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    2. Connor

      Update #104

      Update #104 Given it's difficulty and length, the new raid will be in the next update, we hope for this to be in just 1 week! So get prepared! Adventurers Crate: A limited edition box has hit the store, however this one has some changes! Firstly, it's cheaper! It also has 14 possible rewards, much more than previous boxes! Offhand Umbrella - (Randomly rain Tax Bags during PVM - Unlike Fishing Rods, this DOES work at stacks), Energy Drink - (2x Attack Speed for 20 minutes - 2 hour cooldown), 10% Max Hit Increase (Mage) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%), 10% Max Hit Increase (Range) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%), 10% Max Hit Increase (Melee) perk - (Increases your maximum possible hit by 10%), Gauntlet Splitter perk - (Makes Gauntlet types 1H), Flaming Phat - (15/150HP + 100% drop rate - Also has a cool particle effect), Rocket Launcher - (BIS AOE damage/radius), Aura Pouch - (Allows you to benefit from 2 Auras at once), Extension Aura - (Overkill & Overload potion timers last twice as long), Double or Nothing Aura - (Your drop will either double, or be deleted), Raiders Sword - (Double damage inside raids), 4 x Store Mystery Box, 500 x Limited Key Tokens. Armour/Weapon balancing So after a lot of player feedback, it is clear that armour stats needed balancing, as for example getting Ice Dragon armour which is easily available, completely skips most of the in-game content, so the changes are below; Ice Dragon stats have been nerfed Succubus has been buffed Champion has been buffed Champion (u) has been buffed Reborn has been buffed Vader has been buffed T6 Fatboy has been buffed. Blow your head off (u) & (virus) now both have a special attack that will instantly remove 25% of your targets HP, by far the strongest spec in-game. A whole bunch of items sale value to the tax bag shop has been increased. Fixed a bug meaning players still had to have 5M tax bags for the T7 Guardian Cape. Brown Caskets no longer drop as often. Royal Sigil's collector effect now works correctly. Opening the boss teleport will now cancel any existing skilling action. ::vaders fee will now check for ironman and perk reductions. Dice Hosts can now request bank checks to prevent players being cleaned. Tax Bag shops have been added to the ::home buildings to make selling items easier and faster. Smilies will no longer be a default active option on the client. 10x hits are now the default option on the client. Please reload your client.
    3. Earlier
    4. Name: Cody Hopkins Age: 23 In-game Username: Integrel In-game Play time: 108hr Do you use our discord server (Yes/No): yes Timezone: U.S Eastern Your average time you play daily (example 1-2h): 5-15 Previous staff experiences if any?: Yes, multiple. Owned and developed a server a few years ago, had roughly 50-80 players online. Was support for the old ikov as i knew the owner. Why you think you fit the staff position (basically a goal as to why)?: I enjoy helping new players and other players with questions and tasks around the game, when someone needs help I normally am the first to try and figure out what i can do or lead them in the right direction. I very much enjoy this server and hope to see new players stick around, sometimes new players are unable to figure out the server if they did not read a starter guide or simply never played a custom rsps. If you have any weaknesses that could prevent you from getting this staff position?: The only weakness i could see is being in the U.S but to be honest that would allow U.S players to have a support staff on when most of the other staff is not on due to being in the U.K. I would very much like this position and think that i would be a perfect fit for the role.
    5. Connor

      Update #103

      Update #103 High Tier Amulets: 3 new amulets have been added to the game. These are the strongest stat amulets ingame, with the exception of the Mythical Chain, which has been buffed in this update. Champions Amulet: Obtained from: Guild Champion. Effects: 25% Droprate Bonus. Chance: 1/400. Reborn Chain: Obtained from: Reborn King. Effects: 10% Droprate Bonus. Chance: 1/1,000. Royal Sigil: Obtained from: Research Table. Effects: Automatic Loot Collection, 35% Droprate Bonus. There is now a 1/100 chance to obtain a Box of Recycled Coins whilst recycling items with a value > 200. Dragonfire Ward inventory model now appears correctly. Duck Gang can now be used with cosmetic overrides. Brown pvm casket loot will now be added to your bank, instead of your inventory. You can no longer nothing from brown pvm caskets. Mystery Box mobs are ::dz4 have been replaced with Medium Stacks. Clue Scroll rewards now show on the interface correctly. Solak now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 1). Goku (event) now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 2). Sea Troll Queen now drops Seasonal Donation Key (part 3). Mythical Chain stats have been buffed & droprate bonus increased to 50%. Quest Cape value has been reduced to 100,000 Loyalty Points. T7 Guardian Cloak upgrade cost has been reduced to 1M Tax Bags. Please reload your client.
    6. Connor

