have a 10% chance to release a double hit projectile against your target. Completed custom armour set orders. Fixed Sunday not allowing no raid requirement to work. Corrected message when redeeming the two new perks. Constitution Orb can now be used with Ranged. Lovers Health perk has been added to Black SDK. Corrected Travel Insurance's examine. Travel Insurance perk now has the ability to release the avoided damage back onto the target at a random time. Regular Ironman chat icons have been fixed. Ancient Sand has replaced Sunflower daily login reward. Monies Amulet and (i) are now tradeable. Slayer teleport to task is now free. Vader chest has a new appearance. Champion chest is now dropped as a Champion's Loot Satchel. Gigantic Tax Bag bosses drop table has been massively buffed. WAB no longer drops some of it's junk loot, such as the Infernal Bones & Hellfire Logs. WAB now drops more value based items & every player will get at least 500 Tax Bags. If your client does not say Update #134 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    8. Connor

      Update #133

      Update #133 Juicy Limited Crates A new box can be purchased for limited time on the store! Possible rewards: Warcry Perk - If your life is saved, you will gain Beast Mode for 5 minutes Travel Insurance Perk - 5% chance incoming damage is reduced to 1 damage Clue Finder Aura - 10% more likely to find clues & 10% more likely to obtain rare loot from caskets Constitution Orb - +500 Hitpoints Passport - Reduces incoming damage by 10%. Can be used in the Pocket Pouch Drug Dealer Boost - 25% chance to double the product at Drugs Lab. Can be used in the Pocket Pouch Sandals - Increases damage by 20%, but you take 20% more damage Shop Coupons - 50% chance a shop will give you 10% discount on an item. Can be used in the Pocket Pouch Light Aggression Totem - Makes mobs near you aggressive for 5 minutes 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens. Ancient Sand Event: Check out the sand piles at home to start collecting sand whilst you afk so you can maximise your gains! Rewards: Sandy Bond ($3), Pocket Pouch Upgrade, Double Vote Points (single use), Daily Money Maker Crates will now guarantee a rare after every 100 openings if you haven't obtained one. SDK machines now have updated loot. Updated Money Boi's collection log. Sunblock now works with ranged. POS item values are now highlighted again. Information text added to Starter Task Store. ::barrows has been fixed. Trivia daily money maker has been fixed. Champion gear has been given a recycle value. Gameplay Setting for loot toggle no longer states the wrong amount of loot. Discord is no longer notified. Discord will no longer notify players that Bork/General spawn in 5 minutes. You can now choose to search for either items or a player on POS. Newb Sword 3/4 now attack faster. Aku Aku! mask now has a tax bag value. Guardian Cloak T7 is now tradeable. Fee Earner perk now affects the instance fee. Men/Women have been removed from PZ. Coin Stacks clue scroll nerf has been reversed. If your client does not say Update #133 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    9. Connor

      Update #132

      Update #132 Daily Money Makers: You can now complete various tasks that are repeatable daily to get your hands on some juicy rewards! Money Makers Loot Crate: This reward is given by completing Hard tasks. The chest is unaffected by any rare boosting items, however it can still be saved by the Egg of Loots. The rare loot from the crate is 1/100. Possible Rare Loot; 100K Tax Bags, $25 Bond, Lucky Clue Scroll Casket (Always rewards a rare reward), Task Master Shield (parts 1-3) - Can be combined together to make a cool shield, but can be further upgraded at the Research Table to make new best in slot shields. Easy: Fat Boy - Kill Fat Boy 25 times Barrows - Complete 3 Barrows runs Mr Task - Complete 2 Skilling tasks Voter - Vote for the server on at least 5 sites Medium: Raider - Open 10 Raid loot chests Slayer - Complete 5 Slayer tasks Trivia - Answer 10 Trivia questions Thief - Steal 100 Scimitars Hard: World Boss - Kill 5 World Bosses (Bork/General/WAB) Prestige - Prestige your character Recycler - Recycle items worth more than 2,000 Recycle Coins, 10 times Dungeoneer - Complete 10 Dungeoneering runs POS Changes: You will now be charged a 5% tax on your earnings from POS. 3% will be completely wiped from the economy. 2% will be set aside in a money pool which will be used to fund events by staff & also used to purchase items on POS that need removing from the economy to increase item stability. POS sales no longer notify the owner of the player that paid for the item, however Discord will still provide that information. POS will now display in chat the cheapest item and which shop it is in based on your search. Suggested values have been removed from POS. You can no longer search a players name in POS, items only. Champion Gear: Champion Gear in it's first stage is now (Broken), this applied to all existing and newly dropped first stage pieces. To fix it you can click on it which will require the following; 100,000 Tax Bags, Champion Component, Acid Justiciar Component, Blood Justiciar Component. There is only a 25% chance for this to succeed, however only the bags & champion component will be lost if the fixing fails. The Justiciar parts are safe. Players dying will no longer despawn pets. Supreme Berserker Aura has been fixed. Extra Hit Chance Aura has been fixed. Disabled <img=> code in ::yell. Timestamps no longer appear for clan chat messages. Newb Sword/Shield will now auto upgrade once the rate has been met. DPS Dummy will no longer despawn forever. Champion armour has been added to the Item Smuggler. Fat Boy now respawns much faster. Fat Boy's max hit has been reduced. Filtered Chat is now on by default for new players. Monies Amulet (i) has been buffed to have +20K stats. Money Boy's super rare loot has been changed from 1/3k to 1/2k. Money Boy now drops the x2 Event Boss Damage perk. Sunday's now allow all players to access raids without requirements. Mental Case's Zapper drop has been changed from 1/10k to 1/5k. OCP damage radius has been reduced. Updated Ironman description to clear up drops around world bosses. Raging Ranger now drops Red Keys. Raging Ranger now drops more Tax Bags. Raging Ranger now drops $10 Bonds. Raging Ranger no longer drops Coins. Raging Ranger no longer drops Crystal Keys. Raging Ranger no longer drops Effigies. Replaced some Medium Stack's at DZ3 with Large Stack's. Replaced Tokash at VIPZONE with Large Stack's. Platinum Zone mob spawner is now instanced, but fees may apply. Drop Rate Island monsters max hit has been reduced. Drop Rate Island monsters HP have been reduced to 75k. You can now obtain Clue Scrolls in an instance. You can now obtain Scratch Cards in an instance. Nerfed the rate at which Clue Scrolls are obtained from Stacks of Coins. Clue Scrolls have been added to the Vote Rewards Store. Bankers have been added to ::train. Auto Retaliate has been fixed at the Hellfire Dragon. WAB/Bork & General common drops now include Barrows items. Kill Log has been removed as it was rarely used. Instance Totems now require a daily instance fee of 500,000, this will last until daily reset. This does not apply to Crex totem. Clue Scrolls have been added to the Raid Point Store. ::barrows CMD has been added. ::dps has been moved to the newly opened Mythical Inn pub. If your client does not say Update #131 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    10. Connor

