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    1. Connor

      Update #144

      Update #144 Xmas Store Box One of the best boxes ever! 20 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes, 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens, Ice Dye - Can be used on T7 & Elite weapons. Can also be used on Superior Armour. (Each item dyed & worn will provide +2% damage - single use) Frozen Necklace - +15k stats & doubles Ice Dye effect if worn together. Santa's Present Sack - +20% XP, +10% Black Market Dollars, +10% Smuggler Reputation & x2 Enchanted Materials. Bad Santa Pet - Increases damage by 10%, +5% AOE damage & banks Santa's Gift perk rewards. Spicy Eggnog - Increases AOE damage by 10% for 1 hour, 1 hour cooldown. Hailstorm Trinket - Arrow slot item that deals up to 5% of targets HP providing they don't move once it procs. Frozen Shovel - Doubles seasonal afk activity resources. Krampus Santa Hat - Best In Slot Melee/Ranged stats. Lucky Reindeer Hat - +10% drop rate bonus & Santa's Gift perk procs 10% more often. Gathers Rod Perk - Upgrades Telekinetic Rod perk so it works whilst skilling gathering skills, as well as PvM. Pocket Pouch (Xmas 2022) - Provides +3 slots to the Pocket Pouch Those with customs sets can trade me 3 x Ice Dye to have your set updated to gain the damage effect. Drugs Lab Expansion You can now refine/enchant seasonal afk activity resources at the Drugs Lab. This will give you access to a whole new shop full of awesome rewards! Be careful not to get caught as you will lose ALL of your materials, bank wisely! Rewards Cent Boi Enchantment (Can now generate approximately 25x more Tax Bags - cannot be combined with mini-me pet) Epic Banker Perk (Allows you to open the Bank interface whilst in combat) Little Love Aura Enhancement (Increases the HP to +400, but makes the Aura untradeable) Afk Perk (Increases afk activity yields by 25%) Drop Rate Cap Enhancer (Increases the Drop Rate Cap Perk by a further 10%) Crazy Snowman (Xmas Boss) He's back, but this time he has 3 minions which you must kill! You will need a Snowman Spawner to spawn him, they're obtained from the Snowball store. They are single use this year, however the drop rates are more generous. Possible Loot RS3 Black Santa Hat, 30 minutes double drops scroll (can stack up to 2.5 hours), $25 Bond, Snowman Head (5% drop rate bonus), Frost Staff, Xmas Pudding Wand, Xmas Pudding Wand Upgrader, Ice Sword, Festive Aura (10% drop rate bonus), Icy Santa Hat (+15/150 HP), Full Santa outfit A large amount of Discord integration for staff has been completed. Fixed World Bonus rolling a nulled event. Fixed EMB/OCP World Bonus. Double AFK Tokens World Bonus has been changed to Double Farming Herb Yield. Corrected Snowball teleport text. Global Buff Books are now untradeable. Completionist type capes now correctly require all 99s. Mostly all pets have had their pick-up & talk-to options removed. You can now use the pick-up option in the familiar tab. Succubus tax bag value has been reduced. Bank interface will no longer stay open during combat without the perk. Lucky Quiver has been renamed to Lucky Trinket. Reduced the Cache size by approximately 10mb. Previous cache's will now automatically be deleted every update. Updated a client message regarding being banned. BMT will now only require a single Sea Troll Hat. Molten King Helmet no longer bobbles. Guardian Cloak T7 (t) has an updated model. Mythical Cloak (T6) is no longer tradeable as it has Completionist cape within it. Support can now hide pets during events. Moderators now have full CC rights in all clan chats. Elite Bosses now require a Prestige level of 3 to access, unless you're a Heroic account which then requires level 1. UIM are excempt from this requirement. Double Drop Scrolls donation amount has been corrected. Shattered Icicle no longer counts down in chat. OP Chest reward messages will no longer display in-game. Spookie Crate items have been split between the SDK machines. Corrected Raider Aura's name on POS. It is no longer possible to reroll the same reward on SDK machines. Vader models have been updated. If your client does not say Update #144 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    2. Connor