      Update #101

      Update #101 Autumn Box: Check out our latest limited edition box on store! Rewards; Duck Gang (boots) - (+75% D/R + stats) Overkill Stability - (Keeps the infinite overkill boosted for the entire duration) Double Raid Points Aura Poison Ivy Amulet - (10% extra AOE damage + stats) Item Recolour Ticket - (Can be used to recolour any item ingame for cosmetic appearance) Apple Sauce - (Keep in your inventory for a +100 hitpoints & +50% droprate boost) Skiller Madness Aura - (Doubles XP, Skilling Village Rewards & Daily Challenge Rewards) Autumn Scarf - (30% d/r + BIS stats) 5 x Store Mystery Box, 500 - 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens. Rare Gold: Seems like a casino thief has left some gold bars around the home area! Attempt to collect these bars and you will be able to exchange them for the rewards below; Bulging Tax Bag - 1 Bars Warm Bond ($1-5) - 800 Bars 300 Dwarf Cannon Capactity (perk) - 5,000 Bars Mythical Old Mans Head - 10,000 Bars 3% chance extra drop table roll (perk) - 10,000 Bars A bit of noob love: A new Bulging Tax Bag mob has been added to the starter zone. Starter Guide tasks have been changed and new ones added to guide new players further into the game. Starter Whip stats has been increased to +250. The Mythical Chain can now be created at the research table. Rare Sunflower's have been replaced with Rare Gold. Bork now has 25M hitpoints. Added 2.5k Tax Bags reward to the Raid Points Store. Added Quarantine chest items to the Seasonal Donation Machine. Additional penguin spawns have been added. The green colour in POS has been darkened for better viewing. All Hefty Tax Bag drops have been changed to Bulging Tax Bags. Psycho Title can now be sold to the Tax Bag store. Steal 5000 Scimitars achievement has been reduced to 2500. Please reload your client.
    7. Hello Everyone, Just a quick rundown on the chest room in the home area you can quickly access by typing ::chest in chat. I will be showing you all the chests, recycler, upgrader, perk lectern and research table. Here is a screenshot showing the layout of the area and the corresponding numbers will be explained below. 1. Research Table This table will let you combine items, and sometimes bags of money are also required. Items can be combined into stronger items or keys. This will be the same recipe every time, however some items will have a 50% chance to fail and the item will be destroyed. This will let you know if this is the case, if it does not say this it will not break. 2. Perk Creation Lectern This amazing, unique mechanic added by Connor combines multiple pieces of different, or the same bit of gear and gives you a permanent aura, or perk, depending on what you have researched. Some include, bonus exp, 10% max hit increase, rare chest loot increased by 10%. This will destroy the items upon creating the perk so be aware of this. 3. Insanely OP Chest + Fucking OP Chest This is a very expensive chest to unlock but has some of the best rewards in the game. You can either use an Insanely OP Key or a Fucking OP Key on the chest for some juicy rewards. The first screenshot will show the Insanely OP Chest rewards, the second will show the Fucking OP Chest rewards. 4. S.W.A.T Chest This is the S.W.A.T Chest, the second custom raid we have on the server. When you kill each of the four bosses in the raid you will get a key from each which you can use to open the raid chest once. This works the same for all three of the raids. This raid's rewards are okay, however the item you are looking for is the Riot Baton as this is used for an expensive item upgrade later on. This raid will give the second most amount of points for completion. You may also get a perk for double keys to drop from all three raids so you can get two chances of items from each chest 5. Lava Raid Chest This is the first raid of the three, this chest drops okay items again, nothing worth noting in here but if you get lucky you can still make a bit of money from this chest. This raid will give the least amount of points for completion. 6. Kingdom of Hearts Chest This is the third and hardest raid of the three. The rewards here are okay as well, the best being the $25 bond. 7. Recycler The recycler is a station in which you can use an item on it to exchange it for recycled coins. You can right click and examine an item to see the amount of coins you will get before recycling an item. Some items cannot be recycled so will not show an amount of coins when examined, but a small amount of items can be recycled but do not show an amount when examined any way. You can buy many great items in here with your recycled coins, including increased exp, drop rate, offensive and defensive auras, and double item drop scrolls. 8. Item Upgrader This is where you can upgrade items into other items. Unlike the research table you are choosing one item to upgrade into another item, but nothing here is 100% chance as it upgrades into something a lot better than the item you are upgrading from. The best item to upgrade here are Rainbow Skateboards dropped by spawned event boss Shuk. They have a 10% chance to upgrade into a $10 bond 9. Red Key Chest Red Keys are mostly dropped from slayer, but can drop from other sources like S.W.A.T Raid and Skotizo. This key is a low tier key and basically everything is cosmetic bar one or two drops like Penguin Teleport which can be worth a lot. 10. Crystal Key Chest The Crystal Key Chest is the lowest chest you can open as keys are very common. You can get Crystal Keys from many sources like achievements, mystery boxes, mob drops and many more methods. Basically everything you get from here is not worth anything and is mostly cosmetic. 11. Seasonal Donation Machine This is the big boy chest. This is a seasonal machine so is changed up every now and again with brand new items, making the ones from here expensive, rare, and limited time only. The key parts are hard to get and expensive to buy but the pay-out could be massive. A lot of the items here are very useful, best in slot, or very powerful, not just for cosmetic purposes. Key parts are dropped by Shuk boss, clues and supreme mystery boxes. There is also are two banks in the back middle of the room. You should know what these looks like.
