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    1. Connor

      Update #69

      Update #69 Item Prices: Recycling items code has been completely overhauled to allow items to be priced much easier during the process of adding new items to the game. This will in future prevent items being missed and having no value. Around 200 items have had their tax bag & recycled coin values updated. This update may seem small, but it's taken a long time to get all of this done. Additionally, with the new valentines events coming soon, we needed another QOL. Updated the colour message when recycling items. Updated daily login rewards. Reborn Mage now has a much higher hit chance. Adding a few more Vader & Mental case spawns to sponsor zone. The chambers part of the Reborn King teleport fee has been reduced to 1,000. Reduced Reborn Warrior's max hit. Please reload your client.
    2. Connor

      Update #68

      Update #68 The Reborn King: Enter the depths of his chambers and fight your way through 4 different challenges to obtain the key for the ultimate test! Inside the Reborn Chambers you will find 4 different types of monsters that have different rewards! Entry to the chambers or the boss is 25,000 tax bags. Using the boss teleport will take you to the chambers, the only way to the Reborn King is by using the key once completed. Reborn Warrior: Located in the South West chamber. Drops: Daily Dose Codex - (1/10,000 chance to obtain. Once learnt, you will obtain a free OP key every day). Reborn King's key (part 1) Reborn Ranger: Located in the South East chamber. Drops: Poison Immunity Codex - (1/10,000 chance to obtain. Once learnt, you can no longer be poisoned). Reborn King's key (part 2) Reborn Mage: Located in the North East chamber. Drops: Life Saver Codex - (1/10,000 chance to obtain. Once learnt, you have a 10% chance to heal to full, instead of dying). Reborn King's key (part 3) Lava Giant: Located in the North West chamber. Drops: Molten Cough Codex - (1/10,000 chance to obtain. Once learnt, you will randomly cough on your target to deal extra damage). Reborn King's key (part 4) Once you have obtained all 4 keys parts, you can combine them to create the Reborn Key which grants you the teleport to The Reborn King! The Reborn King: The king is currently in his coffin. Those who have the requirements to access the coffin can open it to spawn the King. The king won't be happy you have done this and will engage you in a challenging fight, so be prepared. This is not a click and afk! Rewards; Reborn armour (With generous stats, this armour set is a great addition, however most will want to upgrade it at the research table). Elite Reborn Armour: You can upgrade your Reborn armour at the research table to make the best armour ingame, however this requires almost all endgame equipment and a total of 7.5m tax bags to create the set. The set will become untradeable, but it's worth it! The set has the following effects; 125% droprate bonus per item Helmet (Double damage against Reborn chambers monsters) Body (Doubles the damage of the Molten Cough perk) Legs (Increases Life Save perk chance to 20%) Media: Fixed a bug allowing free teleports to areas that require tax bags. Fixed King Slayer perk now showing on the perks interface correctly. Fixed a bug with King Slayer perk not working correctly. Fixed Riot Baton (u)'s drop rate. Riot Baton can now be used with cosmetic overrides. Lit bug lantern can now be used with cosmetic overrides. A bug causing max cape to get max xp cape's perks has now been fixed. Removed the "happy christmas" server announcement. Troll potion has been removed from the Fucking OP Key loot. The chance of obtaining a skillers chest has been increased. Drop rate boosters from the skillers chest will now display correctly. Fixed a bug that wasn't changing the xp type when switching attack styles. Fixed a bug causing equipment tab to overlay with cosmetic overrides after dying. Please reload your client.
    3. Connor

      Update #67

      Update #67 QOL Update; Since we have the massive new boss content coming soon, i wanted to focus some time on quality of life. Slayer: Hard tasks will no longer task the majority of bosses. This will be done via a new option "Boss Tasks". You can access them the same way through the slayer hub once you have a Slayer level of 99. The maximum task count for boss tasks will be 50 & points are obtained at the same rate as Hard tasks. Double slayer point ring cost is now 5,000 slayer points. You can now obtain the King Slayer perk from ::Donate. Sponsor Zone; As per feedback, the sponsor zone has been reworked to be more suitable and worth using. This includes better placement of mobs, bank booths, etc.. Rocks will also have infinite life inside the zone. Max Cape: Max cape will now act as an unlimited charge for Skillers amulet. Whilst wearing the Max cape, skillers chests will be deposited to your inventory. An interface has been added to teleports that require a fee, however any commands such as ::vaders will not have this to allow those quick teleports. Fixed the drop rate bonus inside Sponsor zone. Jester stick can now be used with cosmetic overrides. Reduced the amount of slayer experience that Goku JR gives. Fixed a bug allowing users to access Succubus without requirements. Fixed an issue causing Angry Unicorn to be aggressive. Dwarf cannons can now be used inside instances. Please reload your client.
    4. Connor

