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    1. Connor

      Update #30

      Update #30 The Island: This minigame has completely reworked a previous minigame that was dead content. You must enter the minigame without any items/pets, whilst inside you will encounter 8 different mob varities which have their owner attacks. These mobs will drop food & 1 random armour/weapon, so you must pray to the RNG gods to drop you some good items to get started, else you have no chance in making it to wave 50. The items dropped by mobs do not extend to custom items & only original RS items will be dropped, but the mobs also have much lower hitpoints. You will obtain tokens per kills, the amounts with vary mob to mob. These can be used to purchase items from the guardian store. Rewards: Lit Void (Provides stats between 1000-6000 & also a +20% accuracy/damage boost whilst using a full set (including a void helmet), Primal rapier, Primal longsword, Primal maul, Store Mystery Boxes, $5 Bonds, Dragonkin lamp. Media: Dwarf cannons can no longer be setup in the home area. Additional logs have been setup to allow Jake to handle enquires & issues for players without the need to ask me. Fixed a bug allowing users to claim free votes. Baton (u) has been buffed. Clue scrolls will now stack. Added some additional coin stacks to donator zone 3. Nex respawn timer has been decreased. Ancient spider respawn timer has been decreased. Fixed an issue causing random lagg spikes. Please reload your client.
    2. Connor

      Update #29

      Update #29 Research Table Rework: Long over due, but it's finally here! I've completed a unique and simple to use interface that supports unlimited amounts of researches. Researchable items: Owner Cape (u), Insanely OP Key, Blow Your Head Off (u), Collector's Necklace (u), Connor's Bling (u), Monster Boots, Monster Gloves. Media: Extreme potions can no longer be tradeable on POS. Home teleport icon will no longer instantly move the player. Fixed a bug allowing players to attack an npc, whilst not in the same area. Fixed dungeoneering teleport safespots. Giant pouch has been removed. Fixed slayer master teleport. Fixed baby heartwrencher pet perk. Please reload your client.
    3. Connor

      Update #28

      Update #28 March Boxes: As we move out of February, the February boxes discontinue to never be seen again! It isn't all bad because we now have the March boxes! Loot: Irish Keg (Personal 5 minute beast mode every 2 hours) Leprechaun Pet (Chance to Double Drop) Irish Beer (Strong Melee weapon) Turmoil DMG Upgrade (Upgrades the base turmoil stat by 1%) Leprechaun Hat (80% droprate) 150% Droprate Aura Irish Coin (Can be used to upgrade Owner Cape (u) droprate or upgrade the Leprechaun pet to have 50% droprate also). 20 x OP Keys 2 x $50 Bonds 5 x Store Mystery Boxes Fixed an issue with shift-bank feature banking items in noted form. Final Olm room will now instantly respawn. Fixed an issue with thieving achievement. (This will reset anyone who didn't actually complete it legitmately). February items/boxes are now discontinued. Please reload your client.
    4. Connor

      Update #27

      Update #27 Pet Perk Rework: It's been something that has been requested many times & it's finally here! Pets will no longer all just have droprate bonuses, although some will, most pets will have a unique perk. You can view the perks, rarity & where to obtain the pet on the new pet interface, located in the quest tab! Media: Fixed an issue causing some slayer points to go into minus. Fixed a staff command that wasn't functioning. Player panel has been removed. Fixed champions daily weapon damage bonus. Fixed champions hammer weapon damage bonus. Improved some client code to stop a disconnection. Please reload your client.
    5. Connor

      Update #26

      Update #26 Just a much needed QOL update today. Didn't want to delay it until the next content update. Guild champion now drops a Champion hammer which can be used to produce Triple damage on the boss & counts as the final blow weapon. Guild champion daily wep will now produce double damage. Champion armour stats have been buffed. Guild champion chest can now drop acid justiciar. Guild champion chests can now be picked up with the collectors necklace. Champion (U) is now tradeable, but requires completionist status to wear. Fixed an issue causing beast mode to not activate. Fixed RFP portal. Riot baton attack speed has been increased. Added a new npc to home banks for account settings. Removing ironman status will no longer reset your progress. Removed some goku spawns from comp AOE zone. AOE comp zone entry fee has been reduced to 1,000 bags. Please reload your client.
    6. Connor