      Update #143

      Update #143 Black Friday Sales Enjoy discounts on store NOW until Black Friday. World Bonuses Every 4 hours there will now be a new world bonus which may impact on what activity you wish to participate in! Bonuses do NOT apply to instance totem bosses. Possible Bonuses +10% Smuggler Reputation, x2 Raid Damage, 25% Cheaper OCP/EMB, +50% Damage At Reborn King, +50% Damage At Money Boi, +50% Damage At Itsyaboi, +50% Damage At Succubus, +50% Damage At Mutant Invasion, x2 Crex KC, +20% Raid Points, 50% Extra OP Keys Created, 10% Extra Damage, 10% Extra BMT, +10% Thanos Loot, Double Drugs Lab, Double Slayer Damage, +50% Slayer Points, +10% Recycled Coins, +1 Clue Scroll Reward, Double AFK Tokens, +25% RC & Construction XP, +25% Herb & Agility XP, +25% Slayer & Farm XP, +25% Hunter & Dung XP, +25% Mine & Fish XP, +15% Drop Rate Bonus, x2 Money Maker Rewards. Snow Piles Your favourite afk activity is back! Clear the snow piles to access a seasonal shop of goodies! Rewards Santa's Smuggle - +10% smuggler reputation. Consumed per item smuggle. Frostbite Blitz - Extra Frostbite damage. Consumed per proc. Cold Rage - +5% AOE damage for 30 minutes. Shattered Icicle - Ranged projectile can split into 2 causing extra damage for 30 minutes. Cold Snap Perk - Makes Thanos's armour set & perk 5% more likely to proc. Crazy Snowman Spawner (Will become active once the Xmas boss arrives), Cold Bond ($5-15), Christmas Jumper (5% d/r), Christmas Socks (5% d/r), Healthy Snowball (+5/50 HP), Bobble Scarf, Tri-jester Scarf, Woolly Scarf. Seasonal Donation Keys Reroll: You can now reroll an SDK once per key. This comes with a 2M fee, but gives you that extra chance to get the item you want! A new perk has been added to the Perk Lectern called Snap! Staff can now increase Reborns loot cap to 30 during events. Players should no longer be able to kill Thanos before all phases have been completed. BMT hours have been expanded. Speak to him at the ::pub to find out. Pumpkin Bulwark can now be used with Cosmetic Override Kits. Fixed a bug causing Cosmetic Overrides to overlap your equipment tab. Fixed some typos in the Store Mystery Box. Guardian Cloak T6 has been made untradeable as it was originally intended. Agility Tickets no longer display the wrong XP. Clued Up title has been added to the title selector. Clueless title has been added to the title selector. ::guides now directs the player to the WIKI. Generous Watering can now functions correctly. P2W Rings examine has been updated to reflect how they're upgraded. GIM accounts no longer count in the login limit, providing they log this account in last. Thanos Trivia answer has been updated. Box of Chocolates timer has been corrected. You can no longer open bank interface during combat. If your client does not say Update #143 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    3. All announcements will now be completed on Discord. You can join our Discord via the link at the top of the website.
    4. Connor

      Update #142

      Update #142 Thanos's Challenge A mix between a minigame & a boss, you can now challenge Thanos for some of the best rewards ingame! Thanos is the first Elite tier boss. Fight through 10 waves of semi difficult monsters and then Thanos himself. Oh this is no simple fight, all I will say is, good luck! My only tip, is that after 3 minion spawns, Thanos will start his insta kill phase, run! Information: SoulSplit is less effective, so bring some emergency food! Weakness: Ranged Max Hit: Insta Kill (500 non spec) Requirements: You need to pay 200 Black Market Dollars to open the reward cache, but no fee to fight Thanos. 50 Solak, Seatroll Queen & Goku kills. 200 Raging Ranger kills. 500 Reborn King kills. Rewards: Owner Cape (extremely rare), Thanos Helmet (broken) - Once fixed and worn with body/legs it has a chance to instantly kill your target, Thanos Body (broken) - Once fixed and worn with body/legs it has a chance to instantly kill your target,, Thanos Legs (broken) - Once fixed and worn with body/legs it has a chance to instantly kill your target,, Thanos Boots (broken) - +10K Magic stats & +5% damage against elite bosses, Thanos Gloves (broken) - +8K Attack, +4K Strength stats & +5% damage against elite bosses, Infinity Gauntlet (broken) - Best in Slot F2P weapon. Black Market Trader's maximum request will now be 5 items. Corrected a typo on Aura Pouch Upgrader. Completed some optimisation on the client. Primal Longsword (b) now shares the correct stats. Ranger Boots no longer announce as a rare drop. American Pernix no longer announces as a rare drop. Icy Tuned bow will now announce as a rare drop. Vader Saber can now be used with cosmetic override kits. Scythe of Vitur is now a 1 handed weapon. Added ::rules to the ::commands interface. If your client does not say Update #142 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    5. Connor