      Update #66

      Update #66 Happy New Year! Donator Store: Seasonal donation key has been added, New Years Eve Beer (Limited edition) has been added - Similar to Irish keg, but it lasts 3x longer (15 mins), 10 x Slayer Task reset (Keeps your streak active, whilst allowing you to get a new task), December boxes have been removed, Frosty party hat has been discontinued. Sponsor Donator Rank: It's been a long time coming, but the $5k rank has finally arrived! Of course you can achieve this with bonds obtained ingame. Perks; All the previous donator rank perks, plus; Unique shaded colour when using ::yell. Loyalty points are gained at the fastest rate. Base experience rate is 4x the rate of a non-donator rank. Skillers village area experience bonus is 70%. 50% permanent drop rate bonus. Gather Drugs Lab supplies at 3x the normal rate. 2 x Insanely OP keys added to your bank everyday. 100% drop rate bonus + experience bonus inside Sponsor zone. Access to ::sponsorzone/::spz Sponsor Zone: As listed above it has various benefits inside the zone, but it also features; Skilling zones within distance of a bank booth, meaning you don't have to move to bank. You can access the VIP unicorn instance which costs 10,000 bags per entry, however you get a unicorn all to yourself! Other Mobs; Vader, Goku JR, Crex, Blood Warriors, Mental Case, Darklord, Penguins, Large Coin Stacks. Snow Activity Although Christmas is over, Winter is not! The store has been updated. More rewards will come over time! Slayer Store: Some new rewards have been added to the slayer point store; Slayer XP increaser (Can be stacked 10x, 10% per use), Slayer Damage increaser (Can be stacked 10x, 3% per use), Slayer Points increaser (Can be stacked 10x, +2 points per use). Irish coin now rewards a Seasonal donation key instead of the December box. Vaders now show on the mini map. Slayer loot crate will no longer give 100 Hand cannons. Slayer emblem (i) now has the upgrade option. Fixed Barrel chest slayer teleport. Vader will no longer teleport players. Ironman PVP kills will now cause the targets items to be deleted, rather than dropped. Elderly Heartwrencher respawn timer is now 5 seconds. Infernal Beast's respawn timer is now 5 seconds. Dark Purplefire Wyrm's respawn timer is now 5 seconds. Added ::vader for quick access to Vader zone. Actions such as ::pos which can only be done at ::home, can now be done at the completionist guild. Please reload your client.
    5. Connor

