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    1. Connor

      Update #38

      Update #38 Seasonal Donation Machine: Credit goes to One for this suggestion. All previous monthly box loot would usually be discontinued and this made it difficult for people to upgrade certain items. The seasonal donation machine will only contain previous monthly box loot, however... You cannot purchase these keys. The keys will be granted as part of donation promos & kept rare to maintain the value of these items. Note: Any item that is obtainable else where, will not be added. I.e Irish coin. Media: June Boxes: As we move into June a new monthly box arrives! This one is massively based on player ideas. Loot: 1H Magic staff with AOE ability. 1H Ranged crossbow with AOE ability. Aussie Cape (20k attack stats + 100% d/r bonus). Collectors ring (5k stats + collector ability). Megazord helmet (BIS Ranged/Magic helmet + 80% d/r bonus). Megazord body (BIS Ranged/Magic body + 80% d/r bonus). Megazord legs (BIS Ranged/Magic legs + 80% d/r bonus). 5 x Store boxes. 20 x OP keys. . Fat boy T7 is now a 1 handed weapon. Removed a hotkey causing npcs to vanish & not respawn. Corrected Insanely op key typos. World npc spawn limit has now been doubled & resources increased. You can now obtain ice barrage runes in the Island minigame. Ancient spider is no longer aggressive. Ancient spider is no longer a multi zone. Added more Ancient spider spawns. Darklord's will now respawn every 10 seconds. Op keys are now more common from the afk tree. You can now obtain bonds from the afk tree. You can now obtain supreme mystery boxes from the afk tree. You can now obtain store mystery boxes from the afk tree. Please reload your client.
    2. Connor

      Update #37

      Update #37 Fat Boy: Fat boy is the newest boss to our collection, but he isn't a hard boss, but that doesn't mean his rewards are bad! You can actually obtain the best melee weapon ingame via this mob, but its not that simple. Killing Fat boy can reward you with a Tier 1 melee weapon, this weapon is basically junk, but... You can upgrade this weapon all the way to Tier 7, by visiting the research table. There are many requirements to get to Tier 7, but it sure is worth it! Information & Media: Tier 1: Tier 2: Tier 3: Speed is increased at this point. Tier 4: Tier 5: Has AOE effect Tier 6: Has AOE effect Speed is increased at this point. Tier 7: Has AOE effect Blood warriors: Blood warriors have had a slight change to accommodate the player demand. The current area is now multi and requires a payment of 10,000 tax bags to enter. I understand that this fee is quite high, but the amount of blood warriors that can be killed in multi is substantially more. Single zone is now instanced. The single zone blood warriors are aggressive, so they are more afk than the multi zone. . Added a multizone for blood warriors (::bwm). Added a message when opening clue scroll caskets, to clear up where the loot is. Fixed the ::alert command for staff. Fixed a bug causing dwarf remains to be a reward from scratch card. Blow your head off (u) ranged bonus has been increased by 15,000. 1000s of inactive player owned shops have been removed. Added Events Manager rank. Please reload your client.
    3. Connor

      Update #36

      Update #36 Home Area: We have made some adjustments to the home area, based on feedback. A bunch of magic trees are now close to the bank in the north east for ease of high level woodcutting. A bunch of runite rocks in a power training line have been added. A scimitar thieving stall has been added next to the bank in the north east. Added a furnace & anvil area for quick & easy power training. Added a rocktail barrel for fishing. Added an unlimited fire outside the north east bank. Media: VIP Boss: Angry unicorns have now been removed & replaced with a single angry unicorn boss. This boss will not actually be as hard as the unicorns were before, because they were simply too op, but the health has been increased. Stats: Hitpoints: 5M Max Hit: 650 Drops: VIP Bag of Loots is a 1/1k drop and contains the following; Hellfire sword, VIP Helmet, VIP Body, VIP Legs, Irish Coin, Store Mystery Boxes, Arena Boss: We have reworked the drop table of this boss to make it worth going to. The following changes have been made; Added tax bag boxes, Added Lime rex helmet, Added Lime rex body, Added Lime rex legs, . Gigantic tax bag will now reward players correctly. Added dust devil spawns. Changed dust devil respawn to 1 second. Changed colour of voting announcement to blue. A bank booth has been added the ::shuk. Removed useless banker spawns at vip zone. Voting & Donating has now been fixed. Fixed website not loading. Please reload your client.
    4. Connor