    8. Hey guys!!! Cory here to attempt to help out all of the new people like me who get very overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do once you get passed the first steps of MythicalPS! So before we get into the good stuff here is what I'm assuming you have before you start using this guide. *P.S. Don't worry the stuff on this list is easy to obtain* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Fatboy T5 or any other AOE weapon *99 Prayer **Needed for SoulSplit & Turmoil** *Skirmisher Armour or better *Speed Gloves ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With that out of the way we can move on to monstahs! ***That's right I said monstahs!*** .......Anyways.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Crex ------------------------------------------------------- So in order to access Crex the first thing you are gonna need to do is go to ::minions you will need to kill 250 of these before you can start killing Crex. After you finish killing the minions you can then access ::crex It will say that you need 500 minions to kill them, but ignore that. Now that you are killing Crex your goal is to get a Crex Loot Crate drop which is 1/400, but will be pretty good armour until you can get better stuff later. The Succubus ---------------------------------------------------- Remember those Crex I mentioned above? Well get read to kill 1000 of them, because that is the requirement to access The Succubus. Once you have 1000 Crex kills and 1000 Tax Bags in your inventory work your way over to the Hard Boss teleports and choose The Succubus. The monsters have a lot more HP than the Crex does and a much harder drop to get, but it is a much more rewarding drop. You will be going for The Succubus Pouch which is a 1/1000 drop, but will be a huge upgrade on your current gear. Penguin ------------------------------------------------- Time to talk about my favorite animal and coincidentally an animal that has a really good drop. Sitting at a whopping 2.5m HP I present to you the Penguin. The Penguin drops the Penguin Loot Crate at a 1/1000 rate, but inside those crates you will find what is currently the fourth best armour in the game. The mighty Ice Dragon Armour. Now accessing the Penguin area is a little different than the above mentioned Monstahs. **I did it again** To get to this area you need what is called the Penguin Teleport. This teleport can be purchased from the Vote Store for 75 Votes or from other players. Blood Warriors ------------------------------------------------------------------ OooOOOooooooooH Spoooookyyyyy... Not really.. So Blood Warriors are good for a couple of reasons. First they drop the Infernal Pickaxe which can be sold to the Tax Bag Seller at ::shops for a whopping 8.5k EACH!!! That's right you heard me!!! INSANITY..... Anyways other than that they also have a 1/10k chance to drop Blood Justiciar armour which is REALLY good to sell, use on the Perk Creation Lectern at ::chest as part of the Chesty Fortune perk, or keep for that 100% Drop Rate per piece if you know what I mean ;P.... To access Blood Warriors all you do is go to ::bw or ::bwm now beware going to ::bwm, because it is a multi zone and they can kill you pretty easily. Slayer ----------------------------------------------------- You might have guessed this would be on here somewhere! Slayer is a great way to start making some good money. Whether it's from the bosses themselves or from the Slayer store. To get started on Slayer all you need to do is go ::home and speak with the lovely Slayer Master Once you hit level 99 in Slayer you can start doing Boss tasks which will give you better drops, but be warned that it could give you a boss that you can't kill yet or an event boss that doesn't always spawn. After collecting a ton of Slayer Points you can use them at the Slayer Point Store by talking to the Slayer Master again. There are tons of things worth getting in here, but one that stands out the most is the $5 Bond. You can use it to either increase your Donator Status or sell for some quick bags $$$$$$$$ During Slayer tasks you also have a chance to get Slayer Loot Chests & Bravek's Casket which also have some pretty good drops in them! Trivia ------------------------------------------------------------- Trivia is also a great way to get good at not only MythicalPS and RS information, but real world info as well. It also comes with a great surprise once you hit 500 Trivia Points. You can purchase a Candy Cane that sells for 425k Bags to the Bag Trader!!! In order to get started with Trivia all you have to do is wait for a question to pop up and then be the first or 2nd **NOTE 2nd person sometimes has to answer twice** to answer the question with ::answer *Answer Here* Once you have saved up enough points you just go to ::shops and trade with the Trivia Point Shop to get that sweet Candy Cane! Raids ------------------------------------------------------ To wrap this up lets talk about Raids. So in MythicalPS there are currently 3 Raids you can do. to access each one you go ::raid1 **Lava** ::raid2 **S.W.A.T.** or ::raid3 **Kingdom Hearts** Currently you get the most points from ::raid3 so that is the one I'll be showing you. Once in the raid you will be tasked with killing 4 different monstahs **last time I swear?** Killing these 4 monstahs ** ;P** gives you 4 different keys that you need to open the chest for each raid. **NOTE: You must use the keys before you can obtain more keys and points** The chests can be located at ::chest After opening the chest you will gain Raid Points which can be saved up and spent at ::egg Just a quick heads up the first thing you are going to want to buy out of here are the Raid Master Armour pieces, because they give a stackable 50% increase to damage done in Raids. Plus they are pretty good outside of the Raids as well! Well guys that is going to do it for this guide! I really hope it helps some of you out, because I know I really needed something like this when I first started. Another thing though! Do not be afraid to ask for help! The MythicalPS community is great and will always help you out if you just ask 😉 GL HF - Cory
    9. Connor