      Update #25

      Update #25 New Home Area: After taking feedback & having a vote. I have completely revamped the home area. The area is much bigger now and you can check it out ingame! I've added a Home Guide near the spawn points to help anyone wondering where to go. Completionist Guild: Those worthy enough can access this beautiful guild, filled with content & perks. Inside you will find a completely unique & custom map, accompanied by a quarry for speed mining, with ease of access to a furnace/anvil with a 1 tile bank booth. You will also find a bunch of high level trees, Blood altar & a new AOE zone. You can also fight the mighty guild champion, Itsyaboi. (Itsyaboi was the first user to achieve completionist status on the server). Of course you will also find the usual stuff from the home area. You can access the guild via your completionist cape. You can set the completionist guild as your home area, by speaking to the street cleaner, Jake. Perks: Deluxe donators+ will experience a few benefits whilst inside the zone; Experience is increased by 50%, Drop rate bonus of 25%, Resources are collected in note form. Requirements: Achievement completionist status. Guild Champion Boss: By far the hardest boss yet & intended to be so. This boss will punish its challengers with the ability to instantly kill you, if you aren't paying attention. This boss was highly requested to give some users a challenge, this is not a boss you have to fight, so if you aren't up for a challenge, don't fight this boss. If you like a challenge with great rewards, then this is your next target. I'm not going to explain the boss mechanics like i usually do, go find out for yourself 🙂 Stats: Hitpoints: 40M, Weakness: None, Max Hit: 10,000 (Special), 650 (Regular) Drops: Up to 5 people in the fight can obtain loot. You will obtain a Champion chest for every kill. Inside you can find basic supplies, to higher resources & the new champions armour. Champion Tribrid gear (Best in slot) - Upgradeable to have drop rate. Media: Fixed store mystery box giving too many darth maul wings. Corrected the slayer achievements text. $5 bond from Sea troll is now uncommon. Experience lock/unlock will now work by clicking the exp lock in quest tab. Fixed chins showing through full helmets. Fixed a bug with claiming bank boosters. Fixed the starter vote task. Bandos avatar now drops magic logs in noted form. Auto clue scroll perk will now tick off the starter clue scroll task. Please reload your client.
    7. Connor

      Update #24

      Update #23 Vote Chest: The vote chest can be found in the usual chest location at home. When claiming a vote, you will no longer obtain points to spend in store. You will instead obtain 1 vote key per vote. This key can be used on the vote chest. The vote store now only contains vote keys for 1 point, this is to allow you to spend any points you haven't used. This will be removed after 4 weeks. I'm Looking to expand these rewards further. If you have any suggestions, let me know on discord! Rewards: X2 vote points event has been changed to halving the required amount for beast mode. World boss loots now upload to Discord. Beast mode reward from voting has been reduced to 300 global votes. Lime rex has been buffed. Lime rex has been given a drop rate bonus. Cleaned up player panel. Fixed Well of Goodwill timer. Fixed an issue causing world boss damage counters to appear for everyone. Fixed Weird asf boss model. World messages have been cleaned up. Fixed Riot shield drop rate bonus. Bond has been replaced with a tax bag box in the recycle centre. Complete a hard slayer task achievement has been fixed. Ironman icons will now take priority over donator icons, except in pm. Removed pasting from client. Please reload your client.
    8. Connor

