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    1. Connor

      Update #164

      Update #164 Mythic Rank The new donation rank which requires $20,000, of course this is also accumulated by bonds and realistically aren't expected to dump 20k USD to get this rank, so it's achievable for everyone. Benefits: New chat icon, 2% permanent luck bonus, 10% extra battlepass experience gain, 10% permanent drop rate bonus, 50% extra experience, All platinum zone benefits are doubled. Don't panic! There is a zone in the works, but to accompany it, other updates are needed first! Seasonal Donation key now correctly rewards from the Irish Coin. Seasonal Donation Key credit cost reduced to 5. Improved some client optimisation. Updated custom set requests. Your client should be on Update #163
    2. Connor

      Update #163

      Update #163 Dread Queen Delve into it's dungeon where you will find 4 different tiers. Obtain various untradeable drops from them wich are used to create new powerful perks! Requirements: 250 Cave Guardian (T4) kills Perks: All perks below are made at the research table with untradeable parts dropped by the Queen's. Dread - Lowers your targets defence by 25% (always procs) Slayer God - Ability to reset slayer tasks without losing streak or need for a ticket Elite Turmoil - Doubles the output of turmoil Lucky Red Keys - 25% chance to double loot from all Red Key types P2W Amulet A very powerful Amulet that can be upgraded to (i) by combining it with the Monies Amulet (i) which gives it +25K stats & all Monies Amulet (i) effects! Check it out on ::store now! (On release sale discount for limited time) Passives: +5% Luck +5% Drop Rate +25% Experience +250 HP Irish Coins now once again can reward you with Seasonal Donation Keys. Guild Champion no longer requires completionist status to fight. Disabled the door at Guild Champion. Moved the teleport location at Guild Champion. Raids bonus is now also on Fridays. Shadow Amulet now goes into the correct slot. Support can now spawn the Giant Ent for events. Giant Ent should now take priority over other models below it. Your client should be on Update #162
    3. Connor

      Update #162

      Update #162 Giant Ent The Giant Ent is now a staff spawned boss for events! HP: 300M Possible Rare Loot: SDK Free Pick (allows you to reroll rewards unlimited times from an SDK chest until you pick one whilst using an SDK), $50 Bond, Double Daily Reward Token, Lil Bit O Luck (Inventory item - +3% luck), Active Gains Aura (Doubles AG Points). Raid 25% bonus is now Saturday & Sundays. Double XP bonus is now Fridays, Saturdays & Sunday. Auto Retaliate no longer turns off during teleporting. Slushee Perk ice effect bonus has been fixed. BMT will no longer say its open at 8pm. Your client should still be on Update #161 - Smallish update, but I wanted you to have something new whilst I work on other stuff.
    4. Connor

      Update #161

      Update #161 Global Boss Changes Solak now spawns every 6 hours from 0000 Seatroll Queen now spawns every 6 hours from 0200 Goku now spawns every 6 hours from 0400 Solak no longer drops the Seasonal Key (p1) Goku no longer drops infinite prayer scroll extension New staff spawned bosses will be added in due time. Other Integrity Changes Seasonal Donation Key (part 1) is now in the Raid Point Store. Seasonal Donation Key store price has been reduced to $45. Irish Coin no longer rewards the Seasonal Donation Key. Irish Coin now rewards the Prayer Extension Scroll. Sandals (u) now have the Mutant Boots effects. Raid 4 damage caps has been increased to 200,000. All Raids drop rate has been buffed by 25%. Snap Perk should no longer be blocked. Mule system has been temporarily disabled. However abuse of this will result in a PC/IP ban. A bunch of announcements have been removed. DPS Dummy HP has been doubled. Sunny Loot Box items no longer stack Fixed Berserker Trinket drop rate bonus Fixed an undisclosed bug Staff can now hand out referral scrolls Staff can now use a command to send starter packers to all players who for any reasond didn't get one. Dropping items from your inventory will now show to everyone after around 30 seconds and be removed from the game 60 seconds later. (This does NOT apply to boss drops etc). Updated a players zone. Corrected Mini Slave pet token examine. Gigantic Tax Bag HP has been increased. Tome can now be used with cosmetic overrides. Hyogamon loot table can now be seen on the teleport screen. Your client should still be on Update #160
    5. Connor