      Update #131

      Update #131 New Player Experience: The starter area has been completely revamped to ensure new players have an obvious progression path. Newb Sword & Shield are in starter packs and can be upgraded to T4 which gives damage buffs to some monsters & also +100 hitpoints. Starter area mobs have been nerfed and drop tables updated to offer more bones/bags. A mythical guide will now speak to players throughout the Island to offer them tips. Global Boss Spawn Changes: The way global bosses (Bork & General) spawn has changed. Bork will now spawn at 15 minutes past the hour, every hour. General will now spawn at 30 minutes past the hour, every hour. Discord announcements will now be given 5 minute prior to it spawning. WAB is no longer announced on Discord. Donation Store: The store has had an overhaul based on feedback. Some prices have been reduced. Some prices have been increased. Some items have been removed. Item categories have been modified. A few items have been added & removed from the SDK machines. Fishing Rod perk can now be created at the Perk Lectern. DPS Dummy will now have a 5 second period between sessions. Prayer Scroll (e) can now be correctly used within the Pocket Pouch. Fixed Dice Bag not working. Referral system now gives different rewards. AOE has been disabled at ::train. ::train2 can be used to access the final area of train, which has Ice Warriors and Small Stacks. Fatboy weapons have been removed from the ::st store. Starter Island map has been updated. Fat boy (T5) no longer has AOE. Fixed a bug that caused PVP to stop working. Added additional Crex spawns. Added additional Darkblue Wizard spawns. Gameplay settings code has been cleaned, so your settings may have reset to default. Timestamps have been added to Gameplay settings. You can no longer close the Scratch Card game whilst it's in progress. Santa's sharing experience buff has been fixed. Supreme Berserker Aura now calculates correctly. +10% Melee Damage Aura now calculates correctly. $200 donation perk now calculates correctly. Max Hit Gemstone now calculates correctly. All magic damage boosting equipment will now calculate damage correctly. Supreme Maniacal Aura now gives +50% damage. Platinum daily chest cap is now 1,000. Added a portal to ::chest at the end of raids 1-3. Donation store have been updated. OCP now spawns closer to the spawner. Fixed an issue with resize/fullscreen misclicking. Added some more filtered chat. Client has been updated so it can still launch when the website is down. If your client does not say Update #131 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    11. Connor

      Update #130

      Update #130 The Ousted Completionist Player: You can now take on this boss at ::ocp. Based in a prison at the completionist guild, although all players can access it. It will cost 8,000 bags to spawn. Stats: HP: 40M Weakness: Melee or Ranged Max Hit: 600 Possible Rare Loot: $10 Store Credit Token (only Completionist status players can obtain this), Bonds ($5-25), Cosmetic Override Kit, Seasonal Donation Key (part 3), Aura Pouch Upgrader (Increases the slots to 3 if upgrade is successful - third slot can only be used as a non damage increasing aura). Of course it comes with generous commons, including a 2.5k tax bag drop & the skateboard! DPS Dummy: It's been a long time coming, but it's here! A DPS Dummy can be found West of home, or use ::dps/::dummy for fast access. How does it work? Soon as you attack the dummy, a 60 second timer will begin, deal as much damage as you can during that time. Your damage per second (DPS) will then be calculated. Feel free to flex because it has a leader board! Simply right click the dummy to view the leader board. Platinum ranks can now purchase a dice bag from the Bond Points Store. You can no longer sell items to the Bonds Store. The Big Red Key is now stackable. Some lower level monsters have had their max hits reduced. Defilers are now multi & have more spawns. Raids will now drop Red Keys in sets of 5, instead of 2. Collection log has been added for the OCP. You can now attack a new target as soon as your current one enters the death animation in single zones. Item Compare tool has been cleaned up. Gameplay settings interface has been added. Access this by right clicking the game button at the bottom of your screen, this can also be accessed in the normal settings menu. If your client does not say Update #130 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    12. Connor