      Update #23

      Update #23 Drop Rate Island: This island is home to 3 different warrior variants. Skirmish, Long-shot & Shaman. Each warrior drops a different style or armour & weapon. These armours have drop rate bonuses on them to help kick start your adventure! You can access the island from the easy boss teleports. Stats: Hitpoints: 120K, Weakness based on combat triangle, Max hit: 100-250. Media: Shukarhazh: This boss was once extremely popular and unfortunately i had to make some changes to it for the integrity of the server. This in turn killed the bosses appeal, so I've made some changes to make it worth killing again. Spawn cost has been reduced from 6K Bags to 3K. Skateboard chance to upgrade to bond has been increased from 2% to 10%. Skateboard has been moved back to common loot. Once 600 global votes have been achieved. Everyone online will gain 15 minutes of BEAST mode. This puts your combat stats up extremely high. Well of Goodwil has been reworked to provide global drop rate bonus for 10k tax bags. Updated Well of Goodwill achievements. Added Well of Goodwill to home area. Removed legendary donator requirement from dwarf cannon. Fixed extreme donators being able to use ::bank (This was always a legendary perk). Fixed Overload perk not working with infinite overload potion. Fixed Magic boost with overload perk. S.W.A.T Raid keys are now stackable. Corrected Discord achievements for S.W.A.T raid. Pet S.W.A.T Recruit will now display name correctly when looted. Fixed a safespot in S.W.A.T Raid. Fixed dragon dagger model. Cupid's bow & Animal bow can now use Dragon arrows. Cupid's bow now offers 60% d/r whilst worn. Owner cape (u) & custom Max capes now have ava effect. Staff can now view previous clan chat messages to counter toxic behaviour. You can no longer proceed to the next floor in S.W.A.T raid without the previous key. Mythical gauntlet speed has been increased. Mythical gauntlet magic attack stat has been decreased. Some world bosses now display the amount of damage each user has done after kills. Removed some tasks from Hard selection based on feedback from players. Changed Lucid warriors to Blood warriors slayer task. Corporeal beast now almost instantly respawns. Added some more coin stacks to donatorzone3. You now have a very small chance to obtain an OP key whilst killing bosses. Collector necklace will no longer collect Ashes. Collector necklace will no longer state it has banked an item when it hasn't. Kill 10 defender starter task has been changed to kill 10 Skirmish. Corrected some text when being rewarded from starter task guide. Added shortcuts for donator zones. ::dz, ::dz2, ::dz3, ::dz4 & ::vz Please reload your client.
    9. Connor

      Update #22

      Update #22 S.W.A.T Raid: You can start the raid at the raids portal at home. The raid is based around an apartment building full of thugs, crackheads & gun smugglers. You will raid the building with your team and hopefully be rewarded with some new goods! The raid will allow 5 keys to be dropped per kill. The raid contains 4 bosses, all with different difficulty & special attacks, enjoy 🙂 Requirements to enter: A ranged Gun or Riot Batten. 25 Tax bags. Rewards: Riot Helmet, Riot Body, Riot Legs, Riot Shield, Riot Baton, Pet S.W.A.T Recruit. Media: Donator Store Expansion: New perks have been added to the donator store; Raider - Free entry to Raids. Double Xp - Doubles all experience gained. Psycho - Chance to deal 10k/100k damage randomly during pvm. Overloaded - Overloaded provides +10 additional stat boost. Boss King - x2 Boss points. New items added to store; Custom armour set (Pm me if purchased to design it). Prayer scroll extension - Increases your prayer scroll timer to 30 minutes. Mythical Gauntlet - Best mage weapon in-game, has the largest AOE radius ingame. Added a Raids portal to home area. Some methods of obtaining bonds have been nerfed. Corrected donatorzone2 showing as a super donator zone. Removed a nulled item from clue scrolls. Curses leech effect has now been capped at +10% additional. Ranged & Magic turmoil will now scale up correctly. Only Legendary donators can use Dwarf cannons now. Added some additional Blood warrior spawns. Crystal keys now recycle for 5 coins. Hellfire dragon has been moved to Hard bosses. Added ::raid2 command. Fixed Vet'ion slayer task teleport. Please reload your client.
    10. Connor