      Update #160

      Update #160 Sunny Loot Box Grab one of these bad boys from store to get some unique loot! The price has even been reduced, allowing you to get more bang for your buck! 1 x Limited Key Token 2 x Limited Key Tokens 10 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes 5 x Store Mystery Boxes Slushee Perk - Doubles the Frostbite damage & provides an extra 2% when Ice Dye is used. Health Regeneration Aura - Healing gives 10% more & increase max HP by +100. Secret Admirer Title - Provides everyone around you with +100HP. Mini Slave Pet - 20% chance when opening Clue Caskets the Casket will be saved (stacks with Clue Retainer Emblem). Berserker Trinket - 5% Drop Rate Bonus, 1% Luck & 5% extra melee damage. Wings of Experience - +45% experience bonus. Experienced Ground Aura - +25% experience bonus. Shadow Amulet - Whilst worn it doubles the effects of Shadow Dye. Psycho Mystery Box Boss For limited time, hes back! Take him down at ::sb Possible Rare Rewards: Summer Fishing Rod, Go Big or Go Home Boxes, Aura of the Gods, Psycho Box Pet Token, Psycho Title Unlock. Smuggler Reroll Tokens, Increased Raids Rare Chance Tokens, Bonds Inactive Aura has been added to the donation store. Gigantic Tax Bag boss BP task now rewards the MVP with XP too. Corrected the text after redeeming Battle Pass via credits. Fixed Ice Dye effect not working on Digimon weapons. Fixed Shadow Dye effect not working on Digimon weapons. Max Xp Lamps now give 1.2B XP to heroic instead of 18M. SDK machines have been updated. Your client should be on Update #160
    6. Connor

      Update #159

      Update #159 Digimon Superior Weapons They are here! These weapons are the STRONGEST in-game with increased AOE damage too! Create them at the research table, although they're very expensive. Mythical Shard You can now buy a Mythical Shard from the store which allows you to fuse all 3 Supreme Combat Auras & an Inactive Aura together, this will also give +60% damage whilst using the Supreme Tribrid Aura. Battle Pass (Season 2) It's here! This ones pretty hot and packed with goodies for both f2p and premium pass users to obtain! This pass will run for 3 months until 27th August. Fixed the Saguine Ornament Kit. Seasonal Donation Key has been made slightly rarer from Irish Coin. Seasonal Donation Key Parts have been made slightly rarer to obtain, except from Supreme Mystery Boxes. Worked on some backend issues causing disconnects. Prestiging now only reduces the experience by 13,034,431, instead of resetting you to level 1. Max Xp Lamp added to aid users xp restore, however it is not obtainable in-game. Your client should be on Update #159
    7. Connor

      Update #158

      Update #158 (fixes) Aura drops from Hyogamon Chests have been nerfed. Hyogamon Minions can now be killed by any player. Hyogamon Minions are now half as likely to be spawned. Hyogamon Minions no longer have a 100% chance to knock prayer off, it is now 20%. Entering & Leaving the wilderness will no longer change your equipment tab to the cosmetic equipment. You can no longer spawn pets inside Hyogamon area. Fixed a bug meaning creating the Digimon Sword made the Digimon Staff. Removed options on the rift objects in Hyogamon area to avoid misclicks. Removed attack option from Hyogamon pet. Hyogamon Loot Chest now announces as a rare drop. Infinity Hat no longer hides your face. Fixed being able to remove boots from cosmetic override rides. Daily lamp/effigy cap has been increased to 100. Completed custom set/title orders. Your client should be on Update #158
    8. Connor