      Update #100

      Update #100 100 Updates! WOW! To celebrate, we are giving away 100M/$100 on Discord. Check out #Giveaways to enter! QOL Update: It's been very much needed to iron out some bugs and highly requested changes, so here they are... (Please bare in mind, some of these updates took a lot of time, this isn't a smaller update by any stretch) Player Owned Shops will now display a Suggested Price for some items, this is +- 20% of their price guide value. This can be seen by customers who value the item and owners when they value the item in their own shop. Player perk & familiar damage now counts towards the players total damage. So this will now allow extra raid points etc. Armadyl Totem is no longer obtainable from PVP. The rogue Mental Case at ::spz has been removed. You can no longer access the pets interface in the Island minigame. Fixed Bal'lak's collection log not working. Due to issues the bank maximum capacity is now 352 per tab. Guaranteed Rare Loot Psycho Box now works correctly. A small spawn of Crex has been added to ::dz2. 2 extra Crex spawns have been added to the normal zone. Extra Blood Warriors have been added to ::vz. Cleaned up the starter task interface. Starter task #2 has been changed to ::setpin to increase account security. A bunch of achievements now reward Tax Bags, instead of Ecto-Tokens. Fixed a bug allowing some players to achieve unlimited aggression. Dragon Slayer Destroyer can now be used with overrides. Leprechauns pet announcement text now appears correctly Please reload your client.
    10. Tells us about yourself?: Name: Grim Age: 25 In-game Username: Grim Refer In-game Play time: 90h Do you use our discord server (Yes/No): yes Timezone: CST Your average time you play daily (example 1-2h): 10 hours plus Previous staff experiences if any?: -Server helper 1 months -Moderator 6 months -Head mod 5 months or the 6 months I was mod -Admin 3 month Why you think you fit the staff position (basically a goal as to why)?: -Experience being the highest ranking staff member besides the owner. -I was in charge of player quality of life and was in charge of staff promotions and demotions. -Used to assemble my team to brainstorm content feature request suggestions within a Google document where we collaborated on our ideas until I decided our project proposal was ready to present to the owner. -Know how to use "RSPSI map builder" and have made a number of very nice professional quality maps. If you have any weaknesses that could prevent you from getting this staff position?: No i would make a great staff member ++A grade guaranteed. Thank you for your time Sincerely - Grim Refer -
    11. charrado

      Update #99

      Big one loved it mate ❤ nice work as always
    12. Connor

      Update #99

      Update #99 Perk Creation Lectern: You can now create your own perks ingame! Check out the lectern at ::chest for all the current unlockable perks. Collection Log Titles: Some new titles can now be obtained for completing certain collection logs; Raid Collector - Complete all 3 Raid collection logs, God of Loot - Completed the entire GWD collection log, Superman - Complete the Baby Heartwrencher collection log, Lucky - Complete the entire Drop Rate Island collection log, Fat - Complete the FatBoy collection log, General - Complete the General Khazard collection log, the Beast - Complete the Mythical Beast collection log, Jedi - Complete the Vader collection log. Weird - Complete the WEIRDASF boss collection log. Fixed Mythical Beasts collection log. Added Seasonal Key Part 3 to Shukarhazh collection log. Shukarhazh adding the wrong items to the log has been fixed. Fixed the Daily Rewards interface not darkening where it should. Pets interface now displays correctly. Fixed Candy Cane sale value. Crowns & Wands can now be used with cosmetic override kits. You can now use Quarantine ring (u) to upgrade your P2W ring. Fixed a bug causing some users HP to become stuck as 0. Fixed a bug causing some ::yell's to announce as a rare drop. Mini Guys now drop Tax Bags very often. ::train starter task rewards have been updated. Moved the 3rd Mental Case at ::Spz to the cage. Claiming the Max cape no longer requires the Maxed title. Mahogany Armchair now gives more construction experience. Reinforced armour has been added to the armour stat viewer. Added Internal Cape to cosmetic overrides. Added Teddy's to cosmetic overrides. Fixed a typo with the Frost Dragon Bone skilling task. Added an Ironman title. The formula which calculates the chances of triggering a fishing rod loot has been recalculated to be more balanced. Please reload your client.
    13. Connor