      Update #65

      Update #65 Slayer Rework: Following a large demand to make slayer more relevant, I have made the following changes; A whole bunch of tasks have been rearranged to be more accurate at what level of difficulty they represent. A whole bunch of new tasks have been added to all difficulties. The way you obtain points has been completely reworked; You will now obtain points at a base rate x by your donator rank x by any additional; Easy: 6 + (0-3) Medium: 8 + (0-5) Hard: 10 + (0-20) Streak rewards: You will now obtain additional bonus points for keeping long streaks of tasks completed. Every 10 tasks your points will be doubled, this has existed in game for over a year now. The new streak rewards are shown below; 50 tasks = 250 slayer points, 75 tasks = 400 slayer points, 100 tasks = 1000 slayer points, 200 tasks = 1500 slayer points, 300 tasks = 2000 slayer points, 400 tasks = 3000 slayer points, 500 tasks = 4000 slayer points, 1000 tasks = 10000 slayer points, Slayer loot chests will now be dropped randomly during slayer. The loot of this chest is shown below; Reward improvements; You can now upgrade your 10% droprate emblem to 30%! You can now upgrade your 30% droprate emblem to 50%! Slayer Boss: Kuradel Bros; You can fight these at any point, however to obtain a reward you will need the Kuradel bros fight token which is dropped randomly during slayer. Due to the fact you need these tokens to get rewards from the boss, there isn't really any restrictions added to the area. You may use dwarf cannon, banking etc. Stats: HP: 2.5M(5M total), Maxhit: 350, Attack Style: Melee + Magic Multi: Yes Media: Rewards: Master Slayer Body (40% damage increase on task), Master Slayer Legs (40% damage increase on task), Inactive Master Slayer Helmet (Can be activated to provide 40% damage increase on task), Mini Slayer Buddy pet (200% d/r bonus on task), Random Slayer experience, 1-10 Slayer points, Taxbags, Mystery Boxes, Insanely OP key. Christmas donation deals end on 27th! Check out discord donation deal channel! You can now upgrade the 25% dr increasing ring to 50%. This is a 5% chance & 5 taxbag fee. Crazy fucking op key now requires an energy stone to be created. This can be purchased from the recycle centre. Fixed the Island minigame not progressing through the waves. Candy cane speed has been reduced. Fixed Riot baton upgrade. Added achievement discord message to Riot baton upgrade. Fixed a bug allowing players to remove items from Dungeoneering. Removed a bunch of junk drops from global rare drop announcements. Coins & Taxbags examines will now display how many your stack holds. You can now use cosmetic override kits on the Basket of Eggs. Increased the chances of obtaining an OP key part from the Mythical Beast. Increased the chances of obtaining an OP key part from the Guild Champion. Turmoil damage increase is now in the seasonal donation machine. Cleaned up a lot of slayer code. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! Please reload your client.
    6. Connor

      Update #64

      Update #64 Solak: The 3rd addition to mod spawned event bosses, Solak! Like the other 2, this boss can only be spawned by Moderators. Stats: Hitpoints: 50M Max hit: 990 Up to 50 people can obtain loot from this boss! Unique Rewards: Solak Jr pet (+500 Hitpoints (Stacks with other HP boosters) & damages your target) Solak Shard (Used to research to Solak Jr pet), Aku Aku mask (110% droprate - 0 stats), $50 Bond. Plenty of other awesome drops too! Afk tree daily cap is now 40,000 tokens. Reduced price of $5 bond from 25,000 Afk tokens to 20,000 Afk tokens. VIP donators can now take advantage of using both the regular afk tree & vip afk tree at the same time. The island points are now generated a bit faster and you will gain between 1-4 points per kill. Bags from Fucking Op Key have been reduced from 1M to 500K. Warrior pet's name no longer displays as null. Upgrading Cultist with Pikachu pets above T1 will now work correctly. Pokemon (elite) will no longer display as Pikachu (elite). Regular party hats now sell for 500k Bags to the tax bag store. Added spawns to Ghoul zone. Fixed a bug causing support to send players to Completionist zone by mistake. Thanos pet size has been reduced. A message now displays what your daily reward is. Updated perks interface to include the latest perks. I haven't ignored your suggestions in Discord! They're coming across the next couple of updates! Please reload your client.
    7. Connor

      Update #63

      Update #63 Crazy Fucking OP Key: Combine 50 Insanely OP Keys to create this mega key! Simply use the key on the OP chest at home as you would with a normal OP key. Double chest aura does NOT work with this key. Rewards: Rare rewards: Thanos pet (This is the first pet that will actually attack your target. (Damage dealt is anything from 0 to matching your damage, i.e double damage). Mythical cloak T7 upgrader (Upgrades Mythical Cloak T7 to Owner Cape (OP). Regular rewards: Troll potion (Complete RIP) Double Drop ring Ring of Love Death shard 25 x OP keys Store mbox $10 scratch x 3 100 d/r scroll Prayer badge Mythical lamp 1M Tax bags Avernic defender May'o book Dragonfire ward Red phat Blue phat White phat Green phat Purple phat Yellow phat $25 bond Ring of Devotion (i) Connor's bling Collectors necklace (i) Darklord token Mythical Warhammer Speed gloves Lightning staff Lightning crossbow Raid master armour effect has been fixed! Raid master axe will now work in the S.W.A.T raid. Frosty defender has been made rarer. RS3 Santa hat rarity has been corrected. Ice Dragon defender now has a unique model. Fixed some issues causing slayer helmet not to give melee damage bonus. Fixed Frosty Scythe animation. Updated One's armour models. Bad santa drop rate bonus has been corrected to 100%. Pokemon gauntlet attack speed has been increased. Penguin teleport has been removed from the loyalty store. Removed Lightning weapons from seasonal donation machine. Insanely OP Keys value on donation store has been reduced. Crazy fucking op key has been added to the donation store. Please reload your client.
    8. Connor