      Update #129

      Update #129 The Big Red Key: This new key can be created at the research table. As part of this update, the regular Red Key chest has been slightly improved. Possible Loot; Empowered Crystal (used to create aggression totem (e) & prayer scroll (e), Pocket Pouch Upgrade, 3% Drop Rate Scroll, Nice List Perk, Heart Locket (+250 HP), Reset Smuggler Daily Contribution Tokens, Smuggler Reroll Tokens, 150K-350K Tax Bags, Cosmetic Override Kits, Box of Recycled Coins, Ring of Devotion, Paper Sack, Bonds, Clue Scrolls, Double Drop Scrolls, Scroll of Praise, OP Keys. Unlimited Prayer Scroll (e) can now be created at the research table. Aggression Totem (e) can now be created at the research table. Red Key's can now be purchased from the vote store. Psycho Boss is now affected by the x2 Damage Perk. Pets can now be spawned at the Seasonal Boss zone. Corrected the name of the 8% Drop Rate Aura. Corrected the name of the Ring of Devotion (3% d/r). Corrected the name of the Collector Necklace. Withdrawing stackable items from POS will now perform without issues. Lava Raid chest now contains Red Keys. Kingdom of Hearts chest now contains Red Keys. A collection log for The Big Red Key has been added. The prevent item bank method is no longer used for Ultimate Ironman accounts. World Boss Totem 3 will now announce as a rare drop. Cultist (T4) now offers +240 Hitpoints whilst worn as a set. Solak now announces all drops classified as rare. Sea Troll Queen now announces all drops classified as rare. LanoRS has been added to the referral screen. Mythical Guide at ::train now has a short dialogue for new players. If your client does not say Update #129 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    13. Connor

      Update #128

      Update #128 Seasonal Boss: Let's get crazy! Psycho Box is back, but with a whole new loot table, this includes much more generous amounts of cash! Kill 2,000 of them and you will be guaranteed a drop! Players who got the previous 4K task can also complete this. Possible Rare Loot; Psycho Box Pet (token), Psycho (title), $50 Bond, Aura of the Gods, 5 x Smuggler reroll tokens, 5 x Increased raids rare chance tokens. Summer Donation Box For limited time only! Possible Rewards; July Party hat (7% d/r & amazing stats), Torando Fury perk (Chance to trigger another AOE attack, resulting in double damage), Refreshing Drink (Reduces all cooldowns by 20%), Sunblock (Arrow slot - reduces incoming damage by 20% & gives +300 HP), Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+2 slots), Dig Deep (Offhand spade that heals you and all players around you), Anti-Vax Shield (Increases chest loot chance by 20%), Double Chest Aura, Aura of Reputation (Double reputation from the Smuggler). 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens. Champions Finish Perk: You can now create a new perk at the Perk Lectern! $10 Store Credit Tokens can now be purchased on store to make it easier to sell/buy donations. A bug allowing Bunch of Roses to heal more than they should has been fixed. New players (not ironman accounts) will now get 10 frost dragon bones to start. Supreme Reckless Aura has been added to the Gold SDK chest. Aura Pouch has been added to the Gold SDK chest. Supreme Maniacal Aura has been added to the Red SDK chest. All bank booths will now work with the prevent auto deposit method. Ice Dragon armour can now be searched in POS correctly. 2% DR ring can now be searched in POS correctly. Buy X has been fixed on POS. Fixed ::highscores cmd. Unnoted Impling Jars can now be purchased from the Hunting store. Mining Instructor has been added to ::shops. Corrected the name of the 4% drop rate booster. Voting at least 5 times per day will now give you a personal 10 minute Beast Mode & 30 minutes of 5% drop rate bonus. If your client does not say Update #128 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    14. Connor

      Update #127

      Update #127 Boss Point Store: Abyssal armour has been added to the Boss Point Store. Regular Hand Cannon Quiver has been added to the Boss Point Store. Trickster has been removed from the Boss Point Store. Battle-mage has been removed from the Boss Points Store. Zamorakian Spear has been removed from the Boss Point Store. Saradomin Sword has been removed from the Boss Point Store. Staff of Light has been removed from the Boss Point Store. QOL & Fixes You can now use items on the bank booth to lock them in place. This means they won't be banked when you deposit all. Well of Goodwill now rewards 5% drop rate bonus, but now costs 150,000 to activate. You can now purchase a Vote Point scroll from the Voting Store, these are tradeable. Ring of Health can now be purchased from the boss point store for 100 points. Raid points will now only be rewarded once per run/redeem. So points cannot be constantly gained from keys when using Raid Aura, or stacking keys. Easter Box items have been added to the SDK machines. All "Sorab" content has been changed to "Sora". Cupid's Quiver model has been updated to match the design of the Regular Quiver. Bork, WAB & General Khazard now have damage caps to avoid stronger players killing them before other players arrive. Platinum yell colours have been updated. Succubus recycle value is now 5,000. Added ::pummeler command. Upgrading Scratch Cards will now automatically do the maximum amount possible. Dwarf Cannon Upgrade from Clue Scrolls is now tradeable. All Vader Items except the cape & element have been added to Item Smuggler. The "I buy stuff for tax bags" store has been added to the ::chest area. Mystic Boy is now included in the ST task. Reaper effect should no longer work on ITSYABOI as originally intended. You can no longer take an extra item in the Mutated Dungeon Raid. Red Keys now drop in an amount of 2, rather than 10 from the SWAT Raid. Players can no longer cause a broken message in clan chat. Blackstone Vesta no longer states that it degrades. Waterfiends are no longer aggressive. The last two buttons in the armour stat viewer will now clear correctly. Armour Stat Viewer has been updated to reflect Superior Reborn buff. Item Upgrader now faces the correct way. Staff can now removed the achievement block placed on some users if needed. Donation orders finished. Shortened some text in Trivia. Increased Rates Event has ended. The previous update caused an issue with the client auto updater, so if your client does not say "Update 127", please redownload it by clicking Play Now.
    15. Connor

