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    1. Connor

      Update #53

      Update #53 Perks Interface: You can now open the perks interface via the quest tab. This fairly simple interface will display what perks you have active and perks you don't have active. Quality of Life: Reduced the delay when opening player owned shops. After searching for an item, the shops will no longer reset after clicking one. This will allow you to compare prices. As per the poll, third-age items have now been wiped from the game. You can still obtain third-age items from the red key chest, but at a 1/2000 chance. You can also obtain them from clue scrolls at 1/1500 chance. Removed red texture from third-age. Animations from cosmetic override weapons will now display if you have the item showing. Lit bug lantern can now be purchased from H'ween exchange. Lava web cloak can now be purchased from H'ween exchange. Fixed a bug causing long-shot bow to turn into boots when banked. Fixed a bug causing Shaman staff to turn into boots when banked. Removed boosted accounts from hiscores. VIP armour can now be recycled. Skilling points will now be rewarded randomly, whilst skilling. Woodcutting xp has been corrected. Please reload your client.
    2. Connor

      Update #52

      Update #52 Halloween Event: As per the poll on discord; players have voted to have the event start early. Hween boss: Headless Horseman is a level 666 boss who has overtaken Draynor Manor, your job is to take him down to restore order! Up to 20 people will obtain loot per kill! This boss is located at ::home through the portal! Stats: Maxhit: 500 Area of Effect: Sometimes Weakness: Doesn't have one Hitpoints: 66,666,666 Respawn: 15 Seconds Rewards: Hweens (Rarest drops at 1/2000 chance) Pumpkin Bulwark (25% chance to heal you, instead of dying) Jack lantern Reaper hood Horseman Gloves Horseman Boots Pumpkin Picking: This is an afk activity, similar to ancient farming at the skilling village. You can pick pumpkins located around the home area. You will gain a whole load of pumpkins which can then be used to exchange for the following rewards; Blood Skeleton Outfit (Recolour white with red) Blood Scythe, Ancient Scythe, Poison Scythe, Spooky Bond (Gives between $1-10 to your total donated) The shop can be opened by clicking on an unnoted pumpkin and it will ask you to exchange pumpkins for the rewards. You will get a mix of noted & unnoted pumpkins, however Deluxe donators+ will always get noted pumpkins. Limited edition Black H'ween Grab it on the donation store, after H'ween it will be discontinued forever! All Black H'ween purchases will also receive 2 Seasonal donation keys. Well double exp cost has increased. Limey bow is now a 2H weapon. Hiscores have been fixed. You can now use cosmetic overrides on scythe type weapons. You can now use cosmetic overrides on flowers. Fixed some bottoms not being able to be used as cosmetic overrides. Fixed deagles not being able to be used as cosmetic overrides. You can now use cosmetic overrides on verac's brassard. You can now use cosmetic overrides on the grain cape. You can now use cosmetic overrides on cavalier's. Please reload your client.
    3. Connor

      Update #51.5

      Update #51.5 Fixed removing overrides. Added X button to overrides interface. Added more mythical rocks to the skilling village quarry. Some item values have been changed in the afk store. Added some new items to afk store. Fatboy T7 is now tradeable again. Fatboy T6/T7 weapons are now classed as Mythical type. Jake is now the events manager. Please reload your client.
    4. Connor