      Update #62

      Update #62 Frosty Partyhat: For limited time only! Grab this on the donation store! This item will be permanently discontinued after Christmas. Perks: 125% Drop rate Bonus +1000 Hit points Stats/Media: Master Raids Armour: You can now buy Master Raids armour for 10M raids points per item. These items are tradeable and outside of the raids they're in-between Crex & Succubus stats. However; Inside the raid it is the best possible armour that can be used because it has 50% increased damage per item, meaning a 350% damage increase when wearing the full set. The Raid Master Axe also have the same effects and sits nicely as a step up from the Lit sword, outside of Raids. Media: Ice Dragon Defender: Dropped by the penguins. The Ice Dragon defender will increase the speed of magic spells by 1 tick when worn. The defender is obtained from the Penguin Crate, however it it's chance is rarer than the rest. Fixed a bug causing ::afk to consume the daily limit before you really got to it. Most locations that block dwarf cannon, will now allow it. Crazy snowman spawns are no longer announced. RS3 Santa Hat model has been fixed. You can no longer use <img> in your titles. Removed some low tier drops from announcements. Amulet of Zealots will now announce as a rare drop. Scroll of Fortune will now track how many bags you have obtained from it. (Click the scroll for the data) Santa's gift perk will now track how many times you have been given a gift. Regular caskets are now collected by the collectors necklace. A whole bunch more items can now be sold to the tax bag store! Please reload your client.
    9. Connor

      Update #61

      Update #61 Cyber Monday Sales: Sales will end soon, take advantage now! Crazy Snowman: Christmas season is here! You can fight the Crazy Snowman by teleporting to it via the mass teleports, or type ::snowman I won't be offering any information on the boss, so just go there and have some fun! Stats: HP: 25,000,000 Max Hit: 500 Unique Rewards: RS3 Black Santa Hat (1/2000) Death Shard Frosty Staff (AOE), Ice Sword (Extra ice damage), Xmas Pudding Wand, Snowman Head (100% drop rate bonus), Santa Hat, Santa Costume Top, Santa Costume Legs, Santa Costume Boots, Santa Costume Gloves, Festive Aura (200% drop rate bonus) - Reduces to 50% after New Years Eve Plenty of other regular loot can be obtained! December Box: Wow! We've hit the end of our seasonal boxes for this year. That's flown by! Rewards; 5 x Store boxes, 20 x OP keys, 2 x $50 bonds, Frosty Scythe (Best melee weapon ingame for AOE damage, not for base damage), Candy Cane (Hits incredibly fast), Bad Santa Hat (Hybrid + 100% droprate + 1/10 chance damage proc(Stacks with the other 2 items for more damage), Bad Santa Body (Hybrid + 100% droprate + 1/10 chance damage proc(Stacks with the other 2 items for more damage), Bad Santa Legs (Hybrid + 100% droprate + 1/10 chance damage proc(Stacks with the other 2 items for more damage), Bad Santa Cloak (Highest drop rate bonus for a cape ingame), Santa's gift perk (Randomly obtain loot boxes, tax bags and red keys from Santa, whilst pvming) Custom donator sets have been completed. Scroll of fotune will now roll a chance every kill. Blood skeleton shirt will now work as a cosmetic override. Irish coin now gives the correct monthly box. Fixed a bug allowing Baton upgrade without Hellfire swords. You can no longer go into negative slayer points by upgrading the Baton. $25 bonds model will no longer change when stacked in your bank. All bosses will now show on the monster kill tracker. Golden minigun, Frost Minigun, Hellfire Necklace & Rainbow Bow will no longer announce when obtained via the upgrader. Trivia has had a bunch of new, relevant questions added. Double drops scroll is now stackable. Scroll of Praise is now stackable. KBD now respawns after 5 seconds. Moved a bunch of shops to the main shops area. Gems in the crafting store are now noted. Added dragon leather to crafting store. Pokemon gauntlet has been buffed. Implying jars are now noted in the Hunter store. Please reload your client.
    10. Connor