      Update #126

      Update #126 Increased Rates Event! For the next 2 weeks the following buffs are active in-game Raids rare loot is 25% more likely to be obtained, Rogue Penguin rare loot is 10% more likely to be obtained, Experience rates are doubled, Smuggler will give an additional crate everyday, All players have +10% drop rate bonus. Perk Interface Information: You can now click the perks on the interface and they will display how the perk is obtained & what the perk does. VIP Bag of Loots will now be announced as a rare drop. New players will now spawn with a Pikachu pet in their inventory. Fanatic Cloak drops will no longer broadcast. Mythical Cloak t5 is no longer an item that Item Smuggler will request. Leprechauns pet will no longer broadcast as "none". Fixed an issue causing some lag during combat. Some issues with a couple mini-me pets & the disturbed mummy causing visual issues has been fixed. Prayer will now restore correctly at the mythical egg. Fixed Item Smuggler displaying the wrong amount of crates rewarded. Fixed Tome of the Empire (u) attack speed. Rogue Penguin location has been moved. Reduced Rogue Penguin tile size to 1. Please reload your client.
    16. Connor

      Update #125

      Update #125 Rogue Penguin He's back! Oh it's been a while! Take him down for a chance at some juicy loot! You can also claim a 100% rare loot chance after 4000 kills, if you didn't do it last year. Rare Drops Rare Boss Spawner (spawns solak/seatroll or goku once - rarest drop), Summer Fishing Rod (passively gain loot whilst in PVM), Ice Cream Hat (9% drop rate bonus), Hot Tits (title), $50 Bonds, & much more! Rewind Box This is quite literally a once in a year opportunity! Some epic loots that aren't trading in the eco can be obtained via these boxes for a very limited time! This will only happen once a year and the list it created by staff/players to ensure only the right items are chosen! There is also a maximum limit of boxes that can be purchased over the course of it's promotion, once that's hit, the box will be discontinued. Possible Rewards Vial of Blood (chance to damage target for 10% HP, can be attached to FBE), Supreme Berserker Aura (+50% melee damage), Quarantine Ring (passive damage, can also be attached to P2W ring), Light Aggression Totem (makes mobs around you aggressive), Double or Nothing Aura (drop will either be doubled, or deleted), Double Coin Stack Aura (20% chance for coin stack loot to double), 2x Raid Points Aura (doubles the points you get from raids), Connors Fantasy Hat (5% extra chance to gain rare loot from chests), Lovers Health Perk (+350 HP), Fierce Tiger Aura (up to 400% extra damage chance), Virus Codex (passive damage), Omicron Title (extra damage whilst in use), Sharpshooter Perk (ranged has a chance to fire extra hits), Overkill Stability Perk (stops your overkill draining stats), Cupid's Quiver (unlimited ammo & +150 HP), Turmoil Damage Upgrade (increases the damage % of turmoil), Weapon Splitter, 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 500 x Limited Edition Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Edition Key Tokens. Blow Your Head off (u) & (virus) now have new models. Stronghold Raid now only gives 1.5M raid points. All raids now give a set amount of points per chest opened, rather than a varied amount. ::lamps has been fixed. Fixed Coin Stacks teleport. Easter Carrot can now be used with cosmetic override kits. Healing on the server, including mythical egg will now take into account your armour/perk boosts. Trivia raid question has been updated. Frosty Party hat's texture has been improved. Fixed a bug causing Chocolate Droppings effect to drain incredibly fast. Fixed a bug causing Global World Boss shields timer to drain too fast. The colour of Chocolate Droppings has been updated. Disturbed Mummy pet can now be seen on the pets interface. Pets can now be used at ::ancientspider. Cultist can now be upgraded even if your Fat Boy if above T2. Incorrect information should no longer appear when viewing research table items. Tome of the Empire (u)'s vader element requirement is now displayed. Rare loot announcement has been shortened. Slim Boy's upgrade option has been removed as it has no purpose. Fat Boy's upgrade option has been removed as it has no purpose. Mystic Boy's upgrade option has been removed as it has no purpose. Researching OP keys will no longer broadcast a message. Fixed a bug with Item Smuggler preventing players rolling all high crates when having low reputation. Removed a message received when obtaining certain uncommon drops. General Cape is now 25% more likely to drop. Warm Bonds have been fixed and can reward $5. Title donations can now be claimed correctly. 10% DR Increase Scroll can now be searched on POS correctly. Using Make-Over Mage will no longer trigger the referral dialogue. Collectors Perk now displays the 3M bags required correctly. 2% d/r ring no longer triggers a broadcast. Hidden drops such as Instance Totems & Blood Justiciar will now display the KC the drop was obtained at. Please reload your client.
    17. Connor