      Update #21

      Update #21 Boss Point Rework: The boss point store prices have been completely re-balanced to be fair & grind worthy. New items have also been added to the store & some have been removed. Media: Any npc with more than 10,000 hitpoints will now grant you boss points. Trickster stats have been increased. Battle-mage stats have been increased. Gold Virtus stats have been increased. Doom blade stats have been increased. You can now purchase a scroll for Mage/Range turmoil. The max points you can gain per kill is now capped at 50. (Excluding bonuses) Store mystery boxes have been buffed. (Some junk items removed, with some new ones added). Acid Justiciar armour is now 25% d/r bonus per item. Staff of Infernal now has a built in spell. Increased Dragonlava Battlestaff stats. Decreased Staff of Infernal stats. Removed mystery box rare message. You can no longer recycle dragon hatchet. Water newb now gives boss points. Corrected a typo in the Goku JR teleport text. Blackstone cape has been buffed. Added more Bandos avatar spawns. Added more Phoenix spawns. Increased Bandos avatar respawn time. Bandos avatar is no longer aggressive. Elite slayer achievement will now work correctly with the new slayer system. Necrolord slayer teleport has been fixed. Tree spirits slayer teleport has been fixed. Defiler npc task will now count up correctly. Vet'ion npc task will now count up correctly. Please reload your client.
    11. Connor

      Update #20

      Update #20 Slayer Rework: As per demand, i have completely redesigned the slayer skill to be more engaging and worth your time. The Slayer Hub will now appear when speaking to the slayer master at home. This has everything you need in one interface for smooth & simple gameplay. You no longer need to use multiple slayer masters as the interface will just allow you to choose a difficulty yourself. You will still gain more points for harder tasks. The slayer store also has some new additions and also prices balanced. Whilst on task you will now randomly obtain Bravek's caskets which can provide amazing loot or junk. Slayer helms can now be upgraded from regular(12.5% damage) to Dragon(20% damage) & finally Infernal(30% damage). Slayer Temple is also a new addition to the map. This can only be accessed from the teleport to task option. You will find the following npcs inside; Crex, Demon Hounds, Darklords, Ice Warriors, Ice Demons, Water Newb, Skeletal Horror. Media: Your slayer streak, task & master will be reset. Resetting task now costs 25 tax bags, instead of points. Various slayer targets have had their respawn timers made quicker. Various slayer targets have had their spawn amounts increased. Some hard task xp rates have been balanced. Slayer store prices have been rebalanced. Slayer store has some new items & removed useless rewards. Febuary Box: Following the popular January boxes, we have now introduced the Febuary boxes! You can obtain some of the following loot when opened; Valentines Hat (50% d/r), Heart Orb (50% d/r), Cupids Bow, Ring Of Love (25% chance to double your soulsplit heal) -> combinable with p2w ring (U) to make p2w ring (UI), Portable Item Recycler, Infinite Overload Stability (perk - makes it stay boosted for the full duration), 20 OP keys, 5 Store boxes, 2 x $50 bonds. Boxes can be found on the donator store. Removed Succubus freeze ability. Cost to spawn Shuk has been increased to 6,000 bags. Hellfire dragon should no longer continue to attack you after you've died. Fixed Elite Succubus drop rate bonus. Slash bash is no longer aggressive. Goku JR teleport has been fixed. Rainbow skateboard will now upgrade to $10 bond, not $50. Rainbow skateboard upgrade is now a 2% chance. Increased some upgrading fees. Ven spider drop table has been nerfed. Bonds no longer claim to provide donator points. Donator shop has been removed from home as its useless. You can no longer obtain the Beaver pet from afk tree. Added a message to the chat when drinking Infinite overload. Soulsplit is no longer a blocked word. ::priceguide link has been corrected. Staff can now apply flags on users that might be using a macro. This will then detect & log the users activity. Please reload your client.
    12. Connor