      Update #157

      Update #157 Hyogamon Trio Elite Boss Introducing the latest elite boss! The trio's are very aggressive and each have unique combat scripts. However they have some of the juicest drop tables in-game! Up to 3 people can fight the trio's at a time. This will stop the economy being oversupplied and crashing the market. Don't worry though, players will be teleported out randomly after kills to give others an opportunity to join in. Requirements: 10 x Thanos Kills Information: Hitpoints: 100M (per boss) In order to kill the boss, you must activate the lodestone. If you do this and the boss doesn't die in time, the room will be instantly killed. (We've added a new rule so that if players intentionally try to troll with this it is now a banable offence) 1/100 chance per kill the player to be teleported out of the room (if this isn't like we will introduce a timer instead) AOE is disabled inside the boss room Rare Drops Digimon Bow (drops in 3 parts. Fixed is best-in-slot f2p) Digimon Sword (drops in 3 parts. Fixed is best-in-slot f2p) Digimon Staff (drops in 3 parts. Fixed is best-in-slot f2p) Hyogamon Baby (pet unlock - up to +75% damage against slayer targets) Dye Removing Cloth (damaged) Supreme Berserker Aura (Extremely Rare Drop) Supreme Reckless Aura (Extremely Rare Drop) Supreme Maniacal Aura (Extremely Rare Drop) Grand Supreme Weapons (Releasing next update) The research table has 3 new items to be researched! These will have a chance to fail the research costing the Digimon weapon. Grand Supreme Staff (Best-in-slot overall magic weapon. Can also be dyed) Grand Supreme Bow (Best-in-slot overall ranged weapon. Can also be dyed) Grand Supreme Sword (Best-in-slot overall melee weapon. Can also be dyed) Completed custom set orders. Fat Boy Elite's seem to be far too superior to other styles, so we have reduced its additional hits by 1. This may take further tweaking, but we will see how it plays out. Various background work has been done. Your client should be on Update #157 Smaller than I wanted, but most of you understand my situation right now.
    9. Connor

      Update #156

      Update #156 SDK Reward Shift Some items have been in the SDK machines for years, so we feel now is the right time to distribute them through the game. Changes; x2 Raid Points Aura can now be obtained from the Bond Point Store Apple Sauce can now rarely be obtained when completing a Skillers Village task Box of Chocolates can now be obtained from the Go Big or Go Home box Bunch of Roses can now rarely be obtained whilst farming Ancient Herbs Demonic Teddy is now a very rare drop from Succubus Pouches Discounted Wings are now the rarest item that can be obtained from a Store Mystery Box Lovers Booties can now be obtained from the Item Upgrader Baby Dracula Pet can now be obtained from the Item Upgrader Offhand Umbrella is now part of Money Bois rarest drop table Heart Orb is now in the vote reward store Cupids Bow can now be obtained from the Bond Point Store Portable Item Recycler can now rarely be obtained whilst recycling items Flaming Partyhat is now a research table item Skiller Madness Aura can now be obtained directly from ::store Auto Seller 3000 Rework Having passed the poll, the following changes have occurred. The Auto Seller 3000 is now called the Auto Wealth 3000 The item will now have a 5% chance to generate 5% of the drops value in tax bags Item Upgrader interface now formats the currency correctly. Corrected Lucky Trinket's bonus inside the Empowered Quiver. Moved a reward on achievements interface to avoid confusion. Enhanced Spring Cleaner now works on Mythical Chests. Enhanced Spring Cleaner now works on Champion Loot Sachels. Attacker Icons can now be used as cosmetic overrides. Initiate armour can now be used as cosmetic overrides. Your client should be on Update #156
    10. Connor