      Fixes & Changes

      Just a small update to apply some fixes Reduced the amount of tickets gained during Agility. Wilderness now gives double other courses. Agility tickets experience can no longer be affected by boosts and works the same way as lamps. Massively nerfed Charming Imp turning Charms into XP. Reduced Slayer XP on Hard/Boss tasks. Reduced Herblore XP from Drugs Lab. Fixed a bug meaning Skiller Madness gave too much XP when in the Aura Pouch. Donator Ranks now go up in multiples of 5% per rank, rather than 10%. Deluxe Imps now require 95 Hunter. Normal XP accounts no longer have level 99 broadcasts. Clay now gives the correct resource. Fixed Charmeleon pet not giving the full bonuses effect. Jester Hat now gives +10% XP & prevents trees being chopped down. Jester Scarf now gives a 50% chance that Woodcutting, Mining & Fishing resources will be banked. Mythical tools now require level 90, rather than 99. Consumables now sells noted (3) potions. If your client does not say Update #141 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    6. Connor

      Update #141

      Update #141 Skilling Experience So it was polled, discussed and torn apart multiple times. It was evident that the community wanted to see skilling a part of the server more and mainly that difficulty was the experience just being insane, so we've made some changes. Non-Heroic accounts skilling experience rate is now 50x RS. Combat will remain high to ensure players can jump right into PvM if they want to! Heroic accounts will actually see a buff in some areas. This is due to rates mirroring OSRS to give a more accurate representation of what your buff is. This is a big rework and some rates might feel more significant in changes than the other, but I've tried my best to centralise this and give a far better experience. Some areas like Woodcutting may see large increases for Heroic accounts. Other changes; Effigies daily usage cap now applies to each stage. Spread the Love Scroll XP boost has been reduced to 10%. Skillers Village outfit parts XP boost have been reduced to 4%. Auras from the Recycle Centre have been reduced. Each Donator rank now provides a +10% experience per rank. Completionist Guild has been given a +10% experience boost. Captain Rovin and Double XP Weekends can no longer stack. XP'd perk now gives +10% experience. Santa's Sharing Present experience buff is now 25%. Skiller Madness now gives +50% experience. Wings of Experience now give +45% experience. Spring Gloves now give +25% experience. Task Pet now a gives 5% experience buff. Level 99 world messages have been reintroduced. All Prestige Levels/Points have been reset. Prestige now requires all level 99s rather than maximum experience. Mythical & Mighty XP lamps have been reduced. Trees now have life and can be chopped down. Platinum zone trees are unlimited. Prestige Store I have updated the Prestige Store with a new item to feed your grind. More WILL be added next update! I fully intend to expand the shop to make it fully worth doing. BMT Required Item Reset - This item can be used to reroll the item currently required by the Black Market Trader Players who have Completionist cape prior to Prestige will now be able to wear their cape right away. A whole bunch of items have been given new values so you can sell your item to the tax bag store. Interfaces can now be accessed during combat. Headless Horsemans attack distance has been increased. Smithing experience is now corrected calculated per bar. Fixed a bug causing Skiller Madness able to be stacked in an Aura Pouch, whilst also worn. Updated ::priceguide/::pg to take you to the new WIKI page. Added a message to POS about following WIKI prices. 7% drop rate Aura in SDK is now 9%. Bunch of Roses now heal correctly. Corrected H'ween Scythe examine. Added some Chaos Druid spawns. Removed the additional WAB spawn notification. We've added an extra layer of security to our client. This has been tested by players/staff for weeks. Any issues, please inform me. If your client does not say Update #141 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    7. Connor