      Update #51

      It was voted to be done, there was nearly a 2 week warning.
    5. Connor

      Update #51

      Update #51 September Boxes: Finally! A new box! We've made this box extra special because of feedback over the August box, so enjoy the OP goodies! Rewards; Supreme Reckless Aura (+50% ranged damage), Supreme Maniacal Aura (+25% magic damage), Supreme Healer Aura (+1000 HP) - This means if you have level 99HP, then it will be 199, but on 10x hits that is 1,000 HP, September Partyhat (100% drop rate bonus), Scroll of Fortune (Chance to gain extra tax bags whilst killing monsters), Wings of Experience (90% experience boost. Will NOT stack with xp auras), Ring of Fortune (150% drop rate bonus, but no stats), Infinite Overkill Stability (Keeps your overkill stats boosted for the duration), 2 x $50 Bonds, 20 x Insanely OP Keys, 5 x Store Boxes. Cosmetic Overrides: Following a successful beta test, i am proud to release this content to you all! I have worked on this for a long time and i hope you all enjoy it very much! What is this? This system allows you to use a cosmetic override kit on an item to override the equipment slot, so if you wanted to show off your santa hat, but wanted the stats of your malevolent helm, simply use a kit on the santa hat and now you all show off your santa hat, without the need to leave your malevolent helm at the bank! How do i obtain a kit? Kits are one time use consumables, they can be bought from the donation store. You can also obtain them from skiller chests which are dropped whilst skilling with the skillers amulet. These are classed as common loot. How do i toggle my overrides on/off & how do i get my item back after overriding it? Visit the cosmetic override interface which will allow you to toggle each individual slot on, or off. It will also allow you to reclaim your item, but you will not get the kit back. Extra Information: You must be wearing an item for your override to appear. Overrides will be turned off when you enter the wilderness. As it stands, max/comp cape colours do not work, however this will be added. Hiscores: For some time now, we haven't had hiscores and i am glad to say that they're now live on the website! Enjoy racing to top spots. Added hiscores button to the top of the client. You can now make an infinite overkill potion at the research table. Fixed 2,000 Mythical ore achievement. Fixed quest tab causing players to lock xp. Fixed an issue causing drop rate to overlap loyalty points in the quest tab. Hellfire logs are now stackable. Fixed frost dragon slayer teleport. Fixed a bug causing players run animations to freeze. Fixed youtuber drop rate bonus. OP Key parts are now stackable. Daily resets now occur the next day, rather than 24 hours later. Overloads have been removed from the loyalty store. Overloads have been added to the consumable store. Fixed a bug allowing players to benefit from the stability overload perk without redeeming it. Fixed the delay on overkill potions reaching the maximum boosted value. Xp well now requires 200,000 bags to activate. Bonds purchased from ::afk are no longer tradeable. Xmas crackers are now obtained via store boxes. Sants, Hweens & Phats have been removed from the game as per the poll which passed. (This does not include non-cosmetic versions) Please reload your client.
    6. Connor

      Update #50.5

      Update #50.5 Fixed thieving stalls in the skilling village. Added a mining shop at the quarry in the skilling village. Mine 2,000 Runite ores completionist requirement has been changed to 2,000 Mythical ores. Burn 2,500 Magic logs completionist requirement has been changed to 2,500 Hellfire logs. Harvest 10 Torstols completionist requirement has been changed to 150 Ancient herbs. The requirements will NOT be reset, so if you have already completed them, congratulations 🙂 Please reload your client.
    7. Connor

      Update #50

      Update #50 Skilling Expansion/Village: Following discussions with players & staff, we have added an entire new skilling village! Inside this village you will find normal resources, but also new resources! These new resources can be used to make new & powerful consumables! Deposit boxes can be found around the village, these are for Extreme donators+. Donator zone xp buffs, will carry over to this zone! You can now obtain the Max Xp Cape for maxing out all skills. This cape shares the same stats as the completionist cape. Farming: You will find a new Ancient patch at the skilling village, this is a much more click intensive way to skill, but it offers much better xp rates & of course new herbs which can be used to make new potions! Herblore Overkill Potion (+5 stats over Overload - Overloaded perk adds +15 stats over Overload) Can be created by mixing an Overload (4), Ancient Rue & Hellfire logs. Skillers Boost Potion (50% chance for gathering resources to be banked - 50 charges per sip, cannot be stacked) Can be created by mixing Vial of Water, Ancient Cumin, Bulging Tax Bag & Mythical Scraps. Double Yield Potion (50% chance for gathering resources to be doubled - 30 charges per sip, cannot be stacked) Can be created by mixing Vial of Water, Ancient Horehound, 50x Noted Rune Bars & 50 Red Chinchompas. Mining & Smithing: You will find some Mythical rocks in the mining quarry which give Mythical ore. This ore can be converted into Mythical bars which are stackable. These can either be used to make consumables or converted into new best in slot skilling equipment. Mythical Pickaxe: Requires 250 Bars & Infernal pickaxe to create. Fastest pickaxe ingame & provides tax bags whilst skilling! Mythical Hatchet: Requires 250 Bars & Inferno Adze to create. Fastest Hatchet ingame & has the Adze effect! Woodcutting: Amongst the dense forest, you will find some Hellfire trees which give Hellfire logs. These provide the best firemaking experience ingame, or can be used to make consumables. Hunter A packed hunting ground will provide the quickest catch rates ingame! Fishing & Cooking: The River contains all fishing spots and you can even access Rocktails which are situated perfectly next to the deposit box! Within close distance you will find a cooking hut with 4 ranges & 4 deposit boxes! Other skills: The village also has a summoning training area within only a few steps of a regular bank. It has thieving stalls, within 2 steps of the bank. Accessing the village: To access the village, you must use the skilling teleport to one of the skills at this village, i.e fishing. Skillers Amulet: You can purchase this from the skilling point store for 2,500 points, however you will need to charge it with Mythical Scraps to benefit from it's effect. Each Mythical scrap will charge it by 10. Whilst skilling with a charged amulet, it will decrease in charges, each time it decreases it has a high chance to spawn a skillers chest, below your feet. The calculations are done based on the base rate experience. It still works if you have max experience. Shown below is loot from 1000 Skiller chests This includes: 1% Drop rate scroll, Double drop enhancer, and x2 Base drops, Mythical Bars, $5 Bonds. Both enhancer and base drop is consumed after each kill. Cosmetic Overrides: The system is now fully coded & will enter a testing phase which will give staff access to the system. Providing all goes well, it will be released next update. Item Removal: The following items will be wiped from the game prior to the cosmetic override update due to the poll passing. I am giving you this warning, so you can recycle them, alch them or whatever, but trading them to an unsuspecting victim is now classed as scamming; Regular RS Partyhats, Regular RS Santa,Regular RS H'ween masks & any custom coloured cosmetic version. Daily afk tokens now cap at 15,000 per day. You will still obtain other rewards whilst capped. Fixed a bug causing hunter npcs to not respawn. Double chest loot aura now applies to the Skillers Chest. Fixed some items showing as incorrect models when stacked. Maximum experience per skill has been increased to 2B. Dragonkin lamps have been significantly nerfed for all skills, except combat. Lamps will no longer have an experience boost with events, zones etc. Added ::lockxp command. Updated some skilling teleports to now take you to the skilling village. Highscores will come soon! Data is being collected. Please reload your client.
    8. Connor