      Update #60

      Update #60 Black Friday Sales: Sales all week long are now active on the store! Enjoy them whilst they last! Raids Reward Shop: You will now gain points, whilst doing raids. These are calculated based on how much damage you contribute to each kill. How does it work? Your points will be 0 at the start of a raid, opening the raid chest will cause these points to turn into spendable points in the new store. Can I stack my points? Yes, but if you start a new raid without opening a raid chest, your points that you gained from the previous raid will reset to 0. Can I camp one boss for the points? Yes you can, but it won't give you any benefit because the maximum spendable points you will get is based on the total hp of the full raid. So it would only be wasting your own time. Rewards: Speak to the npc next to the raids portal to access the store. $1 Scratch card, $5 Bond, $50 Bond, Insanely OP Key, Raid Aura, Collectors Book (Used at the research table to unlock the Collectors perk). Daily Rewards: A new bunch of items have been added to the daily login rewards! Day 2: 500 Snowballs Day 5: 40 Box of Lamps Day 7: Cold Bond Day 14: Purpee Santa Hat Collectors perk has been added. This will keep your collectors ability active all the time, without need the necklace, or ring. Added number formatting to shop prices. Fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes. Vials will no longer be added to your inventory when a potion has finished. Added Bandit spawns. Collectors necklace has been reduced in value at the AFK store. Drugs lab experience when pruning will now be based on how many weeds you have. Added ::succubus & ::succ as a shortcut to Succubus. Added ::mental as a shortcut to Mental Case. Added ::mbeast as a shortcut to Mythical Beast. Added a message in chat at the Afk Tree to say how many tokens have been obtained out of the daily amount. Pumpkins can now once again be spent in the exchange store. Collectors perk/necklace will now work at Shuk. Collectors perk/necklace will now work at WeirdASF Boss. Mythical scraps will now give the Skillers amulet 20 charges per scrap. Mythical ore will now respawn instantly. Elite Pikachu has been replaced with Elite Pokemon and a new model. Please reload your client.
    11. Connor

      Update #59

      Update #59 Cultist Armour: As per popular demand. We have now developed a new armour set that can be upgraded to T4. This armour is given to new players at T1 and various tasks can be completed to upgrade it through to T4. This armour is designed to help new players not only progress, but understand the server as they do this. Media: Tier 1: Tier 2: Tier 3: Tier 4: How to upgrade? Simply right click the armour to upgrade it. If you haven't met the requirements, a message will display showing what needs to be done to upgrade. Requirements: Tier 1 -> Tier 2 Gain 100 Soulless kills Gain 100 Fat boy kills Obtain a Pikachu pet Obtain 50 recycled coins from the Item Recycler. Tier 2 -> Tier 3 Upgrade Fat boy weapon to T2 Achieve a Slayer level of 99. Obtain 500 Afk Tree Tokens from ::afk. Upgrade Pikachu to Tier 3. Reach wave 10 of the Island minigame. Tier 3 -> Tier 4 Unlock the Turmoil upgrade from the boss point store. Upgrade Pikachu to Tier 4. Obtain 500 recycled coins from the Item Recycler. Obtain "A line" from the drugs the lab exchange. Gain 100 Crex kills. All players who qualify for a drop in a group boss kill will now be given the killcount increase. Firework potion now has a separate timer to the keg of Irish beer. This allows them to be used back to back. Starter armour has been removed from starter packages. Firework potion appearing as "none" has been fixed. Shukarhazh now drops a $5 bond. Succubus drops have been changed to 1 in 1k chance, instead of 1 in 5k. Succbus will now drop a pouch which can contain a random item of armour. Succubus hitpoints have been reduced to 3M. Penguin teleport scroll can now be purchased from the loyalty store for 800K points. Mythical beast hitpoints have been reduced to 6M. Berserker ring (i) will no longer announce as a rare drop. Toxic blowpipe will no longer announce as a rare drop. Dragon warhammer will no longer announce as a rare drop. Every Thursday the entire server will get a 100% droprate boost. Please reload your client.
    12. Connor