      Update #140

      Update #140 Spooky Crate H'ween month is here. Grab yourself a new limited edition box on store now! Possible Loot; Spookie Perk (Increases attacking pets damage by 20%), Mini-Reaper Pet, Baby Dracula Pet, Haunted Effigy Aura - (Makes hidden drops 10% more common, such as 1 in 10k drops), Gluttony (ability) - (Stores souls of monsters you kill based on their HP. Ability can be used to damage target for 1% of the stored value. So if a monster you killed had 50M Hitpoints, the next time you click this ability, you will damage for 500K), Sleep Paralysis Perk - (5% chance per hit to freeze your target), Pumpkin Ammunition - (Arrow slot item that provides the strongest Ranged stats & ammo strength), Witch's Shoulder Cat - (Arrow slot item that provides the strongest Magic stats), H'ween Scythe Upgrader - (Combined with the H'ween Scythe to give the special attack Magic/Ranged boosts), 5 x Store Mystery Box 500 x Limited Key Tokens 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens Headless Horseman As the spooky time of year returns, so does out yearly H'ween boss! This year he is much harder to fight, but his rewards are far more common! Reward Table: Decapitating Scimitar (Special Attack has a chance to decapitate & insta kill your target), Headless Horsebaby (7% drop rate bonus), Horseman Head (4% drop rate bonus), Horseman Body (4% drop rate bonus), Horseman Legs (4% drop rate bonus), Horseman Boots, Horseman Gloves, SplitSoul Perk (Extra 10% damage whilst using SoulSplit), Mutated H'ween Mask (+10/100 HP), Pumpkin Bulwark (25% chance to revive you), Regular H'ween Masks, & of course, plenty of commons & spooky bonds! You can now purchase a Generous Watering Can from the skilling village store for Farming boosts. Go Big Or Go Home rare box loot now sells for a much higher value. Added Go Big Or Go Home box to ::boxloots. Smuggler Crate (Low) now has a chance to give a Medium tier crate. Smuggle Crate (Medium) now has a chance to give a High tier crate. Corrected confirmation message for day 14 login reward. Solak should now take priority over players for appearing on a tile. Custom Sets should no longer be prevented from stacking with other HP boosting items. The client will no longer appear cut off at the bottom. Added Mini Demon Loot to ::boxloots. BMT requested OP key items now give 50 tokens per item. Beastmode no longer restores HP like Overload. Corrected some name mismatches. If your client does not say Update #140 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    8. Connor

      Update #139

      Update #139 Superior Chest A very popular idea suggested by Ahnahdah makes it's way into the world! Dropped by certain monsters, this chest has a 100% chance to reward a rare drop from any of the bosses that can drop it. The rates will not be disclosed, but the rates are set based on monsters difficult and how many per hour can be killed, so for example although you may find Vader is a hard boss, it can be mass killed quite easily, so it's rate would be rarer than Mythical Beast. You will need a Vote Key to open it, but it has a 50% chance to snap the key, so be careful! Bosses that can drop the chest; Crex, Abbadon, Elderly Heartwrencher, Dark Purplefire Wyrm, Ancient Spider, Infernal Beast, Hellfire Dragon, Succubus, Darth Vader, Mental Case, Mythical Beast, Elite Pokemon, Reborn King, Evil Baby, Mutant Invasion. Loot Chest Interface We have added a new command ::boxloots which allows you to view the loot of keys, boxes, pouches & crates. Canage Potion default length has been increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. General Cape has been buffed significantly to represent it's position in the game. Kingdom of Hearts key's inventory model has been updated. SWAT Key's inventory model has been updated. Global boss shield no longer applies to Solak, Seatroll or Goku. Darklord max hit has been reduced to 200. Ancient herb skilling tasks can no longer be assigned. Giant Ent will now drain players prayer slowly. Giant Ent AOE attacks will now cause your player to auto retaliate. Players will now correctly auto retaliate to the attacks from the Senior Warlock. Dwarf Cannon can no longer be used at the Giant Ent boss. You can no longer gain loot from Vader if you don't have the KC required. Hungry Hare pet XP calculation is now capped, like lamps. You can no longer use Buy 5, 10 or X in the Store Credit Exchange. Reinforced armour now announces as a drop when obtained. Fixed Shaman pet's ID. Goku's rare drops will now go into your inventory if you have the collectors ability. Using the Collector's necklace on items will now both block & unblock items. Viewing drops at Necrolords has been fixed. Completed custom armour sets. Sardines, Mackerel & Herring can now be cooked. If your client does not say Update #139 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    9. Connor