      Update #49

      Update #49 Irish Coin: Irish coin can now be used a gamble token at the Seasonal Donation Machine. You can obtain any of the following rewards; 1 x August Box (Will change every time we enter a new month), 1 - 2 x Store Mystery Box, 2 - 3 x Insanely OP Keys, 1 x Super Taxbag Box, 1 x Double Drops Scroll, 1 x Hellfire Shadow Sword, 15 x Taxbag Box, 15 x Scratch Cards, $5 Bond, $10 Bond, $25 Bond, $50 Bond. $10 Scratch Card: You can now combine 15 $1 Scratch Cards to make a $10 Scratch Card. $10 cards will give atleast 50 tax bags if you lose, unlike $1 which gives nothing. Matching 2 will also give a $1 Scratch Card. New Rewards: Scythe of Vitur (Has the largest range of AOE attack & also has the highest minimum hit for a melee AOE attack) $50 Bond, $25 Bond, $10 Bond, Double Drop Scroll, Double XP Scroll, Taxbag Box, Super Taxbag Box (Upto 20k bags). Mental Cases's Zapper is now an AOE weapon. Mental Case's Zapper now counts as a gun in the SWAT raids. Changed scratch cards first option to "Scratch". Fixed an issue causing console spam. Updated Seasonal Donation Machine loot table. VIP Donator rank now has the no GWD kc requirement perk. Staff can now grab starter packs from the Staff table. Deluxe tree at VIP zone now acts as an AFK tree which provides twice the amount of rewards. Deluxe tree has been renamed to Deluxe AFK Tree. Updated guide directory to include Magic & Ranged armour guide (Thanks Fura). Please reload your client.
    9. Connor

      Update #48

      Update #48 Mythical Beast: The Mythical Beast can be found locked away in a dungeon. Don't under estimate how much anger this beast has! The Mythical Beast can only be finished with a Mythical type item equip. If this item is not equip, then the player will be killed and the boss will heal 1,000,000 hitpoints. This is a social boss, so up to 10 people can gain loot per kill! Stats: HP: 60M Max Hit: 500 Weakness: Melee Respawn Time: 20 Second Drops Mythical Cloak T1 (Can be upgraded to T6/T7 at the research table, these are the best capes ingame) Mini Beast Pet (Stops the defence drain special attack at Mythical Beast) Mythical Bunny Ears. Collectors Ring. Media: Cosmetic Overrides: These are NOT released to players yet! I have spent an awful lot of time working on a system to allow you guys to override each slot with another item and i am pleased to say that the foundations for this system are in place and it functions as planned! This is a very complex system and needs a lot of testing to make sure no exploits can be exposed, that's why it will take a few weeks to be released. For now, this will be tested by admins. As you can see in the image, i appear to be wearing a santa hat, but in fact that is an override, but i actually have the green partyhat equip. Added Mythical Chest to Double Chest Loot Aura. Fixed Black Dragon Helmet animation. Hellfire necklace is now deleted when researching the collectors necklace (i). Collectors necklace (i) name on the research table has been corrected. Added ::compboss command for a quick teleport to ItsYaBoi. ::starterguide will now link to HC UNIVERSE's guide. All Fat Boy weapons are now tradeable. Corporeal beast sigil drops will no longer announce. World Totem 2 will now announce as a rare drop. 1% droprate fragments upgrade option priority has been moved to prevent misclicks. Please reload your client.
    10. Connor