      Update #124

      Update #124 The Stronghold Raid Delve deep into the rifts beneath the world to uncover undisturbed beasts. Be careful though because your prayers are not effective within this area. Information: Team Size: 1-2 (Only 2 can fight at a boss at any given time) Max Hit: Instant Death Raid Points (per run): 3M Requirements: 100 Mutated Dungeon Raid Kills + Sacrifice 10 x Vader Element (one time) The raid itself has a damage cap of 50,000 per hit, therefore the BIS weapons will be ranged that have 4x hits per attack, such as miniguns & BYHO. Noxious Spider: Hitpoints: 5M Max Hit: 300 (1,000 special) Weakness: None Special Attack: Can deal up to 1,000 poison damage Disturbed Mummy: Hitpoints: 10M Max Hit: 250 x 2 (2,000 special) Weakness: None Special Attack: Sand will be disturbed and can fall on you for up to 2,000 damage Blood Scorpion: Hitpoints: 20M Max Hit: 300 Weakness: None Special Attack: Heals 5M hitpoints if siphon isn't avoided Stronghold Champion: Hitpoints: 25M Max Hit: 400 Weakness: None Special Attack: Has 4 different phases & minions Rewards: You will roll 3 loots per raid, however only 1 can draw from the rare table. Rare reward table is 1/100 chance to loot. Rares: Ring of Absorption - (Reduced incoming damage by 20%), Stronghold Gauntlets - (Drops in 3 parts - best in slot, with speed boost, +50 HP & +5% drop rate bonus), Health Orb - (Gives Superior sets +100 HP via perk lectern), Disturbed Mummy Pet - (Attacking pet - BIS), Noxious Shard - (Used to upgrade Mutated Protector Orb & Offhand Smuggler Staff with the Tome of Empire), Mistletoe Aura has been tweaked and should now be more evident in it's buff. Egg of Loots now works with the Reborn Coffins. Fixed a typo in Smugglers smuggled egg message. Fixed the Blood Warrior teleport at ::pz. Updated the daily rewards interface. Chocolate Droppings will now continue, even after death. Event damage perk now works on the Easter Bunny. You can now use the Tokhaar-kal with cosmetic overrides. EMB slayer task will now display correctly. Blood Warrior slayer task will now display correctly. Elite Reborn drop rate bonus has been increased to 7%. Superior Reborn drop rate bonus has been increased to 8%. Items with recycled coin value, but no tax bag value, will still display recycle value upon examine. Added some commands to ::commands. Added ::highscores/::hiscores. Fixed an error causing Research Table to stop functioning. Fixed a typo with Gold SDK world message. Guardian Cloak T6 now requires 20 Solak/Sea Troll KC, rather than 50. Home area statues have been updated with a unique model. Smuggler offhands HP buff has been fixed. Dodgy Brownie now only heals 400 HP. A collection log has been added for the Stronghold Raid. Buffed Ivy's Gift Perk bond rate. Collector's Perk now requires 3M tax bags again to create. Please reload your client.
    18. Connor

      Update #123

      Update #123 Mystery Donation Easter Egg! For limited time only you can purchase Mystery Easter Donation Egg on the store! Possible Rewards: Aura Pouch, Ivy's Gift Perk - (Automatically banks the loot from Fishing Rods & increases the chances of obtaining a bond) - Must have collectors perk for the auto bank, Scavenger Perk - (10% more likely to find Clue Scrolls & Scratch Cards), Egg of Loots - (2% chance that your chest will be saved when opened - works on all F2P chests), Hungry Hare Pet (token) - (Feed your effigies to it for XP, Tax Bags & Recycled Coins), Chocolate Droppings - (Used on the Mythical Egg to grant the entire server +500HP for 30 minutes - 4 hour cooldown), Smuggled Egg - (20% chance to be rewarded with an additional Medium or High smuggler crate), Raiders Sword - (2x damage inside raids & can damage the trio's in Mutated Dungeon), 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens. Seasonal Donation Keys (changes): As it passed the poll, the SDK's have been split into 3 different colours, Black, Red & Gold. This gives you access to the corresponding chests. The loot has been evenly spread out to avoid having one chest better than another. When obtaining an SDK, whether it's from store or in-game, you will still get the normal version, however it will now act as a token and you will click it to choose the type you wish to use. The new key types are untradeable, it can only be tradeable before you choose the type. Red Gold Black Tome of the Empire: A new magic offhand has arrived! This weapon shares the Ice Dragon Defender effect, however it can be applied to all magic weapons without restrictions! It can be created at the Research Table. The clients tray icon will now display the logo, rather than being blank. Barrows trivia answer has been corrected. Smuggler Perk will no longer reward just 1 crate. Summoning pouches can now be created all at once. Mini-Me pets first option is no longer "pick-up". Armadyl Machine no longer appears as a stackable item in the bank. The cooking pot & bones have been removed from the instance map. Crafting store now contains unnoted gems. Timer between POS shops has been reduced. A bonfire has been added to the Skilling Village. The menu bar has been removed from the client. ::guides has been added. ::lamps teleport has been added. When a host rolls the dice, it will now inform those inside the game area of the roll in their chat. POS History will now display the full value, instead of formatting to K, M or B. Cleaned up ::commands. You can now type ::pp to see what Pocket Pouch upgrades you have unlocked. A message has been added reminding new players to claim their Pokemon pets. Opening your bank will now stop your skilling activity. Examining fishing spots will now display what you can catch. Strange Token achievement award has been changed to Recycled Coins. You now need 500 Succubus kills to access Vaders when not on a slayer task. Infernal Bones are now stackable. PvP information has been removed from the quest tab. Apple Sauce can now be added to the Pocket Pouch. All custom set/mini-me orders completed. Please reload your client. Thank you for everyone's QOL suggestions. Obviously time is limited, so not everything got added. I'll be sure to host another Discord channel soon for more!
    19. Connor

      Update #122

      Update #122 Research Table Rework: Long overdue, the interface now has categories to help filter down those creations! Easter Boss: The Giant Easter Bunny has arrived at home. Take him down for some juicy rewards! Rares: x2 Event Boss Damage Perk, Easter Bunny Pet (attacks your target), Giant Bunny (title), Eggcellent (title), Eggsterminator (ranged weapon), Easter Egg (1/5000). The boss also drops a whole bunch of commons, including Easter Bonds! Demon Crusher: The Demon Crusher deals +50% damage against Succubus. It can be obtained from Crex. Clue Scroll Rare's are now 1/250, instead of the 1/500 prior to the update. Mystic Boy T6, T7 & Elite are now 2 handed weapons. (Gauntlet Splitter perk allows them to be 1H). Mystic & Slim Boy research table kill count requirements now share those of Fat Boy's. Mystic Boy T6 AOE effect has been fixed. Ice Dragon Defender can no longer be used with Mystic T7+, but an upgrade to allow it will come soon. T4 Mystic Boy inventory model has been fixed. Gauntlet Splitter has been renamed to Weapon Splitter. The shield over global bosses has been extended to give players more time to arrive. Trivia answers will now allow you to answer the next set of questions, regardless of the previous result. Added new questions to Trivia. Collector's Perk creation has been moved to the Perk Lectern. Superior Reborn (Ranged) has had it's stats slightly increased. Reborn King minions now spawn much sooner into the fight. you can now use Mystic Boy's with cosmetic override kits. Please reload your client.
    20. Connor