      Update #98

      Update #98 Collection Log: This has taken a long time due to the amount of work it takes to produce, but I hope you all enjoy it! There are 55 individual logs to be completed! In a few updates there will be titles for completing logs, so get grinding! A new interface will now show once per day when you unlock a new daily login reward. Referral interface will no longer force appear on login, users must access it themselves for the extra rewards. Fixed the scoreboards interface now showing all options. Runite ore from the Spring Fishing Rod is now noted. Fixed a Trivia question which had an incorrect answer. A bunch of interfaces that weren't going away after leaving the area/activty have been fixed. Candy Cane is no longer a reward from the Seasonal Donation Machine. Donated/Spent no longer extends out of the interface. Ring of Love now has a tax bag value. Dragonfire Ward now has a tax bag value. Perks interface now shows all the perks correctly. Fixed a bug causing female characters to glitch when overriding party hats. Corrected Reinforced armour examine text. The railing around Vaders at ::spz has been removed. Vader armour transform option is no longer to first click option. Please reload your client.
    14. Connor

      Update #97

      Update #97 Psycho Mystery Box: A new limited time boss has arrived in the home area! We have reintroduced the 4,000 KC for a guaranteed rare drop! Stats: 50M HP Weakness: Melee Max Hit: 40 Rewards; Psycho Box pet (highest damaging pet ingame), Reinforced Helmet (105% d/r), Reinfoced Body (105% d/r), Reinforced Legs (105% d/r). Psycho (title). Quarantine Chest: The latest Limited Edition donation box has arrived! Possible Loot: Virus Codex - (Once unlocked, it causes the Molten Cough perk damage to be doubled), Quarantine Ring - (+100HP & top tier stats - Can also be upgraded with BIS P2W & Toxic Ring (u)), Diseased Aura - (Whilst worn, Prayer Scroll & Aggression Totems will grant +10 minutes), Vaccine Needle (weapon) - (Grants +100 hitpoints, 100% droprate bonus & deals 2x hits), COVID-19 Head - (25% chance to deal 25-40% extra damage per hit), Anti-Vax Shield - (Whilst worn, rare loot from chests are 20% more common), Double Chest Loot Aura - (10% chance to double loot). 5 x Store Boxes, 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens. Limited Key Tokens have now replaced OP Keys & Bonds in limited edition boxes. They can be used to create Seasonal Donation Keys, or Crazy Fucking OP Keys. Added new referral names to the referral system. All Completionist cape (t) requirements now show correctly. Harvest 250 Ancient Herbs achievement now progresses correctly. Bank storage has been increased to 400 slots. Fishing rod loot is now noted. Voting now gives 500 Tax Bags per vote. You can now override Fishing Rods. You can no longer make more Summoning pouches than empty slots in your inventory. May'O Book now sells to the Tax Bag store. Vader Body, Legs, Helmet, Gloves, Boots & Cloak can now be transformed in Vader Element. Please reload your client.
    15. Hey all, you guys know me as Immortal I am applying to become staff {support} not to recieve anything I am doing it out of heart to help out the community and new players and give them out as much knowledge as I can as much as I have learned in the past few months I just got my email to work and been wanting to apply. I will give my all to the community and hope you guys approve of me becoming a staff member to help out. I live in new york and my real name is Emrah which a turkish name but I am from Bosnia. most people just call me bro because my name so hard to say xD. Thanks again fam
    16. Connor

      Update #96

      Update #96 This update is smaller because of the ongoing work for the Casino. ::Gamble has been moved to the new Sand Casino. Please be aware that this is non-functional atm as it is yet to be completed. Added Most Skilling Tasks Completed to the ingame scoreboards. You can now purchase a task reset scroll from the Skilling Task store. You can now purchase an Extra Mythical Scraps scroll from the Skilling Task Store. Increased the tokens gained from various Skilling Tasks. Fixed a bug causing some users to get 0 Oak Logs as a skilling task. If your inventory if full when completing a skilling task, it will now bank your tokens. Fixed a typo with the new crafting skilling task. 4 potato seeds now display the correct stack ID. Fixed seasonal donation machine pathing issue. Fixed a safespot at Rogue Penguin. Charmeleon T5 upgrade requirements now display correctly. Fixed Evil Baby poison damage aginst those with protection. Hulk pet will no longer attack players. Corrected the requirements tab for Pikachu T6->T7 upgrade. Trivia questions will no longer appear with different shades. Corrected Aggression Totem (u) examine. Fixed a bug causing potion timers to disappear when entering a multi zone. Fixed Reborn Warrior drop table. Please reload your client.
    17. Connor