      Update #58

      Update #58 November Boxes: Only 1 month away from Xmas! How exciting, but November is first! Boxes are $10 cheaper this month as promised! Rewards; 5 x Store boxes, 20 x OP keys, 2 x $50 Bond, Automatic dwarf cannon reload perk, 75% droprate booster (Only 1 per account), Firework potion (Insane stat boost for 5 minutes, 1 hour cooldown), Ice Amulet (Extra hit worth 10% damage), Double drop ring. Penguin zone loot crate: Contents; Ice Dragon Armour (Equip the full set to benefit from frostbite. Randomly triggered, it will cause your target to suffer 2 further hits of 150% and 100% of your current hit) Insanely OP key Taxbag box Discord: Discord integration has been updated to the latest version! This allows us to do much more things with discord -> server. Cold bonds are now redeemable! Fixed an issue causing lagg between discord & server. Stoner gun now counts are a gun at swat raids. Please reload your client.
    13. Connor

      Update #57

      Update #57 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas: Does Xmas start in November or December? Well, there home has gotten very cold and snow has been building up at home! Go clear it to gain new rewards! Rewards; Cold bond ($5-$15), Santa hat, Santa costume top, Santa costume legs, Santa costume gloves, Santa costume boots, Bobble scarf, Tri-jester scarf, Woolly scarf. Penguin Zone: You can use the penguin teleport from the red key ultra rare rewards to get to the penguin zone. Stats: Hitpoints: 1,000,000 Weakness: Magic Respawn: 5 seconds Rewards have been reworked! A whole new bunch of items will drop from these next week! The reason these rewards aren't being released this week is because they're being modelled. Hween event has now been removed. Regular santa hats have been reset due to them being obtainable before they were meant to be. Blood skeleton top can now be used with the cosmetic override system. Elite pokemon now counts as T7. WeirdasF boss now spawns every 5,000 server kills. Experience is now gained at the drugs lab. Vader hitpoints has been reduced by 33%. Clicking the raids portal will now make your character say how many raids in total you have completed. Please reload your client.
    14. Connor

      Update #56

      Update #56 Pokemon Chamber: Enter the chamber to battle the trio Elite Charmeleon, Squirtle & MewTwo. Each use a different style of combat, so it's highly suggested you do this as a group! Requirements: Pokemon pet T7 (Must be spawned when you tp) Stats: Hitpoints: 6,000,000 (18,000,000) Weakness: Combat Triangle Respawn: 30 seconds Unique Drops: Evolution Stone (Used to make Elite pokemon) Raichu tail (Amulet slot cosmetic) Ash's Hat (Cosmetic) Inactive Pokemon Gauntlet (AOE/Magic - To activate you must research it) To upgrade to the Pikachu Elite, you need four evolution stones and all Tier 7 Pets (Charmeleon, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Squirtle). All pumpkin picking will now give noted pumpkins until the event ends. Loop & Tooth half of crystal key are now stackable. Champion vader has been buffed. Unholy Cursebearer's drop table has been removed. DZ3 skavid's have been relocated. Raids armour now has 45% droprate per item. You can now combine Mystery boxes to make Supreme mystery boxes. Please reload your client.
    15. Connor

      Update #55

      Update #55 H'ween boss: As we move into October, it seems the H'ween boss has some new & more rewarding goodies for you! New rewards; Store Mystery Box, Spooky Bond, Death Shard (Used at research table to upgrade Speed Gloves). Quality of Life: This week I'm focusing on new player experiences, so this update will heavily be based on that. Fatboy T3 now requires Icy katana, instead of the Defenders sword. Fatboy T4 now requires Defenders sword, instead of the Icy katana. Silver torva from Skeletal horror is now 1/150, instead of 1/1000. Skirmish drop is now 1/250, instead of 1/1000. Defenders armour is now 1/400, instead of 1/1000. Defenders armour recycle value has been reduced to 300 coins each. Rex armour is now 1/400, instead of 1/1000. Rex armour recycle value has been reduced to 750 coins each. Arena's drop table has been reorganised to make hitting the rare table much more rewarding. I.e, no more lime rex etc. Darkblue armour is now 1/400, instead of 1/1000. Vet'ion drops have been made more common. All droprate island armour is now 1/400, instead of 1/1000. Water torva armour is now 1/400, instead of 1/1000 (This does not include the cape). Water torva armour recycle value has been reduced to 1,200 coins each. Prayer badge from the drugs lab now costs 12,500. The colour purple has been added to ::customtitle Please reload your client.