      Update #155

      Update #155 Spring Donation Egg Cache A brand new limited edition box has arrived on store! Possible Loot; 15 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes 5 x Store Mystery Boxes 1 x Limited Key Token 2 x Limited Key Token Easter Ground Aura (Increases Maxed Melee, Ranged & Magic perks by an extra 5% - also has +2k stats) Easter Pocket Pouch Upgrade (adds 3 extra slots to the Pocket Pouch storage) Spring Cleaner Enhancer (Enhances the Spring Cleaner Perk to automatically bank all loot from chests/boxes when opened) Spring Cleaner Perk (Automatically banks Effigys & Lamps from chests/boxes) Bond Retainer Aura (3% chance to save bonds when used towards donation value, or 10% when towards point store) Smuggled Smuggler Perk (5% chance when smuggling items you will find an extra high crate) Black Market Thief Perk (10% chance when using BMT you will gain 50% extra Dollars) Upgrader Totem (50% more likely to succeed at Item Upgrader) (Inactive) Power Gemstone (Combined with all 3 Clue Scrolls gems to activate. Gives all 3 gems + 5% AOE damage boost) (Inactive) Aura (Combines some auras together. Currently the Disease Aura & Extension Aura can be combined) More Combinations For The Inactive Aura Will Be Added Over Time Increased Rates Event! As a little Easter bonus for you. The following bonuses are active until Tuesday! +10% Drop Rate Bonus, Raids +25% rare chance is active, Rogue Penguin loot is 10% more common, Double Experience (Stacks with weekend), Item Smuggler gives +1 crate per day, Black Market Trader is giving +20% Dollars! Ground Aura visuals have been fixed. Snow has melted away from home area. Reduced Thanos's HP to 100M. Thanon's minions should now spawn sooner to prevent losing the kill. Constitution Orb HP bonus should now stack correctly. Heat Healing Aura HP bonus should now stack correctly. Little Love Aura HP bonus should now stack correctly. Frosty Party HP bonus should now stack correctly. Fixed Evil Baby PZ teleport. Items which have cooldown that were not able to be traded when not in cooldown has been fixed. You can no longer drop items on cooldown. SDK Machines have been updated with new loot. Skillers Amulet should now prompt when it runs out. Tax Bag Boxes can now be combined into the Super version. Daily Login Reward will now always update when seasonal afk items change. Platinum Zone Vader spawn where it only had 2 spawns has been increased to 3. Changed Stronghold Raid's Kingly Imp drop to 2 x OP Keys. Cosmetic Overrides item removal now has a confirmation dialogue. Noxious Shard has been added to BMT's required items. Snowman Spawners no longer work. Auto Clicking to open chests is the only allowed method of auto clicking, however setting your speed quicker than one second is now a banable offence. If your client does not say Update #155 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    11. Connor

      Update #154

      Update #154 Rare Sunflowers Spring has arrived! Collect the Sunflowers & exchange them for rewards, or Enchant them! Regular Rewards: Golden Sunflower (3% droprate bonus & +100 HP) Warm Bond ($1-5) Chick Pet (1% droprate bonus) Chicken Weapon (cosmetic) Chick Title Flower Title Enchanted Rewards: All previous rewards remain in the shop, in addition... Sunflower Ground Aura (A new item slot! Item provides stats & +1% Luck) Sunflower Amulet (+5% experience & 5% discount at Active Gains Store) Active Gains Points A new system has been added which aims to reward those who engage in the following active content; Slayer, Skilling Tasks, Drugs Lab (Enchanted Materials), Full Barrows, Daily Money Makers, Raids, World/Global Bosses, Elite Bosses. Rewards Shop: Store Mystery Box, Red Key, Scratch Cards, Super Tax Bag Boxes, Supreme Mystery Boxes, Clue Scrolls, Bonds. Ground Aura item slot has been added to the game. Enchanted Refining material is now untradeable. Barbarian Assault icons are now classed as Ground Auras. Fixed staff not gaining Loyalty Points. Equipment tab has been slightly changed to allow the new Ground Aura slot. Valentines Event has ended. Thanos's HP has been increased. Thanos's damage cap has been increased. Thanos's script has slightly changed to fix a bug where he is killed too soon. Fixed a bug that caused research table to error when making items. Adding shading to POS text to help with reading. Armadyl Machine will no longer bug out when stacked with other machines. Mystic & Seismic spell now only requires level 1 Magic. 50% extra OP keys world buff is now 10%. For some reason Slayer Temple stopped being a task only area, this has been fixed. Expensive Hand Cannon Shots now have tax value. Escaped Mutated Beast loot cap is now 30 by default. Ousted Completionist Player loot cap is now 30 by default. More Crazy Fkin OP key rewards now give tax bag value. Completed custom set. If your client does not say Update #154 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    12. Connor