      Update #95

      Update #95 Skilling Tasks: A skilling update! You can now obtain skilling tasks from Mr Task at the Skilling Village. You can have as many tasks per day as you like. You will gain Skilling Village Tokens for completing the tasks and these will be based on the length of the task. Some of the tasks will require you to leave the island. Requirements: There are no requirements, however you may get tasks you cannot complete due to having a lower level. Rewards Shop: Offhand Skilling Fishing Rod - (Provides random materials, bonds & xp lamps whilst skilling), Skillers Outfit (+10% XP per piece), Master Task pet (+25% XP), 300k-350k Tax Bags. Announcement text has been updated to include shading, which enhances to appearance. Object rendering in the client has been increased for further distance viewing. Fixed lumber jack hat model. Turmoil bonus increase from the Seasonal Donation Machine now provides 5% extra. Gauntlet splitter perk no longer affects all 2H weapons. Please reload your client.
    18. Connor

      Update #94

      Update #94 Game Timers: We have added some new interface timers for the following; Prayer Scrolls, Aggression Totems, Automatic Cannon Reload Perk, Double Drop Scrolls, Stat Boosters. These will all appear along the left side of your screen. Referral System: We have updated the entire referral system. It was very basic and rarely used correctly. We have added an interface which will now pop-up for all new players, existing players can also use ::refer. This has also been further developed to offer us a greater insight into where is best to advertise. Rewards have also been updated to be more appealing for users. Pokemon upgrading requirements will now display all together, rather than 1 by 1. Fixed a bug allowing Dwarf Cannon Reload perk to last longer than the set time. Fixed a bug allowing Box of Chocolates effect to last longer than the set time. Avernic defender value has been fixed. L'il Lamb's turmoil boost has been increased. New players will no longer be redirected to the Guides on forums. Brawling gloves will no longer cause your character to null. Fixed a bug causing players with completionist capes in overrides to crash. Rogue Penguin should no longer fail to respawn. Solak NPC task now updates for all players involved. Please reload your client.
    19. Connor

      Update #93

      Update #93 Completionist Cape (t): You can now obtain the Completionist Cape (t) from the Completionist Cape Stand at home, bear ::Egg. You will need to have completed the following requirements to obtain it; Cape Perks: 100% Drop Rate Bonus Completionist Guild Teleport Ava's Accumulator Benefit Upgrading Completionist Cape (t): You can upgrade the cape at the research table with the Owner Cape (OP). This increases the stats to 110K, 200% Drop Rate Bonus & all other benefits, but also makes it untradeable. Added a new interface for viewing Completionist cape requirements. Max & Comp cape colours now appear correctly on cosmetic overrides. Max cape inventory icon has been fixed. Completionist cape particles are now white. Max cape no longer has particles. Fixed a bug causing Mythical Bunny pet to be aggressive to players. Avernic Defender is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine. May'o Book is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine. Dragonfire Ward is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine. Ring of Love is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine. Zaros Sword is no longer in the Seasonal Donation Machine. Fixed a bug causing the first Daily Challenge to auto complete for a new player. Infernal Wings now has a recycle & tax bag value. Please reload your client.
    20. Connor

      Update #92

      Update #92 Scoreboards: This has been a suggestion for a while, but I have finally dedicated the time to complete it. You can now visit the scoreboard at home and see the following highscores; Total Clue Scrolls completed. Total Raids completed. Total Boss Kills. Total Recycled Coins obtained. Total AFK Tokens gained. Total Hard Slayer Tasks completed. Highest wave reached during the Island. These scoreboards will show both online & offline players. Titles: Some new titles are now obtainable! Clue Solver - Unlocked after completing 1,000 Clue Scrolls. Wood Boi - Unlocked after killing Solak 25 times. Investor - Unlocked after achieving $500 (Spent). Capitalist - Unlocked after achieving $1,500 (Spent). King - Sacrifice a set of Reborn armour. no xp waste - Achieve 40B total experience. Raid Master - Kill 100 of each Raid boss. Tortoise pet & token now have a black shell inventory icon. Connor's Bling (u) sale value has been reduced. Fixed an issue causing Frosty Partyhat HP effect to not work correctly. Limpwurt root has been added to the Herblore store. ::fatboy quick teleport has been added. Moderators now have the ability to hide all players pets during events/masses. Support can no longer spawn rare bosses. Added a reset title option to the titles interface. Added an example text of how your title will display once applied. A strikethrough will now appear on titles you do not have unlocked. Solak pet should no longer agro players. Please reload your client.
    21. Connor