      Update #121

      Update #121 Mystic Boy: The final upgradeable weapon has arrived! This now means we have upgradeable weapons for each style! You can obtain a T1 from Fat Boy, or the ::st store! This can be upgraded all the way to T7 for free and then (elite) for those with the Mythical Gauntlet. Superior armours have had a model update thanks to Joel (J Beezy). Fat Boy (elite) & BYHO (virus) now have 5% drop rate bonuses. You can now lay box traps at ::pz Fixed a bug with Connor's Fantasy Hat. Magical Roses are now in the SDK machine. Gemstones can now be stored inside the Pocket Pouch. Drop rate boost has been fixed at ::pz. Fixed a type with Supreme Projectile Aura examine. Casket of Rage now works with the Spring Cleaner perk. Mythical Cloak T2 now gives the correct drop rate bonus. Lamp Zone teleport has been fixed. Experience will no longer process after 2B. Snowballs have been changed to Sunflowers for daily rewards. Please reload your client.
    21. Connor

      Update #120

      Update #120 Spring Boxes: The latest limited edition boxes are now on store! Possible Rewards; Spring Cleaner Perk - Automatically banks Lamps & Effigys obtained from boxes. Spring Gloves - +50% XP, +10% Recycled Coins & +10% tax store value when selling items. Spring Dagger - A very strong weapon with an incredibly damaging special attack that only requires 10%. Elite Slayer Ring - Triple points & +25% damage on task LUCKER Title - 25% chance to obtain double clue scrolls. Lucky Quiver - +4% drop rate boost (arrow slot). Supreme Projectile Aura - +30% more Ranged damage. Poisonous Stew - Whilst in your inventory, it will ALWAYS apply up to 10,000 poisonous damage to your target. Li'l Lamb - A pet that increases your turmoil %. Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+2 slots) 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens. Skilling Revamp: I've taken this opportunity to try make skilling a worthy part of the game, so here are the changes; Mob Drops: We have nerfed skilling drops from a whole bunch of recognised monsters. This will NOT affect bones, we want prayer to remain a fast skill to try. Brown Caskets will no longer be obtainable and any already obtained will have been removed. Xp Lamps & Effigy's can now only be used 50 times per day. Skilling Resource Wipe: As previously polled and agreed. All accounts will have a range of Skilling Resources removed from their accounts. Prestige Changes: Prestige levels/points have now been reset. In order to prestige, you now must have level 99 in every skill. You will gain 10 Prestige Points per prestige which can be spent in the shop. A Prestige Leader board has been added to the home area scoreboards. Rewards Store; Skillers Harmony Emblem - (Passively gain tax bags whilst gathering skills) Clue Retainer Emblem - (10% chance when opening a clue, your casket will be saved) Raiders Emblem - (10% chance when opening a Raid chest your keys are retained) Experienced Emblem - (+20% Experience) Prestigious Shield (+2% Drop Rate) Pocket Pouch Upgrade (+1 slot), Offhand Hellfire Shadow Sword Clue Scroll Casket Insanely OP Key Daily rewards will no longer display over the pin requirement screen. Casket Banker has been removed from the Island store. Double Drops/Experience event has now ended. ::discord should now work correctly. Pest Control points display has been removed from the quest tab. Crazy Fucking OP Key has been removed from the Seasonal Machine. Pocket Pouch will now activate prayer regardless of time left on aggression. Pocket Pouch upgrades are now identified by where they're obtained from. Holy Water can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides. Fixed some issues with chest opening at ::pz. Clue Scrolls will no longer falsely state you have found a casket when you haven't. Gamble Hosts will now be notified the amount of tax bags a player has when they TP to gamble. Infinite Prayer Scroll Extension is no longer obtainable from the Seasonal Donation Machine. Noted Frost Dragon Bones are no longer obtainable since they stack anyway. You can now use Mud Pie with cosmetic overrides. Ranged store now contains 2B Hand Cannon Shots. You can now unblock items individually via the drops interface, rather than having to always use ::clearblockedlist. Mythical Beast can no longer hit more than 1,500, although it's extremely unlikely to even hit this (excluding spec). Please reload your client.
    22. Connor