      Update #19

      Update #19 the Succubus: The hardest boss has arrived! the Succubus is a demon that has the ability to drop anyone, that includes you owner cape users. Sousplit isn't your only friend here, the demon is not a fan of you being in its face, should you be too close & not move in time, it will end you. Information: Hitpoints: 5M Max Hit: 990 Weakness: Doesn't have one. Requirements: 2,500 Crex Kills. Unique Drops: Succubus Helm, Succubus Body, Succubus Legs, Succubus Gloves, Succubus Boots, This armour is melee BIS & can be combined with Blood Justiciar to create an elite version with 100% d/r bonus per piece. Drop table section 1/1000 now has a + sign to indicate that not all the drops are dead on 1/1k. Sea troll area is now multi. Sea troll will now allow melee attacks. Fix prayer scroll timer refresh. Increased hand cannon shot amount in shops. Bonfires now count towards the starter task. Added a bank booth next to the Item Recycler. $10 bond has been added to Reycle Centre store. Blow your head off (u) speed has been increased. Blow your head off (u) stats has been decreased. Please reload your client.
    13. Join us at 22:00 tonight to slay down the new event boss! Some super OP drops to be collected! ::seatroll @ 22:00
    14. Connor

      Update #18

      Update #18 Aura Expansion: Following the introduction of the Aura slot, you can now grab some new juicy auras from the Item Recycler! 75% Bonus Xp Aura, +10% SoulSplit Heal Aura, Poison Attack Aura, 140% Drop rate Aura, +10% Melee Damage Aura, +10% Ranged Damage Aura, +10% Magic Damage Aura. Sea Troll Event Boss: The Sea Troll Queen can only be spawned by staff. Although owner capes are allowed, the Sea Troll isn't a fan of them! She has a chance to deal a bleed attack that totals up to 2,000 damage very quickly to those wearing one. Up to 50 people will be given loot! Pets are not permitted and cannot be used in the area 🙂 Stats: Hitpoints: 50M Max Hit: 400 (500) Weakness: Ranged Important Drops: 175% Drop rate aura, Sea Troll Hat (60% d/r), OP Key, Scratch Cards, Tax Bag Boxes. You can now purchase 50 additional bank slots on the donation store. Rare drop announcements should now fit in chat better. Starter vote task has been fixed. Frozen staff is now a 1h weapon. $10 bond removed from recycle centre. Removed old starter book guide from starter packs. Removed poison notification from Goku JR. Npc task rewards will now deposit to the users bank, not the inventory. You can now reactivate your infinite prayer scroll 1 minute before it runs out. Added ::Raid1 for fast access to Lava Raids. Increased Zaros sword strength bonus to 6,500. Fixed Harlakk drop table. Added a couple more demon hound spawns. Increased the amount of bags coin stacks drop. Please reload your client.
    15. Connor

      Update #17

      Update #17 Aura Slot: This time has finally arrived! Auras can now be used in the Aura slot instead of the Cape slot. Simply wear your aura and it will place itself at the bottom of the equipment tab & you're ready to go! Donatorzone 4 Revamp: This has been due for a while now and with feedback, i have created the follow. This zone features a completely unique multi map which is meant to give off the feel of paint spilling across the map. Contains: Bank booths, Mythical Egg, Mining ores that have unlimited resource life, Magic tree that has unlimited resource life, Goku JR's, Medium Coin Stacks, Large Coin Stacks, Mystery Boxes, Also features: 30% droprate bonus (area effect), 30% xp bonus (area effect), Goku JR now drops a Goku pet which can be upgraded from 30% d/r to 60%. Removed Goku plushie drop rate (was a mistake). Fixed Shaman starter task claiming. Added a bank booth to gamble. Removed SSJ Goku teleport. Fixed a bug allowing players to teleport into the middle of no where. Mining teleport will now take you to the mining guild. Edited Angry unicorn drops. Added some Goku JR spawns to VIP zone. Corrected Goku hands droprate. Roseblood gloves reduced to 60% d/r. Ringmaster boots reduced to 60% d/r. Increased Vote store rewards capacity to 1,000. 50% droprate aura bonus has been corrected. You can no longer use a multicannon to skip Crex minion kc requirement. Fixed Bravek slayer teleport. Removed regular spirit shield recycle value. Removed ring of wealth recycle value. Hidden drops are now stated when viewing an npcs drop table. Fixed a bug allowing ice barrage to attack with minigun effects. Body rune model has been fixed. Ring of Life will no longer announce as a rare drop. Hellfire scythe has been buffed. Hellfire scythe is no longer AOE. Hellfire scythe will now hit 4x per swing. Staff can now increase Shuk loot to 30 people during planned events. Please reload your client.
    16. Connor