      Update #91

      Update #91 Rogue Penguin: As the Spring Lamb leaves, a new badass is in town! There is an NPC task for this boss! At 4,000 kills you will be given a guarantee rare loot box. This will draw one of the unique items. Stats; Hit points: 50,000,000 Weakness: Melee Max Hit: 400 Unique Rewards: Offhand Summer Fishing Rod (Random loot during PVM), Ice Cream Hat (175% drop rate bonus), x2 Event Boss Damage Perk (Double damage against ALL limited time bosses. This includes future ones), Hot Tits (Title). NOTE: Summer Fishing Rod was added because of the original drop rate issue with Lamb, so we added a different colour variant for the summer, but they work the same. Toxic Ring (u) no longer gives the incorrect amount of drop rate bonus. Fat Boy NPC tasks now add up correctly. Using CTRL+B whilst skilling will now stop whatever you're doing. Collectors Perk creation no longer stats you need 5M tax bags. Some extra single zone Mini Demon's have been added north of the teleport. WildyWyrm will no longer spawn. You can now correctly upgrade your P2W Ring (ui). Toxic Ring upgrade now states you need 500k Tax Bags to upgrade. Fixed a bug preventing players gaining the maximum from Slayer Bonus Scrolls. Spring Lamb has been removed. Please reload your client.
    22. Connor

      Update #90

      Update #90 Mini Demon Zone: A new zone can now be accessed using the Mini Demon Teleport Scroll from the Loyalty Point Store. Stats; Hit points: 750,000 Weakness: Ranged Max Hit: 400 Rewards; Toxic Ring (BIS) - Can be upgraded to Toxic Ring (u) for drop rate bonus, collectors effect and even better stats. Toxic Demon armour (Toxic Spit Effect) NOTE: You can also upgrade the P2W Ring (ui) with the upgraded Toxic Ring. You can now purchase Tax Bag tickets from the raid points store which redeem up to 350,000 Tax Bags. Raging ranger has had some junk loot replaced with items of value. Dragon Slayer Destroyer attack speed has been reduced. Mental Case's will no longer teleport around the room. Knight's double experience has now been fixed. Box of Chocolates can now be traded after the effect has expired. Automatic Cannon Reload Perk can now be traded after the effect has expired. The X button on the Donation Perk Tree interface now works correctly. The X button on the Npc Tasks interface now works correctly. Fixed an issue causing the Aggression Totem perk to not work correctly. A bunch of monsters dropping noted Crystal Keys, now drop unnoted versions. The price of creating a Collectors Perk has been reduced to 3,000,000. Fixed some pet names appearing incorrect in the POS. Fixed a bug preventing players from using the Infinite Overload at the Reborn King. Please reload your client.
    23. Connor

      Update #89

      Update #89 Donation Perk Tree: Due to the nature of how bonds are in the server, donating yourself doesn't have much benefit other than the item you get. So after discussions with players & staff, this is what we've come up with. Thank you to One for suggesting it. NOTE: This does not count from your total donated value, its from a new value called Actual Donated. We didn't have a way to back trace this, so I will allow players who have donated previously to discord PM me proof of these payments to get the amount added. Bare in mind, if you sold the donation to another player then you cannot claim it. Perks; Please see Discord #Announcements for how to claim your Amount Spent. Item Value Overhaul: 215 more items have now been added/edited to the TAX BAG store, so get rid of that junk in your bank and make a few quid! Some of these items have also been given Recycled Coin values. Damage hits plats will now display the correct amount of damage you have dealt. An issue causing Aggression totems to not work after 5 minutes has now been fixed. Fixed an issue causing some monsters to not react to Aggression totem. Recycle centre tool bag now displays the correct bonus when recycle > 1 item. Crex minions no longer freeze players in place. Valentines loot box has been removed from the Store Mystery Box. Crazy Fucking OP Key has been added to the Store Mystery Box. You can no longer roll a 0 on BlackJack. Examining an item will now display it's Tax Bag value. Added :referral code for JETMAN. Please reload your client.
    24. Connor