      Update #138

      Update #138 $10 Store Tokens The tokens are now automatic. You can redeem them by clicking them and selecting through the shop as to what item you want. To purchase perks, right click the token. The values are indeed rounded UP, so it may not be beneficial to buy items that aren't in values of 10 with the tokens, but that is your choice. Items such as Go Big or Go Home boxes will round up the amount to match your purchase, for example you would get 3 boxes, not just 1 for your token. Spent/Donated amounts are also updated using these tokens. Global Buff Book Dropped by Bork, WAB or General. This book can cast a spell that grants either double vote points, drops, +25% damage or +25% drop rate bonus for 60 minutes. You cannot choose which buff is given and only 1 buff can be active at a time. The following items have been moved from SDK to Go Big or Go Home box; Duck Gang, Energy Drink, Upgrader Totem, July Partyhat, Poisonous Stew, Elite Slayer Ring, Spider Web Perk, Flaming Sword, Megazord Helm, Megazord Body, Megazord Legs, P2W Ring has been removed from Go Big or Go Home boxes. Fixed a bug meaning most new players didn't have the referral screen pop up. Some Cultist armour requirements have been reduced. T4 Newb Sword attack speed has been slightly increased. Donation Raffle announcements will now be in the donation discord channel. Non-multi areas now give a +10% drop rate bonus. Raffle announcements will no longer display the wrong item. Weird ASF Bosses prayer drain has been reduced. A bunch of items inventory icons have been updated. Soulsplit must be active for Dig Deep to function. The only exception is Stronghold raid were it will work without. BMT Pocket Pouch has been added to ::pp Carnage potion timer will now remove correctly once finished. 2,000 Mythical Ore achievement now displays completion correctly. Corrected Mario's slayer teleport location. Empowered Stone is now consumed even if the Carnage potion fails its creation. Supreme Mystery Boxes are no longer announced as a rare drop. Tax Bag Boxes are no longer announced as a rare drop. Java development kit has been updated which should eradicate some issues certain players have. If your client does not say Update #138 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    10. Connor

      Update #137

      Update #137 Donation Raffle Each Sunday at 1900 a raffle will be drawn with the winner gaining whatever the reward was for that week. You can gain tickets by donating $10, you will get 1 ticket per $10. This won't physically be added to your account, but added to a server log so your entry counts. Typically Owner Cape isn't drawn as a raffle reward, but for it's launch it will be, so good luck! Giant Ent Once a floruishing tree of true magnetude, is now an angry and evil tree searching for a way to restore it's leafs. Unfortunately that has meant that many innocent people have been killed by the Ent as it thrashes terror through the world. Stats: HP: 50M Weakness: Ranged (Extremely high defence against melee/magic) Rare Drops: Empowered Stone (Used to create the new Carnage Potion), Off-hand Summer Fishing Rod, 10 x Clue Scroll Stack, $50 Bond. Carnage potion has been added to Research Table. BMT will no longer send multiple announcement lines when it opens. Crex is no longer a multi zone. All Crex related requirements have been reduced by 75% to reflect them no longer being multi. Fixed a typo in an achievement completion text. Donator ranks no longer override Ironman icons in clan chat. Fixed a bug causing players with aggression totem to keep teleporting back to DPS Dummy. Group Ironman accounts will no longer be mule blocked. Gigantic Tax Bag drops should no longer prevent you picking them up. Barrows can now be sold to the tax bag store in noted form. Money Boi now attacks/heals faster. Reborn King will now enter a state of enrage until all minions are killed. Hellfire dragon will now always drop bones or logs. Hellfire dragon now drops 5 Tax Bags instead of 1M coins. Updated command list to correctly reflect ::changepassword. BMT shop can now be accessed at all times, but it still remains you cannot sell items to him outside trading hours. Ring of Health is no longer stackable. Armour stat viewer has been updated to reflect Champion gear changes. BYHO (U) & (Virus) have had a stat buff. If your client does not say Update #137 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    11. Connor