      Update #153

      Update #153 Achievements Update Mostly all achievements rewards have been updated to be worth doing. Some more interesting elite tier tasks have been added. Accounts with alt/mule block can no longer complete achievements. MythicalPS Point store has been updated. A new achievement cape can now be obtained once all achievements have been completed. Originally it was decided NPC TASKS would merge with Achievements, however I have decided this isn't really needed and would only make Completionist cape extremely hard to obtain. Achievement Master Cape: This cape can be worn by those that have completed every Achievement. You can claim your own by right clicking the Completionist Cape Stand. If you have an Owner Cape, then don't fear! You can right click the Achievement Cape to merge for a cost of 5M Bags which will mean your Achievement Cape benfits now work with any Owner Cape. Benefits; +10% Experience, +5% Drop Rate Bonus, +1% Luck. Sandals (u) model has been updated. Research Table model has been updated. Fixed a bug that meant prestiging would mean you could wear your Completionist Cape without all Achievements completed. Reduced amount of MythicalPS points that warriors give to 1. Insanely OP Keys can now be recycled for 200 each. Reverted prayer timer colour back to white. World Bonus should no longer be empty. The Auto Seller 3000 is now tradeable. Completed Mini-Me & Title orders. Gilded Armour has been added to the Recycle Centre. If your client does not say Update #153 at the top, please REBOOT it. Sorry the update is slightly smaller, as most of you know we've had a household of sickness.
    13. Connor

      Update #152

      Update #152 Quality of Life Update Player Owned Shops: When opening POS it will no longer list shops alphabetically, but instead shuffle them every time. The same also applies when searching for an item, however it will still inform you where the cheapest item is. Damage Calculations: Damage no longer caps out causing negative results. This directly impacts the DPS dummy & bosses that have hit caps. Due to this, we have reset the DPS Dummy leaderboards. Rogue Penguins prayer drain now effects all players. Improved staff's banning methods to deal with spammers when not online. Updated relevant custom armours. Completed all outstanding custom titles. Empowered Quiver now works correctly in combat. Fixed titles not working for a couple of players. Rogue Penguin's combat script now works correctly. Anti-Vax shield bonus has been fixed. Corrected slayer teleport location for Mental Case task. Vader Sabre has been removed from Superior Chests. Fixed Global Buff book not going into WAB's collection log. Made Global Book rarer from WAB. Drop Rate cap enhancers should now stack correctly. Removed some left click options on pets. Wings of Experience now stack with auras. Magic Damage with pets should now be more evident. Increased Thanos's attack speed by 1 tick. Thanos's minions should now spawn at 5M HP. Increased Lucky Trinket's drop rate bonus to 7%. Pot Timers should now be easier to see. Typing any command when your account is pin locked will now cause the box to popup. Reduced Mystic Boi (elite) spell requirement to level 85 magic. Raging Codex examine has been updated to explain what the perk does. Bad Santa pet has been added to the pet interface. OP key parts from Raids has been doubled. ::maxhit has been removed. SWAT in Drugs Lab now spawn in a new location. Non Platinum users should no longer be able to utilise the chest perk at Money Boi. Infinite Overload Stability can now be sold correctly. 4ever alone title effect no longer works on Thanos. Insanely OP Keys can no longer be recycled. Limited Key Tokens now come in 1 & 2 amounts. Old tokens which you will have can be exchanged by clicking them. If your client does not say Update #152 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    14. Connor