      Drop Rate Guide

      You can obtain drop rate boosts from various different methods. I will outline them all below: Items: Ring of Riches (10%) - Obtained from Glod. Paper Sack (50%) - Obtained from OP chest or Darklord. Rainbow Partyhat (55%) - Obtained from Store Mystery box. Diamond/Emerald/Ruby Amulet (10%) - Obtained from OP chest. One Cape (50%) - Obtained from OP chest. Spirit Cape (100%) - Obtained from item upgrader. Darklord Cape (125%) - Obtained from Darklord. 130% Droprate Aura - Obtained from item recycler. Owner Cape (u) (130%) - Obtained from Research table. Goku's Head (60%) - Obtained from Goku Jr. Goku's Hands (50%) - Obtained from Goku Jr. Demonic Teddy (60%) - Obtained from January Sale box. Discounted Wings (140%) - Obtained from January Sale box. Completionist Cape (100%) - Obtained from Completing requirements. Owner Cape (50%) - Obtained from Donator Store. 100% Droprate Aura - Obtained from item recycler. Karamja 4 Gloves (50%) - Obtained from OP chest. Roseblood Gloves (60%) - Obtained from OP chest. P2W Ring (200%) - Obtained from Donator Store. Ringmaster Boots (60%) - Obtained from OP chest. Ring of Wealth (10%) - Obtained from Slayer. Ring of Wealth (i) (15%) - Obtained from Mario. Ring of Devotion (50%) - Obtained from Donator Store. Ring of Devotion (i) (75%) - Obtained from Store Mystery box. Lucky Partyhat (25%) - Obtained from Supreme Mystery box. Max Cape (5%) - Obtained from achieving 99 in every skill. Collectors Necklace (15%) - Obtained from OP chest. Collectors Necklace (i) (25%) - Obtained from Research table. Blood Justiciar Piece (100%) - Obtained from Blood Warriors. 25% Droprate Ring - Obtained from OP chest. 50% Droprate boots - Obtained from OP chest. Abyssal Armour Piece (15%) - Obtained from slayer. Acid Justiciar Piece (15%) - Obtained from Store Mystery box. 200% Droprate Scroll - Obtained from Store Mystery box. 1% Droprate Fragment (Stacks up to 30) - Obtained from ::afk. Pets: Demon Hound (10%) - Obtained from Demon Hound. Shaman Defender (10%) - Obtained from Shaman Defender. Venomous Spider (15%) - Obtained from Venomous Spider. Hearrtwrencher (20%) - Obtained from Elderly Heartwrencher. Hulk (20%) - Obtained from Hulk. Infernal Beast (20%) - Obtained from Infernal Beast. Hellfire Dragon (30%) - Obtained from Hellfire Dragon.
    17. Connor

      Update #16

      Update #16 Goku JR: Goku JR is a miniture version of the previously expired Goku boss. You can kill them down for generous common drops, aswell as rares & a 1/10k chance to obtain either a Goku head or hands. Requirements: 100 Tax bags to enter. Stats: Hitpoints: 2 million. Weakness: Ranged. Multi: Only in the Donatorzone 2. Noteable Drops: Goku Head - 1/10k Goku Hands - 1/10k Goku Plushie - 1/1k OP key part 1 - 1/400 4 new starter tasks have been added to the Mythical guide. Mario now drops Ring of Wealth (i). Fix a map issue allowing players to safespot hellfire dragon. Jake is now officially Head Moderator. Removed regular glacor boots from rare announcement. Increase Scratch card recycled coin price to 2,000. Lava raids will now take payment from your inventory instead of pouch. Restructured the hidden drop system. Removed a bunch of console spam. Collectors necklace clue scroll banking has been fixed. Updated infernal beast pet announcement name. Fixed infernal beast walking. When dying, should your inventory be full & you have a boss pet active, it will be banked, rather than dropped. Fixed a bug not allowing players with spaces in their username to claim votes. Added a message to confirm you've reset your blocked list when performing ::clearblockedlist Hand cannon shots have been reduced to 100k each. Shaman defenders & tokash now give boss points when killed. Please reload your client.
    18. Connor