      Update #136

      Update #136 Group Ironman Get ready to team up with up to 4 other GIM accounts! You will be under the same restrictions as an Ironman, but you can have 4 other Iron's in your group which you can trade between, including items that are usually not tradeable! The account that creates the group will be the leader, this is the only account that can invite players into the group, however this decision is final, you cannot leave once you're in! Although this is permanent, should you find a member of your team is griefing, then they can be removed by admins, but this is assessed on a case by case basis. GIM's will have Heroic XP rates by default, so they also benefit from the boosts of having that rate. Go Big or Go Home Box Grab yourself a cheap box for just $3 from the store, or hunt down Money Boi who has a chance to drop them for Platinum players! Whats Inside? Common: Insanely OP Key, 5 Red Keys, 5 Mini Beast Potions, Double Drop Scroll, Clue Scroll, 50 Mystery Boxes, 10,000 Tax Bags, Store Mystery Box, Energy Stone, Cosmetic Override Kit, 5 Slayer Task Reset Tokens, $10 Scratch Card, $5 Bond, 50 Cent Bling, Collectors Necklace, Super Taxbag Box, Prayer Badge. Rare: P2W Ring Crazy Fucking OP Key Quarantine Ring Vial of Blood Autumn Scarf Poison Ivy Amulet Potion of Love Firework Potion Dragonbone Cape Infinite Prayer Scroll Extension Perk Fixed drop table interface saying npc didn't have any drops. Fixed a bug causing the % text to be overwritten when search for npc drops. Black Market Trade now caps some items at a maximum request of 3. Black Market Trade now asks for Rex armour, instead of Lime Rex. Fixed Lucky Rabbit Foot. The Fatboy buff has been reduced as it was buffed too much. Fixed a bug causing players to auto teleport back to ::pub Guardian Cloak T6/T7 are now tradeable, but only between those who have Completionist status. Guardian Cloak T6/T7 can now be disassembled. Recycle Centre daily money maker task has been fixed. Fixed a bug causing players unable to pick up loot from Gigantic Taxbag. Removed a bunch of lower level drops from world announcements. Ironman icons will now display in chat correctly. Hits will now display correctly. If your client does not say GIM is now released at the top, please REBOOT it.
    12. Connor

      Update #135

      Update #135 Black Market Dealer Ever wanted to get rid of a bunch of items that no one wants? Too much supply? *Cough* Vader Element... Look no further than the Black Market Trader, located in the local pub! (::chill) He can ask for a random item which he will always want from you, it won't ever change until you give it to him. You will be rewarded with Black Market Dollars which can be spent in his shop. He won't always be happy to trade though. He's part time, so he's only trading between the hours of 0200-0300, 1000-1100 & 2000-2100. Don't worry though, as this will be announced on Discord so you don't forget! Some of the new additions to the game are: Constitutional Blast (ability), Stolen Heart (+10/100 HP), Pocket Pouch Upgrade (BMT), Matrix Perk, Drop Table Roll Buff (single use), World Berserk (Global Buff), World Luck (Global Buff). Reinforced armour is now dropped by the Mythical Beast, but at a 1/1200 rate. Reinforced armour is no longer tradeable. Filtered chat is no longer on by default for new players. Barrows rates have been improved (this was hotfixed). Sandy Bonds now redeem correctly. Referral screen now appears again for new players. Newb Sword (T4) has been buffed. Sunday's no raid requirement has been removed. Added a new interface to Juicy Donator Boxes. Champion gear as broken will now appear correctly. Newb Sword/Shield T4 upgrade chance is now 1/100. Railings texture is now static. Raids 1-3 no longer require a fee to enter. Raider Perk still rewards free enter to Raids 3/4, but now also provides a +5% rare chance boost. Starter Bow has been added to the Ranged Store. You can now buy/drink beer at the Mythical pub. Fixed Evil Baby slayer teleport. Fixed Medium Coin Stacks slayer teleport. Free Instance perk no longer requires the bags in your inventory. Item Smuggler will now ask for Broken Champion gear, not the fixed version. Crex has been relocated to a larger area. Gigantic Stack now counts towards the Daily Money Maker task. Drug Dealer boost has been fixed. The experience gain from the Hungry Hare pet has been increased. Fat Boy (T7) & (elite) will now hit more per attack. If your client does not say Update #135 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    13. Connor