      Update #35

      Update #35 Gigantic Tax Bag: This new world boss will spawn every time 4,000 coin stacks have been killed. The boss will spawn at the f2p coin stack zone, in multi. With a hefty amount of hit points, it will require many of you to take it down! Up to 30 people will be rewarded loot per kill! Stats: Hitpoints: 20M Max Hit: 300 Rewards: $5-$50 Bonds, 1-50,000 Tax Bags, Tax Bag Box, Media: Cleaned up a large amount of useless spawns. Fixed an issue that was causing npcs to not re spawn. Fixed the discord link in the client. Clue scroll loot will now automatically deposit to your bank. You can now view the rare rewards from clue scrolls by right clicking a casket. Thieving rewards have been significantly buffed. Collectors necklace (i) has been buffed. Drop rate items will now impact on 1/10k drops. Added the command ::vaders for quick usage. Added the command ::shuk for quick usage. A small area of multi lexicuz have been added to DZ3. Lexicuz re spawn timer is now 5 seconds. Crex re spawn timer is now 2 seconds. You can now open the item compare tool in the quest tab. Vote keys now go to your inventory, not your bank. Please reload your client.
    5. Connor

      Update #34

      Update #34 F2P Coin Stack rework: For a long time, it has been extremely hard for f2p users to make use of AOE weapons and on top of that, they struggle to make cash. We have setup a new map that is very large full of coin stack variants & also a small multi area. Media: Coin stacks teleport name will no longer say "large". Dark angel's armour has been added. Clue scroll perk now rewards the correct casket. Vader sabre is now an AOE weapon. 4 tile radius. Vader sabre now has increased damage against completionist guild boss. Vader sabre can now be used as the final blow weapon against completionist guild boss. Fixed an issue causing a rare mass disconnection (hopefully). Please reload your client.
    6. Connor

      Update #33

      Update #33 Vader gear expansion: Following feedback from the vader gear & the champion boss, we have introduce Champion Vader gear. Champion vader gear can be researched at the research table & is the most powerful gear ingame. The droprate bonus is 115% per item. Although the gear requires gear obtained from the completionist boss to create, the gear can be worn by anyone. Media: World Event Boss: Following high amounts of request for a new world boss, i am bringing back the Goku boss. This boss was our first world boss, but was a limited time event. This boss can only be spawned by Administrators, but it will be spawned at least once a week with plenty of warning! The boss can drop up to 50 loots per kill! Drops; Common (junk), Tax Bags, Bonds, OP Keys, Store Mystery Boxes, Scratch Cards, Pet Mystery Boxes, Collector Necklace. Ring of Devotion, Paper Sack Head, Double Drop Scroll, Zaros Sword, Infinite Prayer Scroll Extension. May Boxes: Check out the latest donation box on store now! Loot; 5 x Store boxes, 20 x OP keys, 2 x $50 bonds, 1 x Double drop ring, 1 x Jester hat (75% d/r), 1 x Jester scarf (75% d/r), 1 x Dwarf cannon damage increase (400% damage output), 1 x Book'o May (BIS off-hand magic + 25% d/r), 1 x Dragonfire ward (BIS off-hand range + 25% d/r), 1 x Avernic defender (BIS off-hand melee + 25% d/r). Beast mode will now activate after 150 votes, instead of 300. Psycho perk chance of hitting has been increased. Please reload your client.
    7. Connor

      Update #32

      Update #32 Vaders Island: As per popular demand, we're introducing a new grindable location. You can fight a very strong Vader boss that has some amazing unique rewards. Requirements: 2,500 Tax bags (per teleport) 250 Succubus kills Rewards: Darth Vader Armour(Equal stats to champion gear, without d/r) Vader Element (Can be used to make the Vader Saber). Vader Saber (Made at the research table. BIS). Media: Easter event has now ended. Mythical bunny drop rate has been reduced to 55%. Champions chest now gives the correct op key parts. Removed a nulled pet from pet mystery boxes. Please reload your client.
    8. Connor