      Update #47

      Update #47 August Boxes: Another month, another new juicy box! Possible Rewards: 5 x Store Boxes, 20 x OP Keys, 2 x $50 Bonds, Black Dragon Helmet (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Black Dragon Platebody (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Black Dragon Legs (Melee/Range + 80% d/r), Flaming Sword (Has a 10% chance to deal additional fire damage) Supreme Berserker Aura (50% additional melee damage) Offhand Hellfire Sword (BIS) Daily Rewards: You can now be rewarded for the more often you login! The same lock that applies to achievements, will apply to this. This will stop multiple accounts claiming. Rewards: Day 1: 5 x Crystal Keys Day 2: Supreme Mystery Box Day 3: 5 x Scratch Cards Day 4: Insanely OP Key Day 5: Infernal Mystery Box Day 6: Double Xp Scroll Day 7: Double Drop Scroll Day 8: $5 Bond Day 9: 20 x Taxbag Box Day 10: 10,000 x Tax Bags Day 11: 2 x Double Xp Scroll Day 12: 2 x Double Drops Scroll Day 13: $10 Bond Day 14: Special H'ween Mask After the 14th day, you will reset and go back to day 1. These rewards will often change, so best to keep logging in. AFK Tree Rewards Revamp: You will now obtain AFK Tree Tokens whilst using the AFK tree. Rates are approximately 1600-1800 per hour. These can be spent in the shop below which is found at ::AFK; SUMMER SALE NOW ACTIVE ON ::DONATE UNTIL 1ST AUGUST! The Sell for Taxbags shop now accepts items from raids and a few others. (If anymore need to be added, please put it on discord) Unique model has been added for weed plants at the Drugs Lab. Added additional logs to help Jake monitor. Lit void now produces +40% damage instead of +20%. Stoner gear has been nerfed. Removed messages generated when hand cannon shots proc effect. $5 bond in Drugs Lab is now a $10 bond. Dagannoth Kings rings will no longer announce as a rare drop. Ring of the Gods will no longer announce as a rare drop. Fixed an issue causing delays when opening POS. Please reload your client.
    11. Connor

      Update #46

      Update #46 Mental Case's Zapper: Mental case boss can now drop this weapon. It's drop chance is 1/10k and not affected by drop rate bonuses. Attack speed is the 2nd fastest in-game behind Blow Your Head Off (u). It uses hand cannon shots for ammo & hits 3 times per attack which is 1 less than Blow Your Head Off (u). SUMMER SALE NOW ACTIVE ON ::DONATE UNTIL 1ST AUGUST! Added an additional floor of Mental Case spawns. Mental case's drops will now announce. Mental case's teleport fee has been increased to 2,500 tax bags. 1/10k drops will now be announced on discord. BYHO (u) creation requirements have been changed. $5 bonds can now be purchased from the drug dealer at the Drugs Lab. Unlimited prayer badge can now be purchased from the drug dealer at the Drugs Lab. Bagged illegal weed is now tradeable. Stoner chain has been buffed. Mystic robes, Seer's ring & Staff of Light can now be obtained in the Island minigame. T7 Fatboy stats have been increased. T7 Fatboy can now be used in the SWAT raid. Champion vader gear droprate bonus has been increased by 5% per item. Added ::raid3 command. Unlimited prayer scroll is no longer stackable. Please reload your client.
    12. Connor

      Update #45

      Update #45 The newest addition to our bosses is Mental Case! This crazy dude will utterly destroy you if you aren't well equip! Stats: Hitpoints: 7,000,000 Max Hit: 500 Respawn: 20 seconds Multi: No Weakness: N/A Special: Can cause you to be dragged into the air and deal up to 1,500 damage in a single game tick. Requirements: 1,500 Tax bags per teleport Drops: Ring of Flying (Whilst worn your player will fly around) Frozen hand cannon shots (10% chance to freeze your target) Lava hand cannon shots (10% chance to apply an additional burn damage to your target) Heavy hand cannon shots (Double the ranged bonus) Speed Gloves (Increases Range/Melee attack speed by 20%) Media: Collecting weed from the bushes is now automated and you no longer need to spam them. Fixed a bug making P2W ring stackable. Red keys are now stackable. Weed bush models have been updated at Drugs Lab. Weed icon is now a shield slot item. Goku Elite pet droprate bonus has been increased to 135%. Upgrading items is now automated, providing you have the required items. Upgrading items is now much faster. VIP donators now obtain 2 picked weed per action. Stoner box drop chance is now much more likely to be obtained with a full inventory of weed. A raid on the drugs lab is now 20% more likely to occur. Fixed some issues with POS causing some server wide delays. Please reload your client.