      Update #119

      Update #119 Spring Event: Spring isn't quite here yet, but those snow piles are gone! However don't be too sad because you can now harvest Sunflowers! Warm Bond $1-5 - 800 Sunflowers, Chick Pet (1% Droprate bonus) - 3,000 Sunflowers, Chicken Weapon (Cosmetic) - 2,500 Sunflowers, Chick - Title Unlock - 5,000 Sunflowers, Flower - Title Unlock - 5,000 Sunflowers. Golden Sunflower (+3% Droprate bonus & +10/100 HP) - 10,000 Sunflowers. Double XP & Drops event! Until the next update, approximately 2 weeks. You will benefit from 3 hours Double Drop scroll effect and 24 hours a day Double XP! New Money Maker: Barrows can now be used to make decent starter money. Unique Barrows items will sell for 850 each and the rate is 1/10, but every time you get an item you can gain an additional 20,000 Bags. Players will also get 100 Tax Bags per chest opened. Mutant Boots (u): You can now create the new Best in Slot boots at the research table. These boots also have +4% drop rate bonus & +5/50 hitpoints. Hotfixes already applied: An issue causing some players cache's to corrupt with updates, should no longer occur after this update. Ranged formula has been tweaked and now Range is a competitive style. Bork is rewarding Double KC due to it's past week's issue. This will expire next update. Bork has been fixed. Solak, Goku & Seatroll now have a 5 second shield once spawned. Solak, Goku & Seatroll now have 100M Hitpoints. The Island store prices have been balanced. Mutant Invasion can no longer be safe spotted. Teleport interface close button has been fixed. Platinum Zone Mob Teleporter close button has been fixed. Succubus teleport at ::PZ has been fixed. Evil Baby teleport at ::PZ has been fixed. Inventory items can no longer be stacked alongside the Pocket Pouch. Added command ::skilling to take you to the island. Red Key chest no longer rewards barrows. Bork no longer drops barrows. General no longer drops barrows. ::ST Total Level task has been changed to a Barrows Task. Fixed Lamp Zone teleport. Fixed Champion Hood upgrade text. Warm Necklace has been given a tax bag value. Shine's Minigun has been given a tax bag value. Sick Asf Maul has been given a tax bag value. Ruckus Flowers have been given a tax bag value. Spartan items have been given a tax bag value. Ranged Weapon Stat Viewer has been corrected. Raids will now display the amount of points you will actually get once opening a chest. Vet'ion now respawns much faster. An issue causing some players cache's to corrupt with updates, should no longer occur after this update. Please reload your client.
    23. Connor

      Update #118

      Update #118 Teleport Interface: The interface has been given a fresh look. Changes; It is no longer just a boss teleport, but instead a hub and will allow you to navigate to all types of monster teleports. Bosses that are rarely killed have been moved to a Misc section to avoid new players getting confused about what to kill. The entire interface has had a an uplift to make it more appealing to view. Please give feedback via Discord Slayer Changes: The entire Slayer Reward Store item prices have been reduced to be more reasonable. More slayer assignments have been added to the Boss Task. Larger changes are due to come in a future update. Hotfixes already applied: ::discord starter task has been fixed. Sell an item to the Tax Bag store starter task has been fixed. An additional check has been added for the Research Table starter task to prevent it not working. 4ever alone title perks have been fixed. Pokemon Zoo Information no longer displays Item Smuggler information. Box of Chocolates cooldown is now 60 minutes, the length of its benefit will remain as 15 minutes. Bucket of Water will no longer cause players to DC when examining it. The "Fight Another Player" achievement has been fixed. Love Bonds now reward between $0-25, rather than $0-10. Mutated Dungeon Raid now gives 2M raid points, rather than 1M. Cupid's Quiver has been slightly buffed. The amount on NPC's in the PZ pens has been buffed. Loot Box interface close button now works correctly. Fixed a bug meaning some Heroic players could not pick up dropped items. Lovers Tiff Aura has been given a value. Firework Potion's cooldown is now 30 minutes. Energy Drink now lasts for the full 10 minutes. ::afk is no longer case sensitive. Giant Bunny title now preview's correctly. General Khazard has a 15 second shield reducing all damage once it spawns. Bork has a 15 second shield reducing all damage once it spawns. Owner Cape block on GOKU & Bork has been removed. Please reload your client.
    24. Connor

      Update #117

      Update #117 Valentines Donator Box: For limited time only, fall in love with this new box, at least this one won't cheat on you! Possible Loot: Offhand Rainbow Giving Flowers - (Tribrid stats, Provides random loot whilst in PvM & when redeeming bonds you will gain 10% extra value), 4ever alone title - (Whilst active cupid will insta kill your target when their HP is below 10% - stacks to 20% with reaper pet), Magical Roses - (Very strong AOE magic weapon - 8% drop rate bonus), Deaths Kiss perk - (You have a 50% chance to be revived upon death), Cupid's Quiver - (Unlimited & Strongest ammo ingame. Also provides + 15/150 HP), Double Lover perk - (Double Drop scrolls last 50% longer) Box of Chocolates (10% additional drop rate for 30 minutes - reusable), Maxed Melee Perk - (Increases your melee max hit by 10%), Maxed Ranged Perk - (Increases your ranged max hit by 10%), Maxed Magic Perk - (Increases your magic max hit by 10%), Cupid's Bow (3% d/r & very fast damaging bow. Also has a special attack that boosts Ranged to 150), 5 x Store Mystery Box, 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens, A Man in Love (event boss): He's back! He's still pretty depressed and killing anyone in his path Possible Rare Loot: Winter Fishing Rod (Generates random loot whilst in PvM. Very strong ranged stats), Cupid's Damaged Wings (1 hour of unlimited prayer, 12 hour cooldown), Lover's Tiff Aura (5% extra magic damage when in melee distance), Little Love Aura (+25/250 HP), Spread the Love Scroll (+20% experience when in your inventory), Valentines Rose (Combine 2,000 for a Love Bond). Starter Tasks: A new simple, straightforward system has been added with 19 tasks. This will take players to the most important early game parts and encourage them onto a progression path beyond that. Each task rewards 1 token and can be spent in the shop below. Money Boi can no longer be damaged with melee. Custom weapons will now display in chat if they require Hand Cannon Shots, rather than arrows. Mythical Guide has been renamed to Mythical Starter Tasks. ::home has returned to it's pre last update locations. The old starter task system has been removed. New players no longer roll Daily Challenges twice on creation. New players no longer try to join the help clan chat twice. A flashing hint arrow will now display over the starter task NPC for new players. Dark Wizards have been added to the Platinum Zone. Platinum Zone now has a second level. Mobs are in cages on this level, you can access this via the barrier at the mob building. Players with the Smuggler Perk will no longer get less than 2 boxes per day. Cupid's bow has been given a special attack that boosts your Ranged level to 150. Added an interface to seasonal loot boxes. Money Boi is no longer aggressive. Clue Scrolls are now 25% more likely to drop. Drop KC announcements will now filter down the amount to K & M. You can now use ::pos at the Platinum Zone. The client should no longer direct players to the website when closing out. Monies Amulet (i) stats have been increased to 12K. Fixed a bug causing some Platinum players to constantly revert back to Sponsor. Fixed some issues with opening caskets in the Platinum Zone. Collection log now displays the correct KC for Reborn King. Ancient Spider can no longer 1 shot players. Opening Raids chests will now reward players with Dungeoneering experience. Alt accounts can now contribute to the Item Smuggler, but will gain no crate rewards. Please reload your client.
    25. Tells us about yourself?:I'm an Australian Born Male. Been playing RS / RSPS For over 10 years. I have had multiple experiences on servers where i was the Core Member of Staff, organising events and maintaining QOL on servers. Im a direct and positive influence on members in game and help and assist members outside IRL whenever they need assistance with real world issues. A great deal of my spare time has been dedicated to Mythical and as a Previous Staff member i would ike to rejoin and make IT fun for all. Name: Andy Age: 26 In-game Username: M E O C / Gridlocked In-game Play time: 1016 Hrs Do you use our discord server (Yes/No): Yes Timezone:+10:00 Sydney, Australia Your average time you play daily (example 1-2h): 3 hours constant with no AFK's . DUE TO WORK CONSTRAINTS THAT WOULD BE FROM 7pm AEST - 10:30pm . Previous staff experiences if any?:Mythical PS. I can state others if needed via PM Why you think you fit the staff position (basically a goal as to why)?:As ive stated above, i have been a staff member previously which was a rewarding and rich feeling i recieved. I would like to help and assist the staff on maintaining their positive influence on the server with all the help and assistance to new and experienced players. As a veteran, it was great to see some staff help. I would like to be the driving factor to help improve QOL for New members and Clean and filter through members who disrupt and ruin a positive experience to all. If you have any weaknesses that could prevent you from getting this staff position?: Would probably be just basic pricing of fresh items. I have a core understanding , but a refresher course would definitely Help alot Hope to hear from you all SOON! Goodluck and may the Odds be forever in your favor!
    26. Connor