      Update #15

      Update #15 January Sale Box: For just 2 weeks only, you can purchase the January sale box on store! Some of the rewards are exclusive to this event & cannot be obtained anywhere else. Possible rewards: 5 x Store Mystery Boxes, 20 x Insanely OP Keys, Demonic Teddy Bear (60% droprate), Dragonbone Cape (Half stats of ownercape), Full Backstone Vesta, Zaros Sword, Double Drop Ring (25% chance to double the drop), Discounted Wings (140% d/r) & decent stats, 2 x $50 bonds, Infinite prayer scroll extension. (When redeemed, your infinite prayer scroll timer is increased to 30 minutes). Afk Zone: Introducing the new AFK Zone. You can now afk by chopping the AFK tree at ::afk. Although this tree won't grant you much experience, whilst afking you can still gain! This is an afk activity, please don't grind it and complain when you don't get any loot. Take a look at some of the rewards; 1% Droprate scrolls (Can use up to 30 per account) Insanely OP key Tax bags Mystery boxes Goku has left the world! Gambling system has been removed. Hosts now have a dice bag to host with. Mithril seeds can now only be used by trusted hosts. Reduced Shark tooth sword price to 10,000 Ecto. Fixed referral not working for some users after inputting an invalid referral. Corrected Referral scroll name. Fixed ironman creation. Starter zone name now appears correctly on the teleport interface. Blow your head off (u) now has the best AOE damage. Frozen staff AOE damage has been buffed. Crex scythe AOE damage has been buffed. Collectors necklace should now bank clue scrolls properly. Starter zone npc stats have been nerfed. Mini guy drop rates have been buffed. Removed strange fiber from woodcutting. Updated Ruby, Emerald & Diamond amulet (b) names to reflect d/r bonus. Please reload your client.
    19. Connor

      Update #14

      Update #14 Happy New Years Everyone! Starter Zone: I have spent some time listening to feedback from new players and completely redesigned the starter zone. This area is single only & should have enough content to help new players progress. A custom map will place you on a beached island that has an active volcano in the centre. Around the volcano you will find the following monsters; Mario, Mystery Boxes, Small Coin Stacks, Mini Guy's. Drop Tables: The zone also comes with a new Mythical guide npc. This npc will give a player 4 new tasks which have varied rewards to get them an initial boost! Item Recycler will now recycle the full amount of said item in a single click. Mario will now respawn every 5 seconds. New accounts will now be placed at the starter zone to begin. Client top bar is now black in colour. Added a guides directory to top of the client. Guide directory now opens for all new players upon account creation. Removed a bunch of text codes causing interfaces to appear in chat. Gamble with option will now only show for trusted users. Fixed 55x2 dice code. Rainbow spirit shield has been buffed. Updated gambling rules. You can now only gamble tax bags. Goku will now reward up to 30 players per kill. Infinite overload is now tradeable. Tax bags will now only deposit one per click to the money pouch. A message will now display who bought what item & for how much when selling an item on POS. Buffed completionist cape. Added 100% d/r bonus to completionist cape. Removed some old minigame code. Increased goku hands drop rate bonus. You can now use ::hideplayers to make player models invisible. (This does not actually make you invisible, just what your client can see). Please reload your client.
    20. The recycle centre is something that every player will want to use, not only for its rewards, but sometimes just to clear out some junk. Step 1: Teleport ::home & head west till you find a moving machine, this is the item recycler. Step 2: Recycling an item is simple, you use it on the machine and get some Recycled Coins, these can be used in the shop which is accessed by clicking the machine. Step 3: In order to find an items value, simple examine it. If no recycle value is shown, then this item cannot be recycled, else you will see something like this. Step 4: If you're happy with the value of the item, then simply use it on the machine. Once it's recycled, it's gone, so be careful! Entry level prices: Crystal Chest Loot: 25 Coins each. Mystery box loot: 50 Coins each. Supreme Mystery Box loot: 200 Coins each. Insanely OP Key loot: 500 Coins each. There are alot more items that can be recycled, but you will need to find the values yourself.
    21. Item Upgrading is a massive part of the game & without using it, you could be at a disadvantage, so allow me to explain to basics to you. Step 1: Head ::home and to your west you will find an npc called Item Upgrader. Speak to him. Step 2: An interface will prompt: Step 3: Upgrading the item will require the item on the left side that you clicked on and also x amount of tax bags. In this image, it will require 1x Hellfire necklace & 5,000 Tax bags. Step 4: Before proceeding, you must understand that not everything will upgrade successfully. For example, this necklace has a 20% chance to succeed, that means 80% chance to fail and you lose the Hellfire necklace & 5,000 tax bags. Step 5: If you have the requirements & happy to proceed with risk, then click upgrade, goodluck! Step 6: You can also research new items, this is effectively the high level upgrading. Click the research table next to the guy you just spoke to. Step 7: An interface will prompt. Step 8: As you can see, these items have a hefty requirement. The item on the left is what you will be rewarded with, if you have all the required items. Researching items will NEVER fail, it's always 100% chance. Step 9: Should you have the required items, it's a no brainier, research it!
    22. Connor