      Update #31

      Update #31 Happy Easter: Some mythical bunnies have escaped the Easter bunnies zoo and are roaming across tutorial island! Teleport to the location using ::easter and hunt them down for a brand new pet & Easter tokens which can used to purchase various new goods! Pet Mythical Bunny offers 95% droprate bonus. Stats: Hitpoints: 250k. Weakness: n/a. Respawn: 4 seconds. Shop: Easter Carrot (Very low stats, but has the fastest attack speed of any weapon ingame) Mythical Bunny Ears (75% droprate bonus) $10 Bond (Adds $10 to your total donated amount) 1% droprate fragments can now be upgraded into bonds. Research table no longer shows dfs as the reward for making monster boots/gloves. Fixed an issue causing massive lagg spikes. Corrected S.W.A.T Recruit droprate display on the pet interface. You will now be teleported to the correct location after finishing the culinaromancer minigame. Fixed red chinchompas not being able to be worn. Champion boss can now drop all 3 parts of the OP key. WeirdasFboss teleport has been changed to ::wab Starter packs now include 10 mystery boxes. Please reload your client.
    9. Connor

      Update #30

      Update #30 The Island: This minigame has completely reworked a previous minigame that was dead content. You must enter the minigame without any items/pets, whilst inside you will encounter 8 different mob varities which have their owner attacks. These mobs will drop food & 1 random armour/weapon, so you must pray to the RNG gods to drop you some good items to get started, else you have no chance in making it to wave 50. The items dropped by mobs do not extend to custom items & only original RS items will be dropped, but the mobs also have much lower hitpoints. You will obtain tokens per kills, the amounts with vary mob to mob. These can be used to purchase items from the guardian store. Rewards: Lit Void (Provides stats between 1000-6000 & also a +20% accuracy/damage boost whilst using a full set (including a void helmet), Primal rapier, Primal longsword, Primal maul, Store Mystery Boxes, $5 Bonds, Dragonkin lamp. Media: Dwarf cannons can no longer be setup in the home area. Additional logs have been setup to allow Jake to handle enquires & issues for players without the need to ask me. Fixed a bug allowing users to claim free votes. Baton (u) has been buffed. Clue scrolls will now stack. Added some additional coin stacks to donator zone 3. Nex respawn timer has been decreased. Ancient spider respawn timer has been decreased. Fixed an issue causing random lagg spikes. Please reload your client.
    10. Connor

      Update #29

      Update #29 Research Table Rework: Long over due, but it's finally here! I've completed a unique and simple to use interface that supports unlimited amounts of researches. Researchable items: Owner Cape (u), Insanely OP Key, Blow Your Head Off (u), Collector's Necklace (u), Connor's Bling (u), Monster Boots, Monster Gloves. Media: Extreme potions can no longer be tradeable on POS. Home teleport icon will no longer instantly move the player. Fixed a bug allowing players to attack an npc, whilst not in the same area. Fixed dungeoneering teleport safespots. Giant pouch has been removed. Fixed slayer master teleport. Fixed baby heartwrencher pet perk. Please reload your client.
    11. Connor

      Update #28

      Update #28 March Boxes: As we move out of February, the February boxes discontinue to never be seen again! It isn't all bad because we now have the March boxes! Loot: Irish Keg (Personal 5 minute beast mode every 2 hours) Leprechaun Pet (Chance to Double Drop) Irish Beer (Strong Melee weapon) Turmoil DMG Upgrade (Upgrades the base turmoil stat by 1%) Leprechaun Hat (80% droprate) 150% Droprate Aura Irish Coin (Can be used to upgrade Owner Cape (u) droprate or upgrade the Leprechaun pet to have 50% droprate also). 20 x OP Keys 2 x $50 Bonds 5 x Store Mystery Boxes Fixed an issue with shift-bank feature banking items in noted form. Final Olm room will now instantly respawn. Fixed an issue with thieving achievement. (This will reset anyone who didn't actually complete it legitmately). February items/boxes are now discontinued. Please reload your client.
    12. Connor

      Update #27

      Update #27 Pet Perk Rework: It's been something that has been requested many times & it's finally here! Pets will no longer all just have droprate bonuses, although some will, most pets will have a unique perk. You can view the perks, rarity & where to obtain the pet on the new pet interface, located in the quest tab! Media: Fixed an issue causing some slayer points to go into minus. Fixed a staff command that wasn't functioning. Player panel has been removed. Fixed champions daily weapon damage bonus. Fixed champions hammer weapon damage bonus. Improved some client code to stop a disconnection. Please reload your client.
    13. Connor