      Update #88

      Update #88 Summer Box: Summer is starting early in Mythical! Check out this new box! Rewards; Gauntlet Splitter (perk) - Once redeemed, all Gauntlet weapons will become 1H (These cannot be used with Ice Dragon defender). Tortoise Pet - +300 HP & provides the most damage from a pet in game. Light Aggression Totem - Makes monsters around you aggression for 5 minutes per click, unlimited usage. Can be combined with the Aggression Totem to upgrade to 15 minute intervals. Heat Healing Aura - +500 HP Offhand Ice Cream - BIS melee offhand with Frostbite passive effect. 5% chance to deal extra damage. Water Gun - Top tier Ranged weapon with Splash Surge passive effect. Random chance to deal a huge hit on your target. July Partyhat - 140% drop rate bonus + 15k Strength. 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 20 x Insanely OP Keys, 2 x $50 Bonds. Evil Baby: The latest boss has arrived. This baby is rather larger than expected! The zone itself is a single area with multiple spawns. They also respawn almost instantly, so no need to steal someone elses spot! HP: 2,000,000 Max Hit: 900 (Can 1,500 poison damage - can be avoided with immunity) Weakness: Magic Rewards; Baby Toy Hammer (Special attack - Uses 90% of your Hit points to land damage up to 25x it's value) Diaper (mid-tier), A Pile of Shit Codex (Created once collected all 4 pages) - Either unlock the perk (Random chance to poison your target 10,000 damage by throwing baby poo at them), or the title "Baby". Spring box items have been added to the seasonal machine. P2W ring has had its price permanently reduced to $200. Aggression Totem standard time has been increased to 10 minutes. Giant Lamb rares have now been changed 1/800 drop. This is the final change. Fixed a bug allowing single use prayer scroll to be overwritten. New NPC tasks have been added for the Evil Baby. New NPC task has been added for Solak. NPC task reward will now correctly inform you of where your loot has been put. Npc task interface has been correctly organised. Goku 1/10k drops are now 1/5k. Starter tasks at ::train now reward tax bags as well as the items. Please reload your client.
    25. Connor

      Update #87

      Update #87 Donator Store Refresh: Some items prices have been reduced permanently. New items: Aggression Totem - 5 minutes per use, unlimited use. Makes all mobs aggressive. Perm 100% Drop Rate Bonus - Can only be redeemed once. Special attack overhaul: Some of the following items have been given special attacks; Ghostly Claws - Claws special attack, Mental Case's Zapper - 4 instant zaps of your target at 100% damage/accuracy. Zaros Sword - 200% damage hit, but low accuracy. Reborn chamber monsters now respawn much faster. Reborn chambers monsters are now better placed for AOE. Special Regain potions now only give a single restore of 100%. Fixed a bug preventing Giant Lamb's rare table being accessed. Avernic defender once again sells for 425,000 Tax bags. Fixed some lag on the Player Owned Shops. Please reload your client.
    26. Connor

      Update #86

      Update #86 Bond Points: As the poll passed for this new bit of content to be added, I can now share what has been added. When redeeming a bond of any kind, you will now be prompted with the option for either Donation Value, or Points. This is a 1:1 ratio, so $1 is 1 point. Store Contents: Gold plated spike gun (30% droprate bonus): Shied of Awakening: 5% Droprate Token (Perm - stacks 20x) Winged Donator Cape: Umbron Wand: Mario Head (50% droprate bonus): Titles no longer reset on login. Giant Lamb's rare drops are now more common than before. Giant Lamb's tile radius is now 5 squares. This will stop pets from blocking it's click radius. Succubus access now only requires 1,000 Crex kills. Crex access now only requires 250 Crex Minion kills. To create Elite Succubus now requires 2,500 Crex kills. Slim Boy (T1) now has the upgrade text in the chat when clicked. Doctor's hat examine now says the correct HP boost. Doctor's gown (Upgraded) now has stats. White Infinity has been added to the Red Key chest. Dungeoneering experience has been significantly increased. The following monsters drop rates/table have been tweaked/buffed; Crex, Mario, Defender, Water Newb, Ancient Wizard. Please reload your client.
    27. Connor

      Update #85

      Update #85 Giant Lamb (Spring Event): As spring is well in force, a new limited time boss has planted their feet right in the ground! The giant lamb is no weak task and will require many of you to slaughter him, not for his meat, but for the treasures he holds! You can find him in the home area! Stats: HP: 50,000,00 Weakness: Melee Maxhit: 250 AOE: Yes Max Drops: 30 Rare Rewards: Offhand Spring Fishing Rod - Whilst equip during PVM (Excluding stacks) you will gain random rewards. This will drop on the floor, or if you have the collector perk, they will be placed in your inventory Freddy Mask - 50% Droprate & 7/70 HP bonus Wheres The Lamb Sauce (Title) $50 Bond 2 new NPC tasks has been added for the Nurse zone. Regular partyhat tax bag values have been restored. Consumables store has been re-added to ::Shops. Stolen Easter Egg store has been re-added. You can now pick-up the Chick pet. Nurses in VIP zone has been moved away from the Unicorn. Please reload your client.
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