      Update #134

      Update #134 Heroic Ironman Ready for a new challenge? Grab yourself a fresh nub account and create an Ironman, then click the Heroic XP to start flexing your nolife. Benefits: 10% extra damage in PvM 10% extra drop rate bonus There will be a very limited time sale on store to help players wanting to setup their Heroic accounts. First to max will get themselves 2 x Seasonal Donation Keys! First to completionist will get themselves $100 store credit! First to maximum experience will get themselves an Owner Cape worth $350!! Donation Perk Tree Expansion: The tree has some new branches! Escaped Barrows Brothers: For those seeking a money maker that's not as intensive as the full minigame can now kill the brothers on top of the hills. They have the same drop table as the chest, except they're not as common given you don't need to click too much. AOE will not work in this area to ensure new players aren't struggling to compete in this money maker. Task Master Superior Shields: Providing you're using the same combat style as the shield they will now have the following passive buff: 10% chance to fire a double projectile which is a number between 1 and (Your HP x 10). You will take damage equal to 5% of this. Added ::killlog. Once new players get T4 Newb Weapons they will now be moved to ::Home and given further information. Task Master Superior shields now have a unique model look. Task Master Superior shields now have a 10% chance to release a double hit projectile against your target. Completed custom armour set orders. Fixed Sunday not allowing no raid requirement to work. Corrected message when redeeming the two new perks. Constitution Orb can now be used with Ranged. Lovers Health perk has been added to Black SDK. Corrected Travel Insurance's examine. Travel Insurance perk now has the ability to release the avoided damage back onto the target at a random time. Regular Ironman chat icons have been fixed. Ancient Sand has replaced Sunflower daily login reward. Monies Amulet and (i) are now tradeable. Slayer teleport to task is now free. Vader chest has a new appearance. Champion chest is now dropped as a Champion's Loot Satchel. Gigantic Tax Bag bosses drop table has been massively buffed. WAB no longer drops some of it's junk loot, such as the Infernal Bones & Hellfire Logs. WAB now drops more value based items & every player will get at least 500 Tax Bags. If your client does not say Update #134 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    14. Connor

      Update #133

      Update #133 Juicy Limited Crates A new box can be purchased for limited time on the store! Possible rewards: Warcry Perk - If your life is saved, you will gain Beast Mode for 5 minutes Travel Insurance Perk - 5% chance incoming damage is reduced to 1 damage Clue Finder Aura - 10% more likely to find clues & 10% more likely to obtain rare loot from caskets Constitution Orb - +500 Hitpoints Passport - Reduces incoming damage by 10%. Can be used in the Pocket Pouch Drug Dealer Boost - 25% chance to double the product at Drugs Lab. Can be used in the Pocket Pouch Sandals - Increases damage by 20%, but you take 20% more damage Shop Coupons - 50% chance a shop will give you 10% discount on an item. Can be used in the Pocket Pouch Light Aggression Totem - Makes mobs near you aggressive for 5 minutes 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens. Ancient Sand Event: Check out the sand piles at home to start collecting sand whilst you afk so you can maximise your gains! Rewards: Sandy Bond ($3), Pocket Pouch Upgrade, Double Vote Points (single use), Daily Money Maker Crates will now guarantee a rare after every 100 openings if you haven't obtained one. SDK machines now have updated loot. Updated Money Boi's collection log. Sunblock now works with ranged. POS item values are now highlighted again. Information text added to Starter Task Store. ::barrows has been fixed. Trivia daily money maker has been fixed. Champion gear has been given a recycle value. Gameplay Setting for loot toggle no longer states the wrong amount of loot. Discord is no longer notified. Discord will no longer notify players that Bork/General spawn in 5 minutes. You can now choose to search for either items or a player on POS. Newb Sword 3/4 now attack faster. Aku Aku! mask now has a tax bag value. Guardian Cloak T7 is now tradeable. Fee Earner perk now affects the instance fee. Men/Women have been removed from PZ. Coin Stacks clue scroll nerf has been reversed. If your client does not say Update #133 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    15. Connor