      Guide Directory

      Click the guide you wish to view! Starter Guide Price Guide Item Upgrading Guide Recycle Centre Guide Drop Rate Guide Clue Scroll Guide
    23. Connor

      Update #13

      Update #13 New Years Eve Boss: SSJ Goku has overtaken Falador and it's up to you guys to stop him! Up to 15 people can be rewarded loot whilst killing him with the chance to obtain some awesome new items! You cannot use owner capes or p2w rings at this boss, you must work as a team to bring him down! This event will only last until the new year, so grind it out whilst you can! Rewards: Goku's head (60% d/r) Goku's hands (BIS) (10% d/r) You can now purchase the Auto Clue Solver perk on the donation store. Removed Xmas content. You can now use dwarf cannons in coin stack area. Removed texture from Shukarhazh. Removed some broken models from farming store. Lava raid bosses will now respawn after 10 seconds, instead of 60. Please reload your client.
    24. Connor

      Update #12

      Update #12 Boss points rework: Bosses that reward points will now reward them bases on their total hitpoints. Rewards have had their prices changed to reflect this change. Some of these updates were in a hotfix on Xmas eve. Infinite prayer scroll time length has been increased to 20 minutes per activation. Auto cannon reload can no longer be purchased from donation store. You can now use ::donateshuk to spawn Shukarhazh. Increased Shukarhazh spawn cost to 4000. World bosses total hitpoints have been significantly increased. Changed some text saying Lucic Warriors. World bosses will now only announce rare drops. Corrected Blood Justiciar drop world announcement text. Duluxe & above can now skip the 1st door in the red portal minigame. VIP Donators can now skip the 2nd door in the red portal minigame. Hulk now gives boss points. Change an Elite task to open 50 lava raid chests. Removed the useless "0" on achievement progress. Added RFD objects to home area. Corrected collector necklace banking text. ::venspider now works correctly. Blood Justiciar helmet now gives 100% d/r boost. Removed Vorago spawn. Corrected WeirdasF boss name. Fixed donatorzone2 teleport for Uber donators. Buffed infernal staff. Nerfed gold trimmed staff. Unlimited prayer scroll now required you to activate it every 10 minutes. Crex now drops a loot crate rather than the items itself. A bunch of areas will no longer allow the use of a dwarf cannon. Please reload your client.
    25. Christmas Eve Boss Mass Event (24/12/19) Time: 21:00 (UK TIME) Locations: Shakurhazh & Event Boss 24th December at 22:00 (UK TIME). I will be dropping $150 worth of donation boxes/keys at ::gamble