      Update #26

      Update #26 Just a much needed QOL update today. Didn't want to delay it until the next content update. Guild champion now drops a Champion hammer which can be used to produce Triple damage on the boss & counts as the final blow weapon. Guild champion daily wep will now produce double damage. Champion armour stats have been buffed. Guild champion chest can now drop acid justiciar. Guild champion chests can now be picked up with the collectors necklace. Champion (U) is now tradeable, but requires completionist status to wear. Fixed an issue causing beast mode to not activate. Fixed RFP portal. Riot baton attack speed has been increased. Added a new npc to home banks for account settings. Removing ironman status will no longer reset your progress. Removed some goku spawns from comp AOE zone. AOE comp zone entry fee has been reduced to 1,000 bags. Please reload your client.
    14. Connor

      Update #25

      Update #25 New Home Area: After taking feedback & having a vote. I have completely revamped the home area. The area is much bigger now and you can check it out ingame! I've added a Home Guide near the spawn points to help anyone wondering where to go. Completionist Guild: Those worthy enough can access this beautiful guild, filled with content & perks. Inside you will find a completely unique & custom map, accompanied by a quarry for speed mining, with ease of access to a furnace/anvil with a 1 tile bank booth. You will also find a bunch of high level trees, Blood altar & a new AOE zone. You can also fight the mighty guild champion, Itsyaboi. (Itsyaboi was the first user to achieve completionist status on the server). Of course you will also find the usual stuff from the home area. You can access the guild via your completionist cape. You can set the completionist guild as your home area, by speaking to the street cleaner, Jake. Perks: Deluxe donators+ will experience a few benefits whilst inside the zone; Experience is increased by 50%, Drop rate bonus of 25%, Resources are collected in note form. Requirements: Achievement completionist status. Guild Champion Boss: By far the hardest boss yet & intended to be so. This boss will punish its challengers with the ability to instantly kill you, if you aren't paying attention. This boss was highly requested to give some users a challenge, this is not a boss you have to fight, so if you aren't up for a challenge, don't fight this boss. If you like a challenge with great rewards, then this is your next target. I'm not going to explain the boss mechanics like i usually do, go find out for yourself 🙂 Stats: Hitpoints: 40M, Weakness: None, Max Hit: 10,000 (Special), 650 (Regular) Drops: Up to 5 people in the fight can obtain loot. You will obtain a Champion chest for every kill. Inside you can find basic supplies, to higher resources & the new champions armour. Champion Tribrid gear (Best in slot) - Upgradeable to have drop rate. Media: Fixed store mystery box giving too many darth maul wings. Corrected the slayer achievements text. $5 bond from Sea troll is now uncommon. Experience lock/unlock will now work by clicking the exp lock in quest tab. Fixed chins showing through full helmets. Fixed a bug with claiming bank boosters. Fixed the starter vote task. Bandos avatar now drops magic logs in noted form. Auto clue scroll perk will now tick off the starter clue scroll task. Please reload your client.
    15. Connor

      Update #24

      Update #23 Vote Chest: The vote chest can be found in the usual chest location at home. When claiming a vote, you will no longer obtain points to spend in store. You will instead obtain 1 vote key per vote. This key can be used on the vote chest. The vote store now only contains vote keys for 1 point, this is to allow you to spend any points you haven't used. This will be removed after 4 weeks. I'm Looking to expand these rewards further. If you have any suggestions, let me know on discord! Rewards: X2 vote points event has been changed to halving the required amount for beast mode. World boss loots now upload to Discord. Beast mode reward from voting has been reduced to 300 global votes. Lime rex has been buffed. Lime rex has been given a drop rate bonus. Cleaned up player panel. Fixed Well of Goodwill timer. Fixed an issue causing world boss damage counters to appear for everyone. Fixed Weird asf boss model. World messages have been cleaned up. Fixed Riot shield drop rate bonus. Bond has been replaced with a tax bag box in the recycle centre. Complete a hard slayer task achievement has been fixed. Ironman icons will now take priority over donator icons, except in pm. Removed pasting from client. Please reload your client.