      Update #132

      Update #132 Daily Money Makers: You can now complete various tasks that are repeatable daily to get your hands on some juicy rewards! Money Makers Loot Crate: This reward is given by completing Hard tasks. The chest is unaffected by any rare boosting items, however it can still be saved by the Egg of Loots. The rare loot from the crate is 1/100. Possible Rare Loot; 100K Tax Bags, $25 Bond, Lucky Clue Scroll Casket (Always rewards a rare reward), Task Master Shield (parts 1-3) - Can be combined together to make a cool shield, but can be further upgraded at the Research Table to make new best in slot shields. Easy: Fat Boy - Kill Fat Boy 25 times Barrows - Complete 3 Barrows runs Mr Task - Complete 2 Skilling tasks Voter - Vote for the server on at least 5 sites Medium: Raider - Open 10 Raid loot chests Slayer - Complete 5 Slayer tasks Trivia - Answer 10 Trivia questions Thief - Steal 100 Scimitars Hard: World Boss - Kill 5 World Bosses (Bork/General/WAB) Prestige - Prestige your character Recycler - Recycle items worth more than 2,000 Recycle Coins, 10 times Dungeoneer - Complete 10 Dungeoneering runs POS Changes: You will now be charged a 5% tax on your earnings from POS. 3% will be completely wiped from the economy. 2% will be set aside in a money pool which will be used to fund events by staff & also used to purchase items on POS that need removing from the economy to increase item stability. POS sales no longer notify the owner of the player that paid for the item, however Discord will still provide that information. POS will now display in chat the cheapest item and which shop it is in based on your search. Suggested values have been removed from POS. You can no longer search a players name in POS, items only. Champion Gear: Champion Gear in it's first stage is now (Broken), this applied to all existing and newly dropped first stage pieces. To fix it you can click on it which will require the following; 100,000 Tax Bags, Champion Component, Acid Justiciar Component, Blood Justiciar Component. There is only a 25% chance for this to succeed, however only the bags & champion component will be lost if the fixing fails. The Justiciar parts are safe. Players dying will no longer despawn pets. Supreme Berserker Aura has been fixed. Extra Hit Chance Aura has been fixed. Disabled <img=> code in ::yell. Timestamps no longer appear for clan chat messages. Newb Sword/Shield will now auto upgrade once the rate has been met. DPS Dummy will no longer despawn forever. Champion armour has been added to the Item Smuggler. Fat Boy now respawns much faster. Fat Boy's max hit has been reduced. Filtered Chat is now on by default for new players. Monies Amulet (i) has been buffed to have +20K stats. Money Boy's super rare loot has been changed from 1/3k to 1/2k. Money Boy now drops the x2 Event Boss Damage perk. Sunday's now allow all players to access raids without requirements. Mental Case's Zapper drop has been changed from 1/10k to 1/5k. OCP damage radius has been reduced. Updated Ironman description to clear up drops around world bosses. Raging Ranger now drops Red Keys. Raging Ranger now drops more Tax Bags. Raging Ranger now drops $10 Bonds. Raging Ranger no longer drops Coins. Raging Ranger no longer drops Crystal Keys. Raging Ranger no longer drops Effigies. Replaced some Medium Stack's at DZ3 with Large Stack's. Replaced Tokash at VIPZONE with Large Stack's. Platinum Zone mob spawner is now instanced, but fees may apply. Drop Rate Island monsters max hit has been reduced. Drop Rate Island monsters HP have been reduced to 75k. You can now obtain Clue Scrolls in an instance. You can now obtain Scratch Cards in an instance. Nerfed the rate at which Clue Scrolls are obtained from Stacks of Coins. Clue Scrolls have been added to the Vote Rewards Store. Bankers have been added to ::train. Auto Retaliate has been fixed at the Hellfire Dragon. WAB/Bork & General common drops now include Barrows items. Kill Log has been removed as it was rarely used. Instance Totems now require a daily instance fee of 500,000, this will last until daily reset. This does not apply to Crex totem. Clue Scrolls have been added to the Raid Point Store. ::barrows CMD has been added. ::dps has been moved to the newly opened Mythical Inn pub. If your client does not say Update #131 at the top, please REBOOT it.