      Update #151

      Update #151 Box of Love Lewts Grab the newest seasonal box on store! This is a short timeframe box, so grab it whilst you can! Possible Loot: 500 x Limited Key Tokens, 1,000 x Limited Key Tokens, 15 x Go Big or Go Home Boxes, Plan B - (Activate once per day to gain +7% Luck on the next 1,000 chest openings), Spread the Love Scroll - (+10% XP whilst in your inventory), Cupid's Blessing - (Upgrades the Empowered Quiver to have 3 storage slots), Elite Raider Perk - (Boosts Raid Master buff so it gives 100% increased damage), Lil Love - (Increases Luck by 5%), Blessed Trinket - (Increases your Drop Rate Cap by 10%, stacks with the cap perk), Humble Stalker Title - (Drop rate & Luck bonuses are halved, but damage is doubled), Cupid's Quiver - (Unlimited ammo, 5% drop rate bonus & +15/150 HP), Valentines Event: For all you love birds out there, come collect some hearts! You can collect heart crystals by doing Slayer Tasks Hearts per task Easy: 10 Medium: 15 Hard: 25 Boss: 50 Hearts can be redeemed for the following.. Cupid's Spear - (Hits twice per attack, including AOE damage & provides +25/250 HP), Cupid's Aura - (5% chance whilst in combat to damage target for 20x your HP), Once you've collected all them, you can sell your remaining hearts to the Tax Bag store as they're untradeable. Rogue Penguin: Take him down and fetch his loot! Rogue Penguin also will given a guaranteed rare drop after 3,000 kills! The Empowered Quiver has a 25% repair chance. Failure results in loss of the item. Hitpoints: 300,000,000 Weakness: Melee Rare Loot: Rare Boss Spawner Empowered Quiver (broken) - (Allows you to store 2 quiver type items inside to benefit from both effects), Pingu Power Perk - (Increases damage by 5% when in a non-multi area), Ice Cream Hat - (9% drop rate bonus), Hot Tits - Title, $50 Scratch Card. Smuggler Changes: It is now beneficial to stack your reputation up to 50,000,000 as for every 10,000,000 stored you will get an extra crate of any tier, meaning you can get up to 5 additional crates per day! However the drain rate of reputation will increase by 20%. Most slayer related monsters have had some of their drops tax bag values increased to make Slayer a more profitable skill. Fixed Sponsored Platelegs (broken) not being removed from the inventory. Dragonbone Cape has been removed from the donation raffle. P2W Ring can now be obtained from the donation raffle. Kingdom of Hearts raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/250. Lava Raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/150. SWAT Raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/125. Mutant Raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/75. Stronghold Raid rare reward chance has been improved to 1/75. Recycle Centre Battle Pass task should no longer go over the 2,000 XP. The last Battle Pass task can now be completed via General, WAB & Bork. Removed the customise option from Santa Hats. Global Buff book drop chance from WAB has been improved. Blade type weapons/shields can now be used with Cosmetic Overrides. BA icons now use the amulet slot instead of the shield slot. Fixed a bug causing anti-vax shield to decrease luck more than it should've once all charges were used. Removed two random fishing spots at PZ. Woodcutting in PZ should now work smoother. Reduced Effigy tax value to 1 bag. Emptying the Aura Pouch now requires 3 free inventory spaces. BYHO store credit price has been updated. Solak, Goku & Seatroll Queen hitpoints have been increased to 300M. AOE in Sponsor Zone will now only attack your specified targets and not spill over onto the next cages. If your client does not say Update #151 at the top, please REBOOT it.
    15. Connor

      Update #150

      Update #150 Battle Pass I'm sure you all know what a Battle Pass is, we have finally jumped on the trend after the poll was clearly in favour. Each tier will have a different task which is the same for everyone. So in total you will complete 20 tasks to unlock all loot. Battle Pass Premium can be purchased on store or by right click credits in-game. Season Ends: 27th April Lucky Perk A new perk has been added to ::store which will provide a permanent +10% Luck Bonus which stacks with everything. Task Master Shield Changes After feedback, it's clear the current passive just does not live up to how hard these shields are to obtain. The shield will now have a 10% chance to deliver two hits which are both up to 100% of your last hit, meaning you could hit up to 300% damage in a single attack. You will also take up to 1,000 damage, so ensure you keep your HP up! Sandals can now be upgraded to (u) by right clicking upgrade on Sandals. Fixed World Bonus not giving the full raid points bonus. The BMT giving out items of higher amounts than it should is now finally fixed. A bug that allowed custom titles to be more OP than expected has been fixed. Mutant Warriors/Archers now instantly respawn. The amount Mutant Warriors/Archers drop has been doubled. BMT not opening at 2200 has been fixed. Fire Cape can now be sold to the Tax Bag store. If your client does not say Update #150 at the top, please REBOOT it.