      Update #116

      Update #116 Platinum Rank It's been a long time coming, but it's here! The $10,000 rank! This of course can be obtained also by using F2P bonds in-game. Benefits: All previous rank benefits plus.. Unique looking crown. 5 x Experience boost. Access to the Platinum Zone (::pz). Ore Rocks & Trees do not deplete inside the Platinum Zone. Ancient Herb farming in the Platinum Zone is 2x faster. New AFK Tree with faster gathering. 8% additional drop rate bonus & 2.5 x XP inside the zone. Ability to auto open caskets inside the zone (capped at 500 per day) - This does not work with event boss chests. Access to the new Money Boi boss's platinum drop table (explained below). Money Boi (boss): This boss is based in a locked off area of the Platinum Zone, however ALL players can fight him. Stats: Hitpoints: 70,000,000 Weakness: Ranged (mage still works) Max Hit: 2,500 (Can be reduced to 1,250) Rare Rewards (Platinum Rank Only): Increased drop rate cap perk (increases the effectiveness to 120%, currently 100% for others), Cent Boi pet (Obtains Tax Bags whilst in PVM). Rare Rewards (All Players): Monies Amulet (shard 1), Collectors Plus (perk) - Once unlocked, providing you have the Collectors Perk, this will auto pick-up Scratch Cards. Expensive Hand Cannon Shot - Although not a rare drop, this is the new BIS ranged ammo and it is SIGNIFICANTLY better. Snow piles: As this event comes closer to it's end. The price of Cold Bonds have been reduced to 1,000 Snowballs! The chances of obtaining High Tier Smuggler Crates has doubled. Above head icons have been removed from Sponsors. Sponsors rank icon has been updated. 20% extra drop rate bonus celebration has ended. Monies Amulet can now be created at the research table by combining all shards + a Royal Sigil. Monies Amulet (i) can now be created at the research table by combining all shards + a Mythical Chain. Monies Amulet (shard 2) has been added as a drop to Raging Ranger, Monies Amulet (shard 3) has been added to the Vote Store. Monies amulets are best in slot and also automatically activate special attacks. AOE & various perks no longer work in PVP. AOE will not attack other monster types in the Platinum Zone. WeirdASF Boss will now announce both in game & on Discord shortly before it spawns. Seasonal Donation Key items now sell to the Tax Bag store for 1.7M. Drop Rate Bonus will no longer display higher than your cap. The attack speed cap has been increased by 1 tick allowing you to benefit more from boosts. Completionist interface no longer shows achievements as green when they aren't all completed. P2W Ring (quarantine) now gives 14% drop rate bonus. Corrected the name of the 10% drop rate scroll. Corrected the name of the Ring of Wealth (i). Mini-Guy now drops 5 Dragon Bones at a 1 in 2 chance, instead of 1 in 15. Fat Boy & Slim Boy weapons can no longer fail to be upgraded. ::home will now teleport players to the centre of the map near the Mythical Egg. A Skilling Tasks counter has been added to the quest tab. Superior Reborn now has 1% more drop rate bonus than Elite Reborn per item. 3 additional Skeletal Horror spawns have been added. Sorab armour has been added to the Item Smuggler. Riot armour has been added to the Item Smuggler. Molten armour has been added to the Item Smuggler. Scroll of Praise now correctly displays it's drop boost. Omicron title not saving has been fixed. Anyone with the title must PM Connor on Discord to have to reconfirmed on your account. Please